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Advice is that a woman who can handle anything,  and does a lot for a man,  could be up to no good.  The road to perdition is paved with her good deeds for you.  Conversely,  the woman who instinctively babies her dude can fall victim to a bad one.  The key factor identified here is  ‘not paying attention’  and  ‘before you know it.’  We also speak of how being in a rush leads to mistakes  –  on the road, too.

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Queen of Pentacles

Fool  –  Knight of Wands  –  Moon


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Romantic Perspective  –  Woman who Takes Care/Can Handle (Queen of Pentacles)

His Perspective

May as well let this perverted lady who is after you do her … whatever.

She is up to no good pursuing him by doing things for him,  and he doesn’t know.

I’m doomed,  I may as well just let her chase me and possess me.

Well,  that was a big blunder,  I guess I will pursue a woman who cares for me now.

She runs his business,  he doesn’t even know when it’s in trouble:  His energy is on getting it going.

If I’m going in the wrong direction,  my woman will take care of things without me knowing even.

She is possessive to the point of obsession,  but he doesn’t care,  he just keeps going.

Running from the woman,  had no idea she was twisted.

Instinctual fear to run away from a woman who can handle you.

As fast as he senses a woman is the type to take him over,  he runs away in fear.

No idea this gal who babies him is an avid practitioner of bad magic.

Her Perspective

She is investing her energy in him even if it’s wrong.

She is not aware the guy who is pursuing her is a criminal.

She has no idea the guy in her care is an escaped criminal.

She has the ability to get him to chase her,  no idea he is a weirdo.

She is getting out of here so fast,  it was just a mistake on her part.

Guys who need mothering just come to her;  it’s a curse.

She can make a fellow forget about going all the wrong places.

She can get a fella going in the wrong direction without him even suspecting.

She puts a guy on the road to hell and he will never know.

She gets a man in lust with her and taking out after her before he even knows it.

She Handles a Nasty Situation (Queen of Pentacles + Moon)

There’s a bad situation she is taking care of,  so she may as well get on down the road.

She isn’t concerned with this right now,  there’s a bad situation she is zooming off to take care of.

I guess that’s a murky situation she is handling in such a hurry.

Just let it fester and go about your business,  she can handle it.

She is handling a really nasty situation that no one is to know about,  as fast as she can.

She has the ability to drive through the swamp,  just let her.

If she isn’t there to back me up,  it’s a mistake to pursue it.

Bookkeeper (Queen of Pentacles)

No one knows the bookkeeper has wreaked havoc until he/she is down the road.

Fools rush in where bookkeepers fear to tread.

Bookkeeper won’t know if she does it wrong when she is in a hurry.

Traffic Perspective (Knight of Wands)

Speeding the wrong way,  not looking where she is going.

The drunk driver never saw the woman


Let’s just get the heck out of this stinky creepy place of hers.

Now,  Part Two,

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Queen of Pentacles

Fool  –  Knight of Wands  –  Moon


Moon is always trouble,  a mistake,  all-round bad stuff.  First thing you notice.

Then we have being oblivious,  not thinking,  being unaware (Fool) and being in a hurry or rush,  speeding (Knight of Pentacles).  These three are a recipe for disasters.  All three of them involve the road in one way or another,  too.

There’s a lot you can do with these three that Queen of Pentacles keeps you from doing.  She is the spoiler card that limits their expressions.  The woman who is able,  can handle,  is motherly and possessive and backs her man in his endeavors.  Now,  I have said before she is potentially witchy if there is something that brings it out,  or if that theme is in the question.  Moon is that card par excellence.  So  ‘Evil Woman’  is here.



Fool operates on instinct,  out of the subconscious,  and is oblivious to real-world reality.  Its deeper meaning is living  ‘out there’  in the mental and/or spiritual planes and not quite,  therefore,  inhabiting the physical consciousness. That this  ‘works.’  Which it does,  for some people at least.  Different drummer stuff.  He is pictured about to skip off a cliff with his little dog,  nose in air,  on a journey with no provisions to speak of.

In real-world readings,  being oblivious to reality does not turn out well.  Imagine that.


Knight of Wands Over the road,  speeds,  is in a hurry or rush.  Is pursuing or fleeing or even escaping.  Has a lot of energy and is using it right now.  Illustration is him on his horse who is reared up as the wind whips the fellow’s clothes.


Moon “The worst card in the deck,”  we say.  It means things like wrong and evil and foul,  as well as blunder and mistake.  What is pictured is  ‘The Left Hand Path’  known as the road to perdition or hell.  It shows a swamp with a lobster about to go on a land journey and a coyote hanging out with a dog (natural enemies consorting).  The two towers mean something foul in occultism,  as well.


Queen of Pentacles The woman who can … can handle anything,  can run her man’s business,  can be so possessive she engulfs the fellow she is babying or taking care of or caring for.  She can be on the witchy side,  especially when she is set next to the Left Hand Path.  (See the goat head on her throne?)  She can make or break a fellow,  and it’s interesting that we also have the Knight of Wands who is either/or running away from or pursuing.

Being pictured with the huge coin of gold in her lap suggests being the handler of the money or the bookkeeper.  She is surrounded by symbols of fertility,  and is considered the administrator of an estate,  often her husband’s estate.

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  1. Marie

    The ancestor of every action is thought.

    • Oh, I dunno. I get your intention, but, thinking back, I have a pattern of rushing onto the stage half-cocked and kicking butt mindlessly with glee. Also of mouth opening without intention, and things coming out that I am hearing for the first time. Fast thinking to keep out of trouble when that happens. But I love it.

      Maybe there was a REMOTE ancestor to those thoughts and inclinations.

  2. Cheryl Chow

    Wow! What a spread! I know some people who are like this. Don’t know if this applies to the situation with a lady I know who’s in a hospital right now. The way the nurses and the doctors are running that place is atrocious.

    • That is so common in hospitals: Just ask any nurse. (Personally, I intend to die of the cause rather than the cure for it.) Doctors who have treated me have been dumber than me after I grew up some, and they were alleged adults at the time. Oh, the tales I could tell. But I will shut up.

      Hope your friend in the hospital survives the experience. Bedrails are filthy with germs: THEY DON’T CLEAN IN BETWEEN RESIDENTS, AS ANY LANDLADY WOULD!

  3. Britney

    I like that response EMily I love it!! ha ha ha ha

    • ‘Tis a true thing.

      We older dames see things, after the hormones, that gals in their fertility zone are not allow to, by Mother Nature who is a Bitch.

  4. Me

    OK I have had it with the dude and his bad habits! Rushing, impulsive making, leaving a trail of destruction behind.
    I cause me anxiety and I life not worth living.

    • Well, God made a lot of dudes from which you can choose one or some favorites. Or you can choose to do something else with your time, like make lots of money and having lots of readings!

      If you don’t expect anything better from him, you won’t be disappointed. Demote to ‘boy toy’ if you can, or let him know you figured out he is a ‘defective unit’ and you aren’t going to expect much from him but will keep him until a fellow who is worthy of you shows up. You will be amazed what wonders this sentiment often does for a romance.

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