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Advice is about weathering a bad time that will either get better or you will leave.  Holding onto money until times are better is parallel to leaving a relationship because it is unfulfilling.  A formal agreement to leave money in a business until things improve.  Privately,  I feel things are getting to be the way they should be for us.  Now that poor times are over,  customers will live up to the contracts.

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Three of Pentacles –  Six of Swords –  Four of Pentacles


DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS  Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Relationship,  Working

Isn’t sulking anymore;  the relationship is okay now.

Things aren’t as bad as they were;  he/she is almost normal when we are together.

Privately,  I feel things are getting to be the way they should be for us.

We don’t meet enough,  which is okay because he/she moved out of the area.

We got a deal on a cruise for all of us,  it was less than the usual price.

We have a formal agreement to hold onto our money until times are better.

It’s not my usual kind of relationship:  I privately feel I have put those days behind me.

Relationship,  Not Working

We don’t meet much in person anymore.

Since he/she left me,  I am not all I should be.

Avoids doing the part he/she should and doesn’t even talk when we are together.

We go out of town and meet in secret to be respectable.

Avoiding full disclosure of the way things actually are in our relationship.

Leaving the relationship,  I don’t get enough respect.

Leaving an unfulfilling relationship because I ought to.

He/She is not respectable enough for me to be with:  I am putting this behind me.

It isn’t much of a relationship;  it’s getting to be in name only.

Leaving the relationship but keeping the name.

Avoids meeting with him/her because he/she makes (me) feel  ‘not good enough.’

Things are not going to be much better than they were for us.

The relationship is improving but it still isn’t good enough.

Clammed up and has gotten away from acting like this is a real relationship.

We don’t get together enough,  I ought to be leaving.

Business,  Doing Well

Isn’t on a tight budget anymore;  business is okay now.

Now that poor times are over,  customers will live up to the contracts.

Things aren’t as bad as they were;  business is almost normal.

Privately,  I feel we are headed toward business as usual.

We don’t do enough business,  which is okay since we are just relocating.

We got a deal,  and it being less than the usual price means things are getting better.

Official policy is to keep the money in the business until times are better.

This is not the kind of business we usually do,  but I privately feel things will get better.

Business,  Not Doing Well

I don’t make the money I normally used to make in this business anymore.

Since (you) left the business,  it isn’t up to par.

Avoids putting enough money into the business for it to look normal.

People don’t go there to do business anymore,  it isn’t that straight.

Not buying things at regular prices like I used to anymore.

The business is relocating;  it is not public yet.

Not enough profit in this business,  we should be moving in another direction.

To sell these people,  go toward being less formal.

Not short of money any more,  so I am doing business as usual.

It’s official,  the business on a tight budget from now on.

Leaving that business arrangement because you aren’t getting the money it’s worth.

Leaving that business arrangement because you aren’t getting the money you’re worth.

Now,  Part Two,

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Three of Pentacles –  Six of Swords –  Four of Pentacles


Six of Swords and Four of Pentacles refer to poor times.  Six of Swords is saying things are not as bad as they were,  we are putting it behind us.  Four of Pentacles is holding onto money,  being short of money,  tight budgets.  It is also withholding  ‘reward’  in relationship:  clamming up,  being stingy.


Three of Pentacles and Hierophant together say  ‘business as usual’  and  ‘normal relationship.’  Three of Pentacles shows the architect performing his final demonstration with the blueprints to his clients,  before the last and final payment.  It is business,  the deal,  the contract,  and living up to the agreement.  Hierophant means  ‘as usual,’  and  ‘on the surface,’  official,  appearances,  normal,  and the name or title of something.


The story,  you can see,  is about weathering a bad time that will either get better or you will leave.  The Rider Waite Tarot cards in succession read:  business;  will be not as bad/or leaving it behind;  short of money or profit,  or a tight budget;  and  ‘the way it ought to be and usually is.’




Three of Pentacles We are doing business;  buying and selling;  making contracts,  agreements and deals;  meeting.  Three of Pentacles shows the architect performing his final demonstration with the blueprints to his clients,  before the last and final payment.  It is business,  the deal,  the contract,  and living up to the agreement.


Six of Swords  Hard times and you are getting out of there with some help.  The worst is over but you aren’t there yet.  Leaving,  relocating.  Mother and child are being paddled away from some dismal life circumstance with only the clothes on their backs.


Four of Pentacles  Not enough,  hold onto what you’ve got.  Tight budget,  not enough profit.  Not enough,  insufficient,  inadequate.  A deep-down-inside private feeling or conviction.  Illustration is a fellow outside of a town holding onto his gold for dear life,  staring ahead.  (See the parallel to the refugees of Six of Swords?)


Hierophant is the official pretense,  the ceremonial side of a religion,  the usual,  normal,  acceptable end of anything.  Respectability,  and not necessarily decency.  Hierophant is Nurse Ratchett.  The pope is pictured with the monks kneeling before him.  I always wonder about those yellow suspenders:  Is that really the uniform?

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  1. Me

    Thanks Emily!

  2. Anna

    We relocated to a different city and hotel here on the island, prices are still high here though too.

    • Well, that does parallel. You know, the islands used to be cheap. I remember when I lived in Florida in the Seventies, you could fly to Jamaica AND BACK for $39, and a nice hotel was $25 a day, with reasonable foods. They played ‘Yellow Bird’ wherever you went!


  3. Me

    Today I read everything and I’m still not seeing what you wrote in the advise. Perhaps today I can’t! I had to buy new pants and standing in the middle of a department store seeing everything as so expensive I had a full one panic attack.
    I just went to the grocery store and he needs so much to eat that we are almost out of food again.
    I see so many people in need…yesterday in the rain they were seeking refuge …what could I do? I felt helpless. I feel that people are coming together but in opposing forces it feels like mayhem on all souls, righteous and the humbled.
    But then again it is the season!

    • Holding onto money until times are better: That fits, yes?

      Feed him lentils: Beans are good for you and warm the house when you cook them, and are inexpensive. (I love beans: black beans and rice, baked beans with ginger and onion, kidney beans pureed in ground meat with ginger and marjoram … )

      Are the people you speak of homeless? If I had money at my disposal in an urban area, homeless people who are workers are a business opportunity … garden work camps with simple living accommodations for starters.

      Calm down, tomorrow is another day.


  4. Doing tomorrow’s spread now. As I type it, it parallels the protest theme in a way. Interesting.


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