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Advice is all about thinking processes … about changing your mind … about distilling things you know down to one belief … about letting your mind go far afield and come back with something interesting, some inspiration … about coming to a conclusion after experiencing all sorts of theories. Concentrating on too many things at once, flitting from one to the other. Even about running for the exit through smoke.






Is this the first time you come here? Well … what to do:

*Go to Daily Message Tarot Analysis below. One or more of those sentences has something to say to you. Pick those out. They are about you and the people around you. They are about today and the days around it. (It is a group message like a horoscope, except Tarot isn’t based on someone else’s birth data, so it can be specific, accurate, detailed and direct. Our experiment here is “How much more accurate is it?”)

*Go to Advice to apply what those sentences say (in the best way) for you. (Advice is everyone’s favorite part.) Did you come here for your predictions? – You are done now – See you tomorrow.

Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean contradictory things especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards. Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible, especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads. When a pronoun is in parentheses, feel very free to substitute. The question in a ‘real’ individual reading supplies at least half the information!


Knight of Pentacles

Seven of Cups, Hanged Man, Knight of Swords


DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Brains are Scrambled

Feel you are concentrating on too many things at once, flitting from one to the other.

Mind racing from one topic to another seeking inspiration.

Realizing you are high, you concentrate on getting clearheaded.

See for yourself it is a wild goose chase.

Concentrating on a lot of different psychic impressions coming very fast.

One thing is for sure: That is way too many changes of mind.

Realize all those things are the opposite of what I thought they were.

Narrowing it Down to One Concept

In a hurry to get just one idea from a whole lot of contradictory theories.

Before suddenly seeing the light, he considers many different models.

You can imagine all kinds of things but come back to the original idea.

Your thoughts are scattered and you get your head back to where it was.

When you realize your thinking is out of focus, you go back and concentrate.

Learning Material in a Hurry

Concentrate and get through all these various ideas fast.

Concentrate to memorize those disparate items fast.

There are so many different angles and perspectives to consider all at once in a hurry.

Emergency Situations

Fast thinking looking for all the possible ways out.

You have one idea when everything is blowing up: to get out of there.

When you smell smoke, you look only for the quickest exit.

He knew he was driving too fast, realized he had lost control.

It dawns on him he is being a ruffian, and he changes his approach.


Now,  Part Two,

Do you want to know a little, or a lot, about how this Tarot Verbatim ™ thing works? If so,

*Go to Meanings and Illustrations: Observation of the Spread section below. This tells about the combined four pictures in the Daily Spread – the pictures above here. It explains how these four cards get together to mean things.

*Go to Meanings and Illustrations: Individual Rider Waite Tarot Cards. It is what each of the four cards, by itself, has to say. It describes how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in this Spread.

You can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim ™ works.

Say hello back! Comment! I spend two hours a day or more writing these to you. Remember to share your experience about our experiment here if you have words for it. Read others’ comments.

And you can call me at the 800 99 3 6 9 12 number from Eastern 1 p. m. to Eastern 1 a. m. at least, every day. (3-6-9-12 like a clock. It makes a pattern on the phone as well – easy to remember.) I analyze business situations and personal relationships accurately from both Tarot and practical perspectives, and even make it fun. (Testimonials are on the web site.)


Knight of Pentacles

Seven of Cups, Hanged Man, Knight of Swords


Hmmm, said I when I saw these. That’s a polite rendition. Two of the four Rider Waite Tarot citizens are about idea or inspiration or mind or focus or awareness. Those are Hanged Man and Knight of Pentacles. The former is subconscious realization producing a eureka awareness consciously. The latter is about one very conscious if not obsessive idea – is about focus.

Then Seven of Cups is many different scattered unrelated items together. It is about confusion and chaos … and smoke and debris and pieces of things lying around.

Add to these Knight of Sword’s sudden reversal of direction or changes – including changes back and forth.

So we have a contrast between scattered and focused, one and many. And we have a contrast between deliberation and focus in Knight of Pentacles and being out of control and scattered in Seven of Cups.

These four are a recipe for one’s head to spin. Missing is any action at all! This is one of those pesky consciousness spreads. I hate it when someone asks what another person will do and we get a consciousness spread meaning he’s gonna think.



Seven of Cups … uh-oh. Many different scattered unrelated items together. Seven of Cups is about confusion and chaos … and smoke and debris and pieces of things laying around. Theories and apparitions. Seven of Cups is the magician who lost control of the critters in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and is about the critters who got loose in Pandora’s Box. Its signature phrase is … out of control.

Hanged Man has realized he always knew that! Hanged Man is when you go around saying some aphorism to your friends as if it were very meaningful and they are rolling their eyes at you … Yeah? Hanged Man is when you realize that the friend who said “Well, he had sex with that nun” has a point after you told Friend the story of Husband’s knowing the nun stole the hotel towels, that he saw her put them in her luggage. Hanged Man is the kind of realization that sometimes is quickly followed by a “Duh!” Psychic realization is part of Hanged Man’s territory too.


Knight of Swords goes back there again … goes back and forth … turns the corner … changes – especially changes direction. He means to pursue and he means to flee. I wish it were not so. He means to be in a hurry and he means speed. His illustration shows a fully armed knight in obvious pursuit, blade extended and leaning forward. His horse’s hair is flying and his horse is flying – both feet off the ground, which is not the way horses run.

Knight of Pentacles He and his horse are short and dark. They are standing still as he contemplates that one thing in his hands (a huge coin). He can be a thug – is at least very physical. Concentrating on one thing is the main meaning.

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