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Advice describes how it feels when something’s going on behind your back and you know it but don’t know what.  It also describes the twenty-questions routine a person who feels like that dishes out to the people around him or her.  Conspiracy is afoot. It need not be an intentional one,  though,  but maybe just a gal’s affairs with one fellow after another wondering if this is the one who will be her husband,  or a common man wondering what the system will do to him next.

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 Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a ‘real’ individual reading supplies at least half the information!

Two of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles –  Two of Cups –  King of Wands


DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS  Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Romance. Wondering (Seven of Pentacles)

Is it a married man you are having a hot and heavy romance with off and on?

You suspect the person you are having a love affair with is two-timing you,  maybe (has/is) a husband?

Going  ’round and  ’round with husband wondering if he’s into something you don’t know about.

Husband is going  ’round and  ’round wondering if she is into something he doesn’t know about.

It seems it’s one affair after another with this husband of yours.

Husband suspects it is one affair after another with you.

Why am I having a love affair with an unstable country boy?

He keeps getting frustrated over his sex life,  must be the timing.

He gets carried away with this temper of his every once in a while.  What’s that all about,  I wonder?

He is angry because he suspects he keeps being taken advantage of.

Affairs with one fellow after another wondering if he is the one who will be her husband.

Angry Man Who is Nosy (Two of Cups + King of Wands)

There seem to be repeated intrusions by the disgruntled dude.

What if that unstable married man is spying on (me)?

Why is that man so angry?  He keeps sticking his nose into (our) business.

Excitable unstable man is curious about (their) sex life.

Jealousy drives him to keep asking angry questions.

It’s one question after another about my personal life from this low-class guy.

Interfering in a Workingman’s Life (Two of Cups + King of Wands)

If it’s not one thing interfering in the working man’s life it’s another.

One more thing to wonder about that’s going on behind the workingman’s back.

There seems to be a conspiracy to keep him annoyed and he’s just a common citizen.

Who’s out to take advantage of a man next?

Seems there’s an ongoing conspiracy against the common man.

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Two of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles –  Two of Cups –  King of Wands



Seven of Pentacles and Two of Pentacles are uncertainties,  Two of Cups is  ‘something going on behind our backs’  and King of Wands is the angry or frustrated man or husband or workingman.


Seven of Pentacles is to wonder,  to be uncertain,  to have or to ask a question.  Two of Pentacles is uncertainty too,  but has added meanings.


Two of Cups refers to interference by an undeclared party to a transaction or situation,  like a love triangle,  a silent partner,  or a kickback to a politician,  like being conned or taken advantage or lied to.  King of Wands is a husband and/or an angry,  irritated,  frustrated man.  It also denotes a workingman,  a common citizen,  even a low-class ill-tempered lout or redneck.


When you put all these together,  you have a lot of suspicion,  nosiness,  questions and goings-on.  Quite the step down from our late loftier themes.



Seven of Pentacles wonders and ponders,  is curious and uncertain.  It asks questions and puts the language into question form.  We see a wistful grower leaning on his shovel wondering whether he is going to get cucumbers from his vines because it’s one of those plants that need to be within a distance from a plant of the opposite gender.


Two of Cups refers to interference by an undeclared party to a transaction or situation,  like a love triangle,  a silent partner,  or a kickback to a politician, like being conned,  cheated,  taken advantage of or lied to.  It can be a conspiracy or a backdoor way to get something done.  The illustration shows a couple  ‘pledging their troth,’  which means formal engagement in the days marriage really was until death do you part,  and one or both of them has a hidden agenda,  evidenced by the caduceus,  that funky intertwined snakes under the winged lion head that the medical profession adopted to let us know they too were not on the up-and-up.


King of Wands Husband and/or an angry,  irritated,  frustrated man.  It also denotes a workingman,  a common citizen,  even a low-class ill-tempered lout or redneck. He is pictured a redhead with a salamander (a symbol for  ‘fiery’  in symbol-land) next to him.  He grips his board in one hand and has the beginning of a fist in the other while he glares to his right.


Two of Pentacles is one thing after another, ongoing or ‘keeps ___ing’  or  ‘next,’  an unstable person or situation,  silly goings-on. Then you have  ’round and  ’round’,  stirring up,  etc.  Ships tossing in the background mean upheavals and ups-and-downs,  of course.


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  1. jules

    This morning I thought this one is not mine.
    The way the day went I’d have to say it is.

    • Oh, dear. I’m sorry. Sometimes you would rather not be right.

      Tomorrow is another day, hopefully a new improved model.

  2. Me

    Yup just common people waiting for the shit to hit the fan!

  3. Cheryl Chow

    Happy Birthday, Lori!

    Keep up the great work, Emily!

  4. Brittney

    I am definitely associating with the seven of pentacles today. I have been wondering a lot lately about my situation.

    • Don’t we all.

      I clicked on the illustration of the card where I share this blog on Facebook, and it said ‘141 shares. Wow. Really?

      Everybody is invited to join the Page Billijo put up on Facebook. It is Tarot Verbatim.

  5. Lori

    There will always be jealous and plotting people, but today is my birthday so I am taking yesterdays advice and being a little less attached to what I want, and hoping it finds me anyway 🙂
    Much Love for all you do Emily!

    • Yeah, that’s not much of a birthday year’s encouragement there.

      Less attached so it will find YOU … good way to put it.

      Thank you for your appreciation.

      And happy birthday year!

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