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Advice is all about influence and undue influence,  whether the kind that’s  ‘good for you’  or the kind that is not.  Specifically regarding females,  today’s focus.  And mostly for your own good.  The Matriarch is here,  the supportive wife,  as well as the pushy woman on the subversive side.  Marriage too:  She gets him to marry her by taking such good care of him.  She coerces him to go into a residential treatment center.

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Queen of Pentacles –  Four of Wands –  Two of Cups



DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS  Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Marriage Perspective

She gets him to marry her by taking such good care of him.

In their marriage,  she is so competent at handling things that she does it all for him.

It’s almost a marriage the way he suckered her into solving his problems and supporting him.

Her supportive influence keeps family members from bad influences.

Possessive women don’t let the spouse cheat on them.

A possessive woman exerts undue influence on him to keep him from marrying anyone else.

Marrying for money solves her problem;  she has access to money and influence now.

She got him away from his vices by living with him and mothering him.

Family Perspective

Mama takes care of everyone in the family and keeps them from developing any vices.

She handles his subversive side,  she is the matriarch of the family.

This is a respectable family and she is keeping it that way by throttling the black sheep.

Strong women take care of their family against some members’ wishes.

She will not let the woman subversively take over the family affairs.

She prevents her from unduly influencing the family with her money.

The family overcomes its bad habits with her supportive assistance.

Real Estate Perspective

The house has its hidden defects but she invests the money that cures them all.

It is her house,  she is in possession,  and she overcomes the claimant’s lien.

Her solutions and her investment prevent the neighborhood from blight.

She manages a shady real estate deal so that she keeps her money.

Fraud Perspective

As the bookkeeper for the organization/community,  she prevents fraud.

She invested in these con artists’  company and prevented their depredations.

She prevents the company from misusing funds of investors.

Treatment for Addiction

A treatment center for addicts is worth the money to solve the problem.

She coerces him to go into a private residential treatment place and pays for it herself.

The family pays and she overcomes her addiction.


Now,  Part Two,

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Queen of Pentacles –  Four of Wands –  Strength





Two strong women,  Queen of Pentacles and Strength.  Queen of Pentacles’  influence is supportive,  she manages his money and/or general affairs for him.  Strength prevents any predatory influence,  she foils attacks of any kind.  Queen of Pentacles can take over by mothering,  and Strength can be very assertive.  They both wield influence.



Speaking of influence,  here comes Two of Cups,  the behind-the-scenes influence,  the addiction,  the subversive person or people.  So now we have three out of four Rider Waite Tarot citizens about influence.



The remaining card is family,  home or house,  marriage,  neighborhood or headquarters type building –  a treatment center when it sits next to the Two of Cups’  bad habit and Strength’s overcoming.






Queen of Pentacles supports her people is a possessive motherly way as the matriarch.  She has money and is competent to manage whatever situation she is in.  She sits outdoors in Spring with money in her possession,  relaxed,  with symbols of fertility all around her.



Four of Wands represents home,  house,  marriage,  family,  neighborhood,  a building or neighborhood.  It is a company or organization or group.  Put it next to the pope and it becomes a church.  It is the Establishment so it could be a political party or government.

What is pictured is a society wedding,  and that is how it gets those meanings:  A society wedding is a public event and involves the power politics of the area.



Two of Cups  Did we say  ‘politics’ ?  Here is the romance with investment potential,  politics,  subversive influence,  the black sheep of the family,  the addiction … any behind-the-scenes undue influence that is also unsavory.  Any.  This is the seduction.  If you know what the caduceus stands for,  you know the meanings of the Rider Waite Tarot card. It means deception and getting control of another person or using another person.



Strength overcomes.  It often overcomes an attack of any sort,  or an influence of any sort,  from outside;  but it also refers to overcoming yourself and having character.  The idea in the illustration is that she has such strength of character,  such spiritual abilities,  that the lion that came to attack ends of purring and hating every minute of it instead.

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  1. Marie Allen

    “As the bookkeeper for the organization/community, she prevents fraud.

    She invested in these con artists’ company and prevented their depredations.

    She prevents the company from misusing funds of investors.”
    This really sums up what is going on in my life right now.

  2. Me

    I laughed sooooooooooo hard at today’s posting I shared it on facebook!
    It fits perfectly. I really believe you the card were their for me!AND ME ALONE (not really) but these cards were so blatant!

    • GLAD you connected that way. Thank you for sharing. Since you are the only one who commented, maybe you are right that it was your own private hunting preserve.

  3. Don’t forget: Be here tomorrow, Sunday! What a fun session it was typing Sunday’s. I did it in half the time. You may want to print it!


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