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Advice is about caring for relatives, children and the home – both financially and lovingly. It is about mutually devoted couples, and about one-sided caretaking of the children. A grown daughter takes care of the daddy who took care of her. She looks for a fine old home to take fine care of. Grandpa is devoted to his daughter’s child. Even about looking for siblings. Financial and emotion support are equated.














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Queen of Pentacles, Ten of Wands, Six of Cups


DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.



Mutual caretaking couple, he is deeply in love with the girl.

Her romance with the old man she takes care of is lasting forever.

She is, and she has, everything he wants in a woman. He comes to her for a good life together in spite of their cultural differences.

She devotes herself to a beautiful home life with the man who is very devoted to her.

He is a big help with the children and she supports the home financially too.

She takes care of the kids and he takes very good care of her.

Past love finally comes looking for her.

Grandpa has sweet memories of long ago of how she took such loving care of him.

She is the mother of his children, and he is devoted to her forever for that.

She is a devoted mother and it has been a long time since he has come to their home.

The old man loves the woman who has babied him for all these years.


Caring for Children

She and a doctor will always be caring for this child.

When he comes home to see the children, he gives her a lot of money for them.

His daughter takes such good care of his grandchildren.

The old man has always shown the children the way to be good. Their mother supports him in that.

She has always taken care of his children.

He always faithfully comes home to the children and the woman who cares for and loves him.

He finally comes to see his children that she took such good care of for so long.

In his old age, the daughter he was so devoted to is caring for him.

The old man gave her a lot of money when she was a child.


Real Estate Perspective

She has the money and is looking for a very old home to take fine care of.

It’s a fact she invested a lot of money in the old fashioned house.

A lot of her money is in that old house that is being appraised.



She has been looking for her sibling(s) for a long time


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Today’s theme is caring for relatives, children and the home – and caring both financially and lovingly. Both Queen of Pentacles and Hermit are caretakers. She takes care of her man and her man’s financial affairs as the loyal worldly wife. He is the devoted loyal kind supportive man who is faithful.


Six of Cups is also taking care lovingly and taking care financially. It embraces romance and children. It is also the old home, the family home, the good old days, sweet memories.


Ten of Wands adds ‘a long time’ and ‘very much’ to all this loving care.




Queen of Pentacles takes loving care of her man and her man’s financial affairs as the loyal worldly wife. She takes care of his estate or home. Stereotypically the assertive Italian matriarch. There she is with her hands on the money in the fertile fields (See the bunny rabbit there?)


Ten of Wands is the extreme: it is longer, deeper … more. It goes on forever. It takes on the whole load in one exhausting operation. See him there with all the firewood on his back?


Six of Cups is romance and children, so the illustration is of the little boy giving the little girl flowers. It is about old neighborhood, old times, old house. Nostalgia galore.


Hermit is mature. He is devoted, supportive, loyal, monogamous, faithful, honest, helpful … sounding like a Boy Scout. He is the old man, the grandfather. That is the aspect of him we are using today. He is the counselor and way-shower too. Rider Waite even pictures him as the monk in search of strangers to help in the middle of the night.


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  1. Tkt

    It’s a fact she invested a lot of money in the old fashioned house.

    We just spent a small fortune renovating the house I grew up in in Greece. And it was a very old fashioned house.

  2. Emily

    By the way, everybody: Just click on the icon and you can share this page with Facebook, etc.

  3. Anna

    Yep, cards are accurate as usual today though they make it sound extravigant and noble all I’m doing today is helping my older brother paint and redecorate his bathroom. 🙂

    • Emily

      Ha-ha. From a cosmic viewpoint, that is noble enough, Anna.

      Tony is looking for an attractive ‘Theme’ for our blog. He doesn’t like the one I had, as gorgeous as it is. Keep the faith … we will get there.

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