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Advice is about fatherhood and the husband’s role with children, including his legal role there. It is also about how a miserable childhood makes a man feel he did not get the ‘fair shake’ he deserved especially if he marries for love and is doing without it. A man sacrifices for his kids when he feels they deserve a sweet life he would have liked to have had. She misses the man she did marry, or could have.





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Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean contradictory things especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards. Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible, especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads. When a pronoun is in parentheses, feel very free to substitute. The question in a ‘real’ individual reading supplies at least half the information!
Five of Pentacles, Kind of Wands, Six of Cups

DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Romance: His Perspective
He misses his sweetheart of the past – if only he had legally married her.
He is resentful about doing without love in his life, he feels entitled to that.
Sweet memories of the gal he married, he misses her, misses those old days.
Bummed out that he is legally the father of the child.
Poor working man loves her and legally marries her.
He marries for love but is doing without it.
He is sorry to be a man with a bad temper; you deserve a sweet guy.
Husband has a legal bankruptcy in his past.
A man should be married and sacrificing for his children.

Romance: Her Perspective
Sweet memories of the man you miss so, that you were married to.
Feeling guilty about a romance with a man who is still legally married.
Marry a passionate man for love, and live poor.
The sweet romance a girl deserves who has done without a husband.

Father and Fatherhood Perspective
Husband is in court about insufficient support for his children.
He is frustrated that he doesn’t have money to give his child/ren what (they) are entitled to.
The kids are deprived of a father by the law.
Doing without the good home and father a child deserves.
He is a man who does without, but he gives his child/ren what (they) should have.
Children in a ghetto deserve a dad.
Deprived of what husband or father legally bequeathed.
He files a lawsuit over his disabled child.
He is resentful about his miserable childhood, feels deprived of the normal life he is entitled to have.
Oh, the miserable past! He is right to be mad about it!
Heart bleeds for kids who deserve to have a man in the house.
Deprived of his rights as the father of the child.
A hardworking man sacrificing to give his kids what they deserve.
He works himself to exhaustion to give the kids what they deserve.

Real Estate Perspective
He feels low-class, so an old-fashioned or quaint neighborhood is right for him.
He is a construction worker, so a fixer-upper, handyman’s special, house is right for him.
Gives the house to his kids so he can be legally bankrupt.
He feels, after the angst of losing a home, he deserves a comfortable one.
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What a story! We have the King of Wands husband (who also means frustrated, resentful or angry man and also means workingman) ; the Justice card that makes that ‘legal husband’ or ‘married man’ (and which also speaks of lawsuit, courts, etc.); then we have the children (or child) which also means to give to, to love, a home, romance … and then we have losing the home, being unloved and miserable. A lot of drama here for just four cards!

Today’s story is mostly from the male gender’s view. At a glance you can see a hardworking man sacrificing to give his kids what they deserve. Almost as easily, you see a man who feels resentful he did not get what he deserved in his past.

Five of Pentacles you hate to see coming. Dark night of the soul, losing the home, being miserable and unloved, being ill and poor, being so numb with despair that you don’t see the way out, don’t see the hopeful open door. Abject self pity, and being pitiable. Poor times for sure. Homeless, injured, on the street in the dark of night in the snow and walking by shelter and a meal that the cathedral offers …

King of Wands is a person, invariably. Other court cards can have some nonperson meanings but this one rarely. This is the husband card. He is the workingman, the common man, archetypical construction worker. (He drinks beer.) He has a temper, can be angry, frustrated, resentful. Put him next to the legal (Justice) card and the child/children Six of Cups, and, voila, he becomes the father.

His illustration shows the red-head, shows the fist, shows the salamander, shows the pressed lips – that all indicate being irritated, fiery or angry. He leans slightly forward into his big stick.

Six of Cups appears in the nick of time after the emotional strain of the first two: sweetness, romance, a love gift, a sweet kid, a sweet old-fashioned home … All of these are illustrated by the little boy, in a pastel scene, giving the little girl flowers in front of an old fashioned apartment building or grandiose home, wearing clothes from the 1500s.

Justice sitting there with the famous scales and the word under him, this is the card you know the meaning of without the book, the first time you encounter Tarot. Law enforcement: the scales and the drawn sword.

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  1. Thank you for saying this, Sonia. The purpose of this blog is to determine how much more accurate for group messages Rider Waite Tarot spreads are than horoscopes are.
    This blog is the heart of my counseling business. It reaches a lot of people, and I am in this program with Self Growth for it to reach more.

    I apologize for the links being gone and for the spaces not being after the punctuation the way they should. Am looking for someone to go back and fix it all, including the dude we hired to do that if he will.

  2. sonia

    Emily,its so emotional…difficult to write about…but you have written accurately what is happening with i assume all of us somewhere I am sure.

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