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Advice is about family problems,  and embraces both problems within the family and problems the family faces from the outside.  No matter what kind of difficulties they are facing,  she expects their life together to be loving.  She expects him to be sweet to her family-from-hell.  Paying child support to his ex-wife has him in Dutch with his family.  The idea is to be a loving family no matter what the problems are.

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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a ‘real’ individual reading supplies at least half the information!


Six of Cups

Queen of Swords –  Ten of Pentacles –  Nine of Wands


DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS  Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Family Togetherness Positive Perspective

No matter what kind of difficulties they are facing,  she expects their life together to be loving.

She makes sure this is a loving family no matter what the problems outside are.

His childhood with a strong mama who faced all the challenges –  and he was loved.

Mama was a disciplinarian,  so you were a good kid no matter what mischief others were doing.

Hey,  we are the crowd that are mellow with one another,  and it’s we who get criticized?

They are such good kids because their stern mama scolds them when they make trouble.

Has a cozy life in spite of how annoying people around here can be.

She has such good kids it makes other families feel they don’t measure up to her.


Family Togetherness Negative Perspective

She is angry and he is defensive about the trouble his romance is making.

He is so sweet to her and she is so mean to him that he is uneasy around people.

He loves cranky bitchy women who nag him and make his life uncomfortable.

Being in love and married to a woman who has high standards, you are put on the spot.

Family puts her on the defensive about the way she raises her kids.

She expects him to be sweet to her family-from-hell;  he is nagged about that.

Paying child support to his ex-wife has him in Dutch with his family.

Maternal in-laws (mama’s family) have high expectations for the kids and put pressure on them.


Kids are the Problem Perspective

That wench accuses your kids of being the troublemakers.

You dread complaining,  but the neighbor’s kids are a problem.

That is the woman whose kids disrupt the neighborhood.



The trouble you go through when you have kids!

Being sweet to the demanding public can sure get to you!

Kids get on her nerves and she is not even happy living with people.

Growing up in the old-country culture was a handicap.



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Six of Cups

Queen of Swords –  Ten of Pentacles –  Nine of Wands



Uh-oh.  No way are we going to be all sweetness and light here!  Three Tarot cards that in Rider Waite mean aggravation,  and one that means romance or children or the past,  Six of Cups.


Queen of Swords is not getting her due and is dissatisfied.  She gets called the bitch –  and you can count on this card to mean that with the right neighboring cards.  She is demanding and has something to confront or complain about.  Yeah,  she is the nag.


Ten of Pentacles is the dysfunctional family situation.  It is the troublesome neighbors.  It is the family problem.  Nine of Wands is being or feeling defensive,  put on the spot or accused.


The closest we come to a theme is that Ten of Pentacles is about family and Six of Cups shows children and includes a loving home relationsip.  You could also say that the dysfunctional family of Ten of Pentacles includes the nagging bitch.




Queen of Swords is the strong disciplinarian who lets you know when you let her down.  She is also the confrontational nag,  the bitch,  the complainer (even whiner),  the demanding woman.  Your ex-wife.  Your mother from hell.  She is the Plaintiff or Complainant in a lawsuit.  She lives by a high standard and expects people to do what they said they would.  See her hand out,  and that ‘now would be good’  look on her face?


Ten of Pentacles is one of three family cards.  The other two are positive ones.  This one can mean ‘family’ in a larger sense too:  the culture,  the neighborhood,  the mob,  the political arena.  It is about family problems.  The illustration depicts a typical family quarrel scenario,  with Grandpa on the throne smugly possessing the family dogs and the couple having a  ‘discussion’  that upsets the kid who pulls on mama’s clothes as daddy stares in the other direction while wife talks to him.


Nine of Wands is an uneasy feeling you get when people don’t approve of you and you expect some consequences from the situation.  It is more of a chronic situation usually.  The head wound on the fellow indicates he has already fought this battle and expects to have to again.  So this situation is a headache.


Six of Cups is a hopeful shower over this sorry spectacle that was forming above.  There is sweetness and a good home –  romance and children,  usually good children.  This card turns what could have been a snarly situation into one that has at least some goodwill to it.  Little boy gives sweet little girl flowers in front of home under a blue sky.

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  1. You’re welcome and thank you for coming here. I am enjoying the themes that form. Would love to hear from some more readers. I know we have LOTS of visitors, lots of first-timers every day too. I suspect some of the odd things that show up are for them. Wish someone would say ‘That’s me’ more often!

  2. Anna

    Oh I hate it when the ten of pentacles shows up 🙁

    • You know, you got a point. It’s people not getting along at best. It is one of the three marriage cards (which also mean house and family and ‘group of people’). But saved by the Six of Cups bell. See, Anna, you are getting the Tarot cards. Good!

  3. Sue

    Good expectations, good advice. Thanks Emily.

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