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Advice  How many heartaches does it take to make a happy person?  How bad does a split up or divorce have to be to make us try harder and appreciate the next love partner?  Can we love someone forever without hating someone else?  Are we closer friends with friends because of the people we have such a hard time with?  A hostile environment allies people who are shut out.  Why do we love meanest people the most?  Why does it take a heart attack to make him happy sharing his woman’s life?

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Three of Swords –  Ten of Wands –  Three of Cups


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Romance Despite Something (Three of Swords + Lovers)

He loves the meanest girls the most.

After not getting along for so long,  we are enjoying our love together.

Divorce slowed you down,  but you are having a good time with someone you love.

She is having too much fun with lover to break up with him.

As much as he is against it,  he is just her partner sharing her life,  she is doing so well.

A heart attack slows him down, and he is happy to share his love partner’s life.

Eventually,  in a hostile environment,  you do connect with likeminded ladies.

Too many lovers these gals have.  People are just jealous of their fun times.

A girl who has lots of fun with lots of partners is hated.

There’s a lot of aggravation in a fun-loving girl’s love life.

A girl who has loved and lost many partners makes the happiest life for herself.

Lovers’ quarrels are the downside of sharing your life.

Women who have lots of lovers are happier despite the jealous quarrels.

She is out with the girls to make her lover very jealous.

Too much hurt being in love with several women.

Hate the beautiful gals who get all the lovers.

Wealthy women get all the men but reject them as partners.

She goes out with girl friends but is very much against being in love.

Breaking Up in Romance (Three of Swords + Three of Cups or Lovers)

All the girls he loves break up with him.

All the girls’ lovers break up with them.

Divorcing that fun girl he loves too much.

A long drawn out split up with the lover girl who shared her money.

He has had more split-ups with women he loves than he can take.

Divorce slowed you down, but you are having a good time with someone you love.

Social Perspective,  Allies in a Cold Place (Three of Cups or Lovers + Three of Swords)

In a cold world,  you find a few friends you are very close to.

It’s difficult getting along well with contacts who dislike you.

Girls who hang out with one another are very hard to get along with one-on-one.

Women in a clique have such close connections to one another they are cold to others.

Women pair up with allies in a setting that is weighted against them.


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Three of Swords –  Ten of Wands –  Three of Cups


We start inauspiciously with the Three of Swords –  divorce,  split-up,  quarrel,  against,  dislike,  cold or hostile environment,  meanness,  jealousy, hurt,  even heart attack.  And next is the Ten of Wands’  slowdown,  burden,  melancholy or depression,  which also means  ‘eventually’  and difficult or a long time (a long hard time).


This angst is relieved by its direct opposite:  good company,  a fun time together,  enjoying life and prosperity,  the sisterhood of girl friends,  sharing with likeminded friends,  party girls.  That’s Three of Cups,  of course,  and here’s Lovers,  another bearer of close connection,  love,  and contact.


Obviously,   we have love difficulties as our theme.




Three of Swords is one of the cards you don’t need a book to know its meaning.  There’s a heart with knives in it in a gray storm.  Divorce,  split-up,  quarrel,  against,  dislike,  cold or hostile environment,  meanness,  jealousy, hurt,  even heart attack.


Ten of Wands is another card you don’t need a book to know its meaning.   Carrying all the wood in one load,   bent under the weight,   going so slow step by step obviously is about slowdown,   burden,   melancholy or depression and a long hard difficult time.   It means eventually too,   because eventually the dude arrives,   and has saved himself a trip.


Three of Cups Yet another fairly obvious message is on this Rider Waite citizen.  The girls are celebrating a harvest,  are partying,  have a close trusting association with one another.  They look wealthy.


Lovers Part of its meaning is obvious.  An angel overlooks Adam and Eve (he gets the tree of life,  she gets the tree with the snake)  who have a volcano between them and are unclothed still at noon.  Lovers is what it means,  along with partners, connection,  one-on-one contact.

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  2. Marie

    A girl who has lots of fun with lots of partners is hated. No Joke!

  3. I’m so over him….1000 heartbreaks later… hahaha but I’m having a blast meeting new people hanging out with friends. I’m happier then I ever was with him. It sucks that so much had 2 happen for me to realize how unhappy I was with him

    • That is what ‘How many heartaches does it take to make a happy person?’ is about. You learn what doesn’t work, as Thomas Edison is supposed to have said. And most of us have been where you describe. Before we are old and wise, we are young and silly.

  4. terry

    How many heartaches does it take to make you happy ?
    I”ve had my share and none made me happy……they did make me “stronger” however.

  5. There’s an old barber-shop style bar song from the Forties “Those Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up that Old Gang of Mine” that reminds you of the tune to Auld Lang Sine.

    If she is immature enough to abandon her close friends because she now has a swain, she probably will not be mature enough to keep the love relationship maintained, and will be back expecting solace from her buddies. The question is: Will she fit back in after all that?

  6. brittney

    Emily this spread is right on today. I can pick out two or more sentences from eah individual card which applies to my life right now. My girls and I are going out to party tonight and I hope he is filled with jealously. I love this spread today, you pulled my cards. Love difficulties is definitley the theme!!

    • Well, so many of you are in this same boat. Tarot hit a target in this reading.

      Quite often, a guy’s friends tell him what his ex is doing. It’s part of the guy-clan rules. So you may get your wish.

      Thank you for telling me the Tarot was accurate for you, again

      If it weren’t for love difficulties, we wouldn’t have any difficulties at all.

  7. Me

    Losing a friend….because she did not like the way I was responding to her “healing therapies” was awful.
    Staying with my Hubby in spite of everything has been hard. It is hard to let go of all the little resentments that make up a relationship.

    • Disengage. It’s easier for some people than for others. The less you expect others to make you happy, the less disappointed in them you will be.

      Fatalists have the most fun because all their surprises are happy ones.

  8. Lori

    What a wonderful spread! I am reading this as the woman that “Divorce slowed you down,but you are having a good time with someone you love.”…I have been praying for a new love, and have made a promise to the universe that I acknowledge that lovers are a blessing to be cherished and that not everybody has one at all times.
    Then last night I had a dream about a new man, somebody I have never seen before…and while it may just have been a dream, at least this time it wasn’t about my ex 🙂
    Baby steps, but still progress! Thanks Emily!

    • Which was probably what the message of the dream was! Love it.

      More and more I come to the opinion that what the sentences are about is: They are the ‘lay of the land.’ You chose which you claim and which you are going to swerve to avoid and which are irrelevant to you. The choosing creates an influence in your life; it is your doing. So what you chose is true of you.

      Glad for the New Man.

  9. FCP

    Broke up last weekend. We’re supposed to be meeting up/talking in the next few days but neither of us has called the other all week. I have a fun day planned with a great friend. To heck with him. I’m going out and letting loose!

    I hope that I am this girl:

    A girl who has loved and lost many partners makes the happiest life for herself.

    • Marie

      Good plan. Enjoy yourself.

      Re that sentence you quoted: The reason women who ‘get around’ often marry the most eligible bachelor is that experience teaches skills, and these girls learn how to get along with guys. And they meet more guys because they are out there to do that. One such gal worked for me in my court reporting offices. Yes, she married the most eligible bachelor of all the lawyers in the County. Had two babies and divorced him with a good settlement.

  10. Win

    I’m still breathing.

  11. Anna

    The cards are right, but there is no sentence above that fits. We used to be three girls who hanged together, but one of the girls has gotten a serious boyfriend now so we never see her anymore. It’s like a divorce of our three amigas, and the other girl, my ally and new best friend is taking it pretty hard.

    • “The Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up that Old Gang of Mine” is a bar song from the Forties that sounds like Auld Lang Sine.

      If she is immature enough not to appreciate her buddies, she is probably not mature enough to maintain a grand love affair to its completion. The real question is: Will she fit in when she comes looking for solace from her buddies?

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