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Advice Success is being presented both as a matter of focusing on factors and strategies that get us where we are going and a matter of avoiding the factors and strategies that do not get us to our desired position.  The message applies to whatever success we are seeking,  whether romance or business or social.  Shut out the idea that there is only one kind of success,  one way to succeed each and every time. Advice to pick your arena carefully,  then stick to it.

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Knight of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles, World, Chariot


DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS  Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Romantic Perspective (Knight of Pentacles + World)

He drives his vehicle around and around,  obsessed with the woman who will have nothing to to with him.

He is interested only in the most superior females,  and sometimes he succeeds.

She has his attention when she is not paying attention to him:  He keeps trying until he accomplishes his purpose.

He keeps trying but does not get through to her;  he aims to,  if it’s the last thing he does.

Men stare at her shapely figure but never quite take decisive action.

He has her uppermost on his on his conquest interests,  and will get around to it.

Playing stupid is the way to repel obsessed men.

Business:  Advice about Succeeding Perspective (Chariot)

He gets ahead by clowning but you remember him as the top candidate.

Sometimes successful,  sometimes effective,  until you are certain exactly what your niche is,  or exactly where you don’t belong.

You could get the notion to exclude this very able goofball from the running.

Make sure you are not in the categories that would exclude you,  and keep trying:  You will make it.

Keep a close watch on if and when excellence succeeds.

Immunity to each and every microbe:  That one purpose is accomplished.

To succeed,  persist:  Remember,  everybody is rejected except the very best one.

Keep doing (repeat) the one process that was successful and never mind the rest.

Shutting Out the Irrelevant Stuff Perspective (Two of Pentacles + World)

Upheavals do not affect her:  She is focused on her purpose.

She isn’t putting up with silly routines;  she is interested only with a man who has his head on his shoulders.

We have our mind on succeeding here,  we are not involved in the process of it.

Been through the ups and downs and is inured to it  –  is now interested only in whatever it takes to succeed.

No way are you going to go through that whole rigamarole:  You have already made up your mind.

She continues to be out of the loop,  so she can keep her mind on getting the job done.

Just ignore the stupid stuff and keep to what you already decided.

Not going through that routine again;  am sure I have already done that.

Oh, the stupid stuff you go through until you are above it all,  until you know you have arrived.

Shut out the idea that there is only one kind of success,  one way to succeed,  each and every time.

Talk about a hard-headed,  driven woman:   There doesn’t seem to be any way to get through to her.

She ain’t interested in that stupid stuff;  her mind is on what works.

Aim to shut out of your life people who have just one idea over and over again.

Get it done one way or the other,  remembering which ways are off the table.

Keep this one thing  –  drive  –  uppermost in mind,  whatever the gyrations,  and discard all other success factors.

Pay attention to the antics only as they apply to your chosen course;  otherwise, ignore them.

Know the run-of-the-mill routines so you can choose not to be identified with them.

He considers that silly and chooses to not associate himself with that.

Study the ups and downs and steer so as to avoid the scene.

Watches the cycles for a while and decides not to have any part in it.

Unstable but ambitious guy is the main one to shut out.

Every once in a while the dude gets it in his head to be ambitious;  otherwise he is nowhere.

Keeps thinking and decides he’s not interested.

Vehicle ‘s Perspective (Chariot)

It’s iffy about the vehicle:  Remember it isn’t the only one in the world.

Driving around in circles with that one-of-a-kind woman on his mind.

He drives his vehicle around and around,  obsessed with the woman who will have nothing to to with him.

Watches the cars go ’round and ’round the circle.

Getting Oneself Disincluded Perspective (World)

It’s the same project all over again,  the one he thought he would never be involved in again.

Acting stupid accomplishes your purpose:  Let him/ her/them get the idea on (their) own that you are not the one (they) are looking for.

The intention to shield yourself from the pubic comes along with success.

His purpose is to keep people away from her;  sometimes,  he gets that done.

Dancer’s Perspective (Two of Pentacles + World)

An expert shapely dancer’s eccentric rhythmic movements are her own idea;  she succeeds.

She is a one-of-a-kind dancer  –  eccentric moves to the rhythm  –  and is sure to succeed.

Concentrate on the rhythm to arrive at being the top dancer.

Reps for strength,  decides not to concern (him)self with the rest.

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Knight of Pentacles

 Two of Pentacles,  World,  Chariot




Knight of Pentacles and Chariot are success-bound.  Knight of Pentacles has one thing on his mind and has the strength;  Chariot is a success,  is in charge of a project,  and is ambitious.  They are both driven males:  Knight of Pentacles can even be obsessed.


Chariot and World are masters of themselves and of their environment.  They each contain the occult idea of mastering both the dark side and the positive side,  the  ‘masters of both worlds’  supreme title.  She (World) has attained such mastery she is buffered from undesirable elements,  and he (Chariot) has harnessed the dark and the light sphinxes,  who each will go only in their favored directions (white, right; dark, left) in such a way that their combined efforts drive him forward.  He is a strategist,  he gets the job done.  He is a success.


Two of Pentacles indicates an on-and-off up-and-down cyclic movement,  or a phase of it.  It also means silliness,  and means  ‘sometimes.’  Dancing or a dancer are associated with Two of Pentacles.  You could go down the path of World being nude and is dancing with her wands (Reminds you of the goddess of destruction in India?) + Two of Pentacles,  dancer = nude dancer.  Not unless that is the subject of a question,  say I.


World adds the concept of excluding to the concept of succeeding.  Not the usual slant.  Advice to pick your arena carefully,  then stick to it. That is how I would summarize it.




Two of Pentacles shows a juggler keeping the pentacles moving,  dancing while he does so,  wearing a goofy outfit.  Ships are tossed on waves behind him.  Its meanings are disparate but grow out of the elements of the illustration.  Continuing process is a main branch,  the one that brings up the  ‘keep ___ing’  and the words that mean to repeat action.  ‘Keep trying’  is common.  Then we have the phrases that arise from his dunce cap and the silly clothes.  Cycles, routines, and the concept of switching one way and then another is yet another category of meanings.


Phrases today include:  iffy,  one way or the other,  around in circles,  play, same_____ all over again,  acting stupid,  sporadic,  goofball,  keep ___ ing,  persist,  unstable,  clowning,  sometimes,  repeat the process,  keeps/keep,  antics,  routines,  silly,  ups and downs,  rhythm,  repetition,  round and round,  another round,  and more.


World is another complex multifaceted Rider Waite Tarot citizen.  It reflects the  ‘Master of Both Worlds’  title given to top magicians who are considered to have done the dark and the light sides well,  and so are invulnerable and untouchable.  Teflon person.  The illustration has a wreath around a figure  ‘dancing to a different drummer’  to indicate the invulnerability,  and depicts all kinds of entities who are looking away from the figure in the wreath as if it were invisible.


Phrases and words this Rider Waite card brings up today include:  woman who will have nothing to do with,  superior female,  she is not paying attention to him,  does not get through to her,  her shapely figure,  her uppermost,  repels,  top candidate,  exactly where you DON’T belong,  exclude from the running,  categories that would exclude you,  excellence,  immunity,  everybody is rejected except the very best one,  the one that was successful,  do not affect her,  isn’t putting up with,  we are not involved,  inured,  no way are you going to,  out of the loop,  just ignore,  not going through that,  above it all,  she shuts out,  any way to get through to her,  ain’t interested in,  shut out of her life, which are off the table,  discard all other factors,  ignore them,  not to be identified,  not associate himself with,  avoid the scene,  not to have any part of it,  the one to shut out,  he is nowhere,  not interested,  the only one in the world,  one of a kind woman,  in a circle,  the one he thought he would never be involved in,  you are not the one they are looking for,  shield yourself from the public,  keep people away from her,  an expert shapely,  one-of-a-kind dancer,  the top,  not concern himself with.


Chariot The competent responsible ambitious successful chief who gets the job done.  He represents the will to succeed.  He represents getting ahead.  He represents mastery of the situation.  Notice he has no reins to his sphinx-horses;  he controls them with wands.  The white represents the good side which follows the right-hand path and goes only right,  and it is on the left;  the black represents the bad side which follows the left-hand path and goes only left,  and it is on the right side.  This provides forward motion to his vehicle.  The illustration represents the occult idea that you need both sides to get ahead.  Some of us disagree with that,  of course.


Knight of Pentacles Well, after those two,  the simple peasant dude here is a relief.  He is the stubborn physical yeoman with one idea in his head,  one ambition.  He represents focus,  even obsession.  This is the short dark fella who is strong of body and opinionated with ideas that work for him in his environment,  and you had best not rock his stubborn boat.  In the illustration,  his horse is just like him:  short,  sturdy,  and dark.  A good man to know.

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  1. brittney

    Yes I read the individual meanings.

  2. FCP

    “He drives his vehicle around and around, obsessed with the woman who will have nothing to to with him.”

    “He keeps trying but does not get through to her; he aims to, if it’s the last thing he does.”

    “He drives his vehicle around and around, obsessed with the woman who will have nothing to to with him.”

    These 3 lines ^ ^ quite literally happened today! Holy crap. I am a bit freaked out reading this Emily.

    • Well, ya know, if you keep trying, you will sooner or later get it right. Glad I did today.

      Hope the dude calms down. Give me a call if you want to know His View of You/the Situation; the best way to handle it.

  3. Anna

    Boring spread today 🙂

    • Well, it’s long. Today was the first day of a new method of making the sentences, a method that takes me a very long time to do, and is awkward.

      The spread is mostly advice about how to succeed generally, which, yes, could be taken as a sermon type thing.

      If you didn’t like this one, you will probably loathe the 16th, which I am just posting now.


  4. Brittney

    I like this spread today Emily, especially the world card, which a lot of the charasteristics apply to me today.

    • World has perfected herself and her environment so that things take care of themselves, she does not have to give it her attention any more. It stands for the spiritual maturity level that causes trouble to not see you, causes the muggers and the drunk drivers, and drunk livers, to look in the other direction.

      It is a good place to be. Hold that thought, and stay put.


    • By the way, did you read the long paragraphs for that individual card’s meaning? If you relate to the card, that would be meaningful to you

  5. Win

    Somedays I understand, somedays, I don’t, however, I really relate to your bold Advice of choosing our field of successful growth. Thanks as allways…

    • I relate to that too, Win. Today’s spread is valuable just for that. One is coming up on the 16th that has a mysterious ‘Don’t agree to Plan A’ in it!

      We seem to be in a zone of ‘be on the lookout for,’ BOLO in police jargon. Focusing on a purpose is a steady drumbeat here lately.


  6. Lori

    This seems to apply to both a work situation and a home situation, will be interesting to see how things play out. Have a great day Emily!

    • You too, Lori!

      I like to know when Tarot is on target here. Tomorrow’s is long, and so is the 16’s – even more so. I developed a different way to get a variety of spreads. It is a product of that. Very time consuming. Not sure it makes BETTER messages just because there is more of them and more variety. If you guys would, please comment tomorrow and especially the 16th. If you like them, I will sometimes do it that way.

      Let us know how well the Tarot contribution applied as things happen.


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