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Advice is about creative thinking deriving a realization from pieces of junk impressions lying around. You think all these factors are irrelevant (or are stuck in some list) until it hits you all at once: They come together. There are clouds you know and clouds (some toxic) to discover. Subconscious impressions are raw data feeds that you think (in flashes!) about consciously until a full Eureka! bolt happens.






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Hanged Man

Queen of Cups, Eight of Wands, Seven of Cups


DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

(‘She’ here is not limited to females because Thinking itself is our subject today.)


Strange Ideas, Things that are Unrealized

Senses she is confused about several things she thinks.

The more she thinks about this, the crazier she realizes it is.

Her thoughts are out of her control, she is being inspired.

A dreamy woman has a lot of visionary realizations.

She is clairvoyant and clairaudient in her visions.

Words come to her that get her strange ideas across.

She suddenly realizes how outlandish her idea really is.

All these things make no sense until she gets the point.

Creative thinking is deriving a brilliant idea from pieces of junk ideas lying around.

She thinks these things are all junk until it hits her – eureka.

You think all these factors are irrelevant until it hits you all at once.

The message isn’t clear unless you know what she is thinking.

If you know how she thinks, you get it, but the message is garbled.

There are all the things that are known, and there are all the things that are too strange to be realized.

Things that are known are categorized in a written or listed way, but things that are in the process of being known are uncategorized, uncharted.

There are things that you know and there are things that you don’t know but would be shocked to realize.

One confusing realization after another occurs to her. (She is figuring it out.)

Some things you already know bring shocking realizations.


Discovering New Ideas

She thinks up every possible way – many bright ideas, one after another.

The more you know about unrelated subjects, the more new ideas you become aware of.

It strikes her, eureka fashion, what all these unrelated ideas mean.

There are things that we know and there are things that are brand new amazing discoveries.

Free association of a lot of unrelated thoughts one after the other makes a new idea.

The more you know, the less likely a new realizations fits in.

Clear your mind of all the lists, and think of each item as unrelated.

Know what you know item by item but realize all the unknowns are undifferentiated.

Raw data feeds are subconscious impressions that you think about consciously.


Particulate Matter Suspended in Air

She recognizes many of the pollutants suspended in the air; she is figuring these things out.

The air as it moves has various particles (particulate matter) suspended in it. Some of the toxins or pollutants in dust form are known, and some are to be discovered.

Some toxins or pollutants are listed and more are being discovered.

There are clouds you know and clouds to discover.



Now, Part Two,

Do you want to know a little, or a lot, about how this Tarot Verbatim ™ thing works? If so,

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Now here’s a strange one! Three of our four Rider Waite Tarot citizens involve thinking, and the one in the middle means a list, many, messages, and increasing or increasingly. So our subject is thinking – thinking itself!


Queen of Cups is thinking or contemplating or figuring out. (It also makes the pronoun ‘she’ which the others don’t access.) Hanged Man is realizing, an idea that strikes, a ‘Eureka!’ experience, a discovery.


Seven of Cups is confusion, unrelated factors, a cloud, things that don’t make sense, amazing or shocking.




Queen of Cups has a lot of feeling in her thoughts. She is dreamy and she contemplates her man, contemplates some object in a subjective way. The water around her throne expresses the idea she is emotional. This is the vanilla woman, the blond of lore.


Eight of Wands is one after another, of whatever. It is a list. It is any kind of expression or message. It can mean fast or rapidly. It also denotes a mounting or increasing. The illustration suggests lines and shows one board after another in the air.


Seven of Cups shows a cloud with all sorts of unrelated stuff in it, and a black robed figure taken aback by it as (he) contemplates all those things. It is the Pandora’s Box story, or it can be the Sorcerer’s Apprentice story. The unrelated items are fairly malefic, but the one in the middle, shrouded, in considered hopeful.


Hanged Man is the realization or conclusion or discovery that strikes consciousness with no introduction. The thought that strikes you. Inspiration. The work of the muse, the psychic-realization process, a process that gives you that upside-down feeling, which is the illustration.


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  1. Sue

    Yeah, really interesting. Was stenoing to a speech by a guy from an African tribe. It was really, really, interesting.

    One point he made, was that the gold, oil, and diamonds had always been in the ground and their tribe lived satisfied lives thousands of years. They were rich because they were happy and had everything they wanted. It was how their culture taught them to live, and how they taught their children. But the colonial schools were stripping their children of what was important to living a satisfying life. It made them hungry and dependent on “the west” turning them into these strange greedy people who destroyed what really mattered, and somehow he said in a firm gentle way.

    He reminded me of my grandmother.

    • Emily

      That was beautiful and true. Thank you for sharing it. Call me when you get a breath. Have a new kitty (Itty Bitty Kitty, the name I always call kittens until they make their own name, is this fellow’s permanent name.).

  2. Anna

    Interesting spread today!!

    • Emily

      I think so. Very different, very odd. I enjoyed writing this one. Thank you for liking it.

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