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Advice is talking about exchanges.  There’s the openhearted free-spirited exchange as between old friends and sweet lovers.  There’s the fair exchange in a business deal.  There’s the mean-spirited exchange between a giver and a demander.  We seem to be saying it doesn’t matter,  it’s all good,  who cares about the attitudes.  She’s just having a cranky day,  that’s all:  Our relationship is storybook.


Queen of Swords

Three of Pentacles – Six of Cups – Fool


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Romantic Perspective

She assumes she is getting the loving relationship she expects.

He is in love with this demanding lady instinctively delivering the sweetness she expects.

He’s just a really sweet kid having a relationship with such a bitch.

For no reason at all,  whenever she is mad with him,  he does his part so sweetly.

She has no idea she is in a triangle relationship,  she would be mad.

She does not care whether she gets any flowers,  she wants him to pay the mortgage.

He has no idea she is irritated with him,  he assumes he is doing his part sweetly.

Oh,  whatever it is she wants and isn’t getting,  give her flowers and that’s doing your part.

As far as she is concerned,  he is there to cater to her needs in this relationship,  that’s all.

She’s just having a cranky day,  that’s all:  Our relationship is storybook.

She wants children,  all he wants is a relationship.

She has no idea of having children in this relationship.

Business Perspective

It’s a deal:  (We) just gave them their demand.

A meeting about the child’s case:  They have no theory.  The mother is stressed.

Doing business is a breeze:  You give demanding people good service.

Forget about getting the asking price on the contract on the old house.

She is mad about his meeting with the old flame,  and he is oblivious to that.

Children Perspective

She has nice children because she is a mean mama.  They just do what is expected,  and don’t know any better.

She disciplines the children so lovingly they do their part without even thinking about it.

Mama thought we had a deal on a grandchild.

You may as well give the grumpy old lady what she thinks is her fair share.

Your old mama assumes you still have the relationship you did when you were a kid.

When we get together with the mother-in-law she acts as if (he) is still her little kid.

Your kids annoy her,  so she ignores them and transacts just with you.

The settlement is for the children,  they ignore the adult woman’s complaint.

Friendship Perspective

They meet as old friends and don’t care about her criticism.

The old lady has been friends such a long time she is oblivious to what’s fair.

I guess it’s fair enough to give an dear friend what she is expecting.

Friends don’t even think of whether an exchange is fair or not and feel shortchanged!



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An exchange (even a contract or business deal) is the way we start.  Three of Pentacles.  Then we have giving generously,  affectionately,  Six of Cups –  an old friend and sweetness.  Then we have being oblivious or not keeping track,  just … Fool.  Then the critical grumpy shortchanged demanding mother-in-law,  mama or old woman who is keeping track.  So it’s all about an exchange.

Youth is in both Six of Cups and Fool.  An exchange is in both Three of Pentacles and Six of Cups.




Three of Pentacles     It’s a deal,  it’s a relationship in which each party does his fair share.  It’s a settlement.  It’s final payment as agreed.  It’s a contract.  It’s a meeting,  almost always of three people.  We put our heads together.  Our illustration shows the architect demonstrating to the clients that the building meets the blueprints,  to qualify for his payoff.

Six of Cups We have a friendly exchange.  A sweet relationship as of old friends in an old-fashioned way.  Giving sweetly and generously out of the heart.  Photo of Little Boy giving Little Girl flowers.  The good old days hauntingly.

Fool  So who’s keeping track –  not me,  I don’t care.  Just let it be.  Don’t even think about it.  Assume.  May as well be oblivious,  having no idea like a free-spirited youth.  Just for no reason at all instinctually.  What, me worry? –  I am just skipping along by the cliff with my trusty equally playful and oblivious puppy,  and all will be well.

Queen of Swords  Here’s who’s keeping track.  The old lady is dissatisfied and grumpy about being slighted and shortchanged here.  She demands things be rectified and she get what’s rightfully hers,  or what she thinks is rightfully hers … now would be good.  There’s the righteous old lady with her hand out and that Nurse Ratchett look on her face.  She is the bitch card,  the mother,  the mother-in-law,  the plaintiff or complainant.  She is you when you are righteously indignant.

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  1. Me

    He’s just a really sweet kid having a relationship with such a bitch.”

    All guys are kids therefore all women r bitches.

    • Now, there’s a pithy comment. It hath a certain ring of truth to it. I am meditating on the breath of it. I notice that guys are afraid of the influence of women clients who are ultra feminine: It takes talent to be afraid of these flower petals! By golly, those guys might see those ladies as bitches. What say you?


  3. Anna

    Yay! Pictures of the cards are back 🙂 Dont know which sentence is mine yet, but I am going to my mom’s today and I’m betting she is the Queen of Swords.

    • YEAH, Motherhood can do that to ya. Let us know. And thank you for commenting even before you got to pick up your mesages!
      Yay from me too. I really hate it whenever the cards are not on here. I hired a little creep who claimed to be a world class expert who either didn’t know anything or just didn’t do anything: He was supposed to get the cards on there straight, in the proper configuration; then he was supposed to show us how to do it; then “It’s easy for me, I will do what needs to be done” … accent on the ‘will’ there. Then he quit. Then he billed me for another month of nothing. Well, I was smart, I didn’t sign his contract for a YEAR of nothings.
      WE W I L L get there, by golly!

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