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Advice is about how women team up, complementing one another’s abilities to mutual success naturally, seamlessly. Women succeed quietly staying in one place even at home. Women bridge the divide between the spiritual mystic existence and the existence in the physical practical world seamlessly too. Girls’ night out is part of sharing. Being a Wife can be being an expert homemaker and teaching others the skill.

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Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean contradictory things especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards. Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible, especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads. When a pronoun is in parentheses, feel very free to substitute. The question in a ‘real’ individual reading supplies at least half the information!
High Priestess, Queen of Wands, Three of Cups

DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

About Being a Wife
The wife lets him enjoy the company of the other woman, and other women.
Wife doesn’t care, she is out with her girl friends; she has her secret.
Her girl friends celebrate her being a wife, not knowing.
With the wife and the Other Woman, he has forgotten about partying with girls.
Girl, you may as well get out of the house and have some fun, (1) even if you are married (2) to become someone’s wife.
Her married girl friends stay home, there’s no one to go out and have fun with.
You don’t even know you are studying, she is such an expert homemaker it’s fun to learn.

Financial Perspective
Mother’s daughters stay at her house and share the wealth … why not?
She does a book related (or bookkeeping) business at home, is happy about the life it gives her, and the freedom.
The women pooled their resources to do a project, with one of them living on the land (or being present at the place) and they are so happy with the money they derive with nothing to worry about.
She is staying at Mother’s house, sharing the money that frees up.
This lady knows how to make a profit, she doesn’t even have to think about it.
Her share of Mother’s money gives her the freedom to acquire advanced education or learning.
The fact it is her girls’ team that is making the money is being ignored: They are expert.
You don’t get your share if the paperwork isn’t done: She is the record keeper here.

Spiritual Perspective
She is practical about spiritual knowledge, she shares it unconsciously.
She doesn’t know her spiritual expertise is bringing her prosperity in her earthly life.
You may as well share esoteric information with practical girlfriends.
She has gathered mystics as a circle of friends she mothers without even intending to.
While living in the mundane household world, she isn’t really here, she is in the spiritual plane sharing accomplishments there.
These women bridge the divide between the spiritual mystic existence and the existence in the physical practical world seamlessly.

The Girls’ Team
She is oblivious to practical life, she shares a bookish, scholarly interest with her team.
One of the girls on the team isn’t there, but the historian (or expert) and the manager are there.
Women team up, complementing one another’s abilities to mutual success naturally.
The women pooled their resources to do a project, with one of them living on the land (or being present at the place) and they are so happy with the money they derive with nothing to worry about.
They are the only expert management team, you don’t even have to think about it.
It could be either one of the three woman who are at that place.

Staying Home or Staying There
When she is learning she isn’t aware of her surroundings, she is so happy.
The girl friends are together at her house, so she just stays there; they travel, not she.
You may as well enjoy your life and your home, since that is where you are.
It could be either one of the three woman who are at that place.
It’s girls’ night out, and the two of us stay home.
She enjoys being home and stays there, feeling optimistic.
She is staying at her girl friend’s house with no restrictions or rules.


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Today we have a lot of commonality. High Priestess and Queen of Wands are at home; they are competent, knowledgeable woman who have some social standing and maturity. High Priestess is bookish or spiritual; Queen of Wands is practical and manages people.
High Priestess is not active but more behind the scenes; Queen of Wands is out there watching and running the place.

Then we have the women who are together, who have pooled their resources (money, knowledge, whatever) toward a profitable venture, and succeeded so well they are celebrating the harvest: the girls’ team.

Over it all is the ambiguous freedom-loving Fool: never mind, don’t worry, being oblivious, free of any restrictions, unthinking, representing living a spiritual life which contradicts common sense. Fool and High Priestess refer to the spiritual life, in different ways. Together, they would mean that spiritual knowledge is not knowing in the physical world, being oblivious to it – which is true, just try it!

High Priestess is one of those people like the sober person at the drunken party: Knows all and doesn’t participate because she knows better. This is the mystic, spiritual person, bookish person, sedentary person, the quiet lady who isn’t promoting herself, the feminine “lady” woman or someone seen as that.

She can be a bookkeeper, librarian, secretary, writer, scholar, researcher, an expert at something or everything. She soaks up knowledge; she is receptive in the Tao sense, in the “be water” sense.

So she is pictured with all the occult symbols Arthur Waite could dream up … which are a lot … seated, holding a mystic book, the sliver moon at her feet, very calm.

Queen of Wands
is the opposite personality to High Priestess. She lives in the physical real world. She is the keeper of the house or business, or both: the manager. She has house rules, she runs a tight ship, she is practical and competent and no-nonsense. Pragmatic, in a word. Stereotypical nurse. Your mama. The Wife. The black cat with the attitude tells you not to cross this woman, and gives her a ‘little something’ in common with her sister High Priestess. These two complement one another, make a good team.

Three of Cups are girlfriends, are women together, are women in a team, women sharing some project or enterprise, women who have some success to celebrate. They can be party girls (even prostitutes, if the question contains the idea) or debutantes, too.

Three of Cups stands for sharing, enjoying life, camaraderie, teamwork, lighthearted atmosphere. The illustration in Rider Waite shows three women who have pooled their resources to grow pumpkins celebrating the profits from the harvest, sharing freely.

has a rep as the most ambiguous card in the deck. It exemplifies subconscious awareness as well as being oblivious to the obvious in the real world. The underlying meaning of this Tarot citizen is the fact that the spiritual life makes no sense in the physical world, but it doesn’t go around meaning that in any spread! It stands for the naivete of youth, faith (unfounded?) in whatever one has faith in, freedom, not being present, forgetting or being unaware, optimism or lightheartedness. Evokes the “oh, never mind” phrases, such as “Don’t even think about it.”

Now you know why Fool is pictured as prancing off a cliff with his puppy dog, and being on a journey with no provisions.

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