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Advice The family,  or all the people in a circle of acquaintances,  or coworkers –  members of the group  –  get together and confront the problem person who is divisive,  who is defiant and oppositional stirring up trouble among them.  The naïve sweet lady believes in him,  though.  Interpersonal drama in a dysfunctional setting.  But she contemplates defying the family for her own opportunity.  We are all in trouble struggling for what we think is our best windfall.  Sweet kind lady defends her dysfunctional relationship as  ‘making the best of it.’  She thinks everyone is wonderful as they push her around.   At best,  he has this timid woman defending him against the whole family.


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Wheel of Fortune

Queen of Cups  –  Ten of Pentacles  –  Seven of Wands


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Faith in her Man,  the Woman who Understands Him (Queen of Cups)

She thinks well of the guy who keeps good things from happening and causes problems with people she knows.

She thinks her wonderful boy raises hell because other people get in his way.

Sweet kind lady defends her dysfunctional relationship as  ‘making the best of it.’

She has figured out this dysfunctional family resists the good things that happen.

She sees him fighting both his own opportunities and the family.

She contemplates defying the family for her own opportunity.

She feels the family made him combative and a miracle will happen.

She thinks everyone is wonderful as they push her around.

Dysfunctional Family or Group Perspective (Ten of Pentacles)

Coworkers are raising hell that she is the one with the opportunity.

The defiant oppositional fellow is in trouble with everyone and she knows what is happening.

We are all in trouble struggling for what we think is our best windfall.

At best,  he has this timid woman defending him against the whole family.

Everyone around her is confrontational about what is happening,  but she understands.

Dysfunctional people repel optimum outcomes,  so she is kind,  sweet and loyal.

We are all in trouble struggling for what we think is our best windfall.

The family is up in arms about him:  That girl is the best thing that ever happened to him.

It’s best that the family get together and confront him for his troublemaking ways,  even his sweet little wife.

Defiant Oppositional Pushy Guy Perspective (Seven of Wands)

Raising hell to score from his timid girl friend alienated the family.

What happens is:  He makes enemies of everyone around him except the naïve females.

He stirs up trouble among us,  but we figure out what is happening.

He gets between her and her opportunity so she is in this dysfunctional scene with him.

Fighting in a gang is his best chance to be admired by the lady/ladies.

He thinks the wife is his chance to push his way into ruling her family.

The family thinks it best to present a united front and stand up to him forcefully.

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Wheel of Fortune

Queen of Cups  –  Ten of Pentacles  –  Seven of Wands




The defiant pushy mouthy guy (Seven of Wands) in the dysfunctional family (Ten of Pentacles) sets our theme.  Queen of Cups is the woman who understands,  the perfect foil for the other two cards.  And then,  inexplicably,  up comes Wheel of Fortune,  so something really good comes of this scene.  We have a story of family life drama.



Queen of Cups Purehearted simpleminded her,  she believes in her man,  she has faith in him.  But she also knows all about him and has figured him out.  This is the emotional  ‘stand by your man’  good woman of lore  –  quite often religious.  She is on the dreamy side,  and the illustration emphasizes water,  which is all around her throne as she contemplates some funky dodad she holds.  Wife and Mother, capitalize that.


Ten of Pentacles Family trouble,  making trouble in the family,  family or neighbors who make trouble,  dysfunctional bunch of people such as coworkers (even a gang or mob or cartel or politicians).  Complicates your life,  alienates everybody. Power people sometimes and sometimes ghetto people.  This is a dysfunctional marriage card unless the other two marriage cards show up and convert it.


The illustration is of a inter-generational family quarrel:  Grandpa on his throne,  husband staring elsewhere while wife earnestly talks to him as the squalling child pulls on her clothes.  The dogs have gravitated to the one with the power.


Seven of Wands We all know the defiant oppositional (a psychiatric diagnosis, by the way) mouthy pushy hell raising trouble making adolescent of any age.  “I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore.”  Illustration is a fellow fighting his neighbors who have invaded his land.  Defiant bullies see themselves as victims of others’  aggression when their prey defend themselves,  see themselves as righteous avengers.


Wheel of Fortune The best outcome happens.  It’s for the best.  Here we see what looks like a roulette wheel,  with occult symbols of destiny around it.  It gives rise to these words and phrases:  wonderful,  opportunity,  windfall or jackpot,  optimum,  make the best of,  chance,  the best,  happening,  miracle,  good things happening,  the best thing that ever happened.

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  1. Me

    I would also like to know about the 10 of cups???
    As far as the Wheel of Fortune…I love the thought of it. My problem is I don’t think I deserve a miracle…or I like the cat with 9 lives has received all the miracles I’m allowed.

    • Okay this is an assignment: Copy Wheel of Fortune and put it on the wall where you have to see it … opposite the toilet, say. You deserve a miracle as much as any of us; and you don’t have to deserve one to get it. There’s no limit on the number of miracles per lifetime, particularly if you are making them for others, which I suspect you are.

      If it helps, I will lend you some of mine. I order them by the dozen.


  2. Win

    That full moon clairity last long. luner logic, go figure..

    • By golly, you’re right, it is ‘lunar logic.’ Family politics. Tuesday’s messages are in this same vein. I really got involved and wrote a long … too long? … one.

      Thank you, Win

  3. Thor

    Question–the picture has the 10 of Cups, but the description says 10 of Pentacles, so which one was actually pulled for today?

    • Win

      Perhaps both have been pulled…

    • Ten of Pentacles is the correct card. Billijo missed the target on that one. The way to tell is: Ten of Pentacles is a troubled group or marriage; Ten of Cups is ‘happily ever after,’ and the illustrations show this clearly.

      Of course, you don’t have the two side by side to compare.

      Sorry – will do better!


  4. Anna

    Yes, our group of girlfriends is breaking up because the girl , whose house we meet at, has fallen head over heels for a guy so now there is a lot of dysfunction going on in the group, especially last night. 🙁

    • Interesting how that reflects; and sorry to hear about the disappointment.

      Could the fellow be a short-lived interest, and you guys resume your meetings – or maybe you will find another place. Let us know what happens; I am sure I’m not the only one interested.

  5. Wow. Emily you are amazing =o)

    • Thank you. Tell all your friends who have a credit card!

      A snail mail newsletter with the yearly calendar is coming. If you would like to have one of these,Candy,call me at the number on the blog up there.

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