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Advice      Sometimes you just have to get out of there,  whether fast or slow,  whether it’s your idea or you are under pressure to.  He figures dropping out is a way to avoid defending himself in a confrontation.  Perplexed about how to break out and get away:  It’s such a life change.  Why is he so mouthy that you go out of your way to avoid him?  Since so much stands in the way of a gradual withdrawal,  he figures he will drop out.


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Eight of Cups

Six of Swords –  Seven of Pentacles –  Seven of Wands



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Contemplating Leaving

Perplexed about how to break out and get away:  It’s such a life change.

Contemplating just disappearing instead of fighting your/his way out of here.

Fighting off the uncertainty that comes with getting the heck out and putting it all behind.

They won’t let me quit,  maybe I will just just distance myself from the scene.

Contemplating leaving the country to avoid what is coming at you.


Avoiding (Him)

He figures dropping out is a way to avoid defending himself in a confrontation.

Why is he so mouthy that you go out of your way to avoid him?

Not sure how to avoid him when he cuts off your escape.

How to avoid him when he is all of a sudden in your face hollering at you?

How can we avoid him or force him to leave?

So far I have avoided a temper tantrum,  should I change?


Whether Gradually or Suddenly?

The challenge is whether to leave gradually or leave abruptly.

Seems he got mad and quit when he was on his way out anyway.

Since so much stands in the way of a gradual withdrawal,  he figures he will drop out.


Getting Mad, Raising Hell

Don’t know where it disappeared to,  must have left when I was raising hell at it.

He seems to have suddenly left his adolescent persona behind.

The fella who raised hell when I was leaving seems to have abandoned me.

So far I have avoided a temper tantrum,  should I change?

Would I have better days ahead if I get mad and quit?


A Shift Occurs

We weren’t going to let him leave,  and he seems to have disappeared.

It seems we have to detour to get out of this town.

We have to drop out but I believe better times are ahead.

A shift seems to have occurred that I have to deal with –  the old days are over.

Suspects he was going to be fired so he pushes for moving to another city.

Why did he leave when he was so against leaving?


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Six of Swords is leaving,  putting it behind,  better times are ahead.  Eight of Cups is dropping out,  changing course abruptly,  detour.  So two of our Rider Waite Tarot citizens mean leaving.


Seven of Wands stands in the way,  mouths off,  raises hell,  is the mouthy adolescent.  It says  ‘You’re not going anywhere’  about the leaving theme;  or it is insisting on leaving,  or protesting leaving.


Seven of Pentacles is an invitation to make a question of the sentence,  and is puzzlement,  wondering,  contemplating and ‘duh.’


So the issue,  the story,  is about leaving.




Six of Swords escapes and avoids,  is leaving in defeat to fight it another day,  is leaving town or going  ‘over water’  which is sometimes overseas.  It suggests the future is better because the past is so miserable.  Illustration shows refugees being helped out of a place,  leaving with the clothes on their back.


Seven of Pentacles wonders,  puzzles,  contemplates,  asks a question,  is making a choice.  It has a ‘duh’ tone to it.  I planted cucumbers and I hope I have both genders of the plant so I will get cucumbers on my vine.


Seven of Wands struggles.  It can be defending your turf against incursions of invaders,  or defending your position.  It can be the mouthy adolescent hell-raiser,  the pushy rude obnoxious person in your face.  It can be having a temper tantrum or  “I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore.”  Illustration shows a person roused from bed (That garb is an undershirt.) by neighbors who intend to move in on his land.  The idea is,  he will succeed in defending what is his.


Eight of Cups  ‘I’m outta here.’  Abrupt departure,  abrupt switch,  abrupt change of course.  Dropping out.  Abandoning course.  Leaving in the middle.  Quit without notice.  Illustration shows a pilgrim having to go off course because the river forces the change of direction or detour.


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  1. Brittney

    Lori I like your comment! I concur with that as well…tears!

  2. Brittney

    Damn my heart is heavy. I need peace of mind. That is what I need. Leave or stay, either we’re going to work it out or we’re not! Let’s make a decision. That’s how I feel about this spread today Emily. I’m sick. Right on again with my life concerns.

    • It’s common for a guy to want you not too close and not too far … just on tap. That’s convenient for him. A set of tactics goes with that intention. A wise lady lets the dude know he’s not the only dude on the planet and/or isn’t really being taken seriously. Or better yet, really does seek out and maybe opt for another penisbearing mammal.

  3. Patty

    Sounds familiar. Could mean several different scenarios in my situation.

    • It could be that all apply, since you are attracted to it that way. Many open roads. Suggest you go back to this one after some time has passed.

  4. Lori

    This one made me sad. You sometimes try so hard to hold on to something that is already gone that you limit what may come. Today I wil focus on staying open.

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