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Advice You come to a negotiation to experience confrontation,  offer,  rejection and a compromise that all parties concerned are agreeable to perform … whether the negotiation is about a love relationship or a business deal or a legal settlement.  If everybody does his part it is because everybody receives what is worthwhile to him/her.  Life is the art of the deal.  Being the likeable person who starts the negotiation on a friendly basis,  who offers and accepts easily and gracefully,  means there will always be that influence in your dealings … you won’t have to hope someone like that is there.

(At the time of production,  there’s no way to correct the lack of spaces after punctuation.  I am writing around it now!)

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Knight of Swords –  Three of Pentacles –  Knight of Cups


GROUP ANALYTICAL TAROT READING Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

A Boyfriend’s Back (Knight of Swords + Knight of Cups)

It’s back to being the affectionate boyfriend doing his part in the relationship after the breakup.

Break up with the boyfriend and he will come back and be a good man in the relationship.

He comes back a radically changed man,  agreeing to do his part affectionately.

After the divorce,  life turns around and he is in a loving relationship.

After the divorce,  life turns around and she has a relationship with a really sweet guy.

In a hurry to meet with the suitor now that she has broken up.

My boyfriend’s back after we broke up our relationship.

Accepting a Contract/Offer (Three of Pentacles + Knight of Cups)

Negotiations broke off and they came back with an offer.

A breakthrough in the negotiation,  we are agreeing again.

Time is of the essence in the contract.  Agreeing to that is disastrous.

They rejected our offer and then agreed to a change in the contract.

Suddenly we are on again,  we got together for a friendly meeting.

When he opens a meeting,  everyone comes to an agreement instantly.

His relaxed manner gets contract negotiations settled;  he turns rejection to agreement.

Disaster recovery happens when you get them to settle.

The settlement blew up and he suggested another course of action.

A reversal in the court proceedings makes for a quick acceptance.

Going back and forth,  offer and rejection and acceptance to get a deal.

Settle this one fast,  take the offer before things go boom.

We all got together and immediately agreed

We all confronted one another in a meeting and the good guy is back in the deal.

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Knight of Swords –  Three of Pentacles –  Knight of Cups




Three of Pentacles is an agreement (and is coming to an agreement too).  Knight of Cups is an offer,  and is also an acceptance.  Tower is rejection.  Knight of Swords is switching,  going back or changing.


Three of Pentacles is a relationship.  Knight of Cups is the sweet affectionate boyfriend.  Tower is breaking up or divorce.  Knight of Swords is going back in a hurry.


Both Knight of Swords and Tower mean Suddenly,  immediately,  instantly,  and Tower suggests drastically as well.


So in a business deal or in a romance,  we have a lot of action back and forth.


These four mostly describe a successful,  consummated,  deal or romance.



Knight of Swords hurries back,  turns around or turns things around at high speed.  Knight of Swords is about reversals of direction,  switching,  changing, pursuing at high speed.  This action can be  ‘immediately’  or instantly.  Time is of the essence, we are rushing this through.  A sudden strike,  or sudden anything.  His illustration shows him rushing in pursuit.  The horse is flying:  both front legs extended off the ground (not the way horses move) and he leans over the horse’s neck with his weapon held high and an animated expression.  Horse wishes he were someplace else.


Three of Pentacles Meeting to settle up a deal or contract,  comparing the work to the blueprint.  A relationship,  deal,  agreement or contract in which each party performs his/her part.  Putting our heads together.  Settling on a mutual plan.  Illustration shows the architect of a cathedral demonstrating he did the work per the blueprint,  to his clients (a nun and a monk) so he can get his last big payment.


Knight of Cups extends the cup of friendship,  and is agreeable to accept an offer.  He welcomes you.  Everybody likes him.  Agreeable is his middle name,  and he comes to the table taking the initiative as well.  As the sweet affectionate boyfriend,  he makes the first move too.  His card stands for offer as well as acceptance,  expression of affection,  warm cuddly personality,  cute persona.  A living teddy bear.  Lines are curved in his artwork,  colors are pastel.


Tower shows lightning hitting a tower and people blasted out of its windows.  It’s the story of the Tower of Babel,  which of course is about overthrow of the power people by God,  who didn’t want them uniting all the nations.  So it means to break off,  divorce,  reject,  drastic action,  explosions,  eruptions;  and of course temper tantrums come out of that.  Naturally it also means immediate or instant action,  or a sudden strike.

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  1. liz

    I do recognize some things but don’t know which issue to attach them to as there are so many right now in my life….

  2. liz

    I’m a bit confused because it seems there are answers, but I don’t know which issue its meant to address….?

  3. FCP

    Well, he wants to come back already, but I laid down the law and things have to change between us before that will ever happen. But yes, I did see him today after our breakup last weekend.

    • So many clients are at this stage of relationships … as if January Is Coming. This is the way to a mutually satisfying relationship as opposed to one that quietly simmers on the back burner until the spinach is on the ceiling.

  4. Cheryl Chow

    Too early in the morning to tell what applies or not. But, I suddenly realized that yesterday’s spread applied to a family member’s relationship with a “witch.” But, rather than be fearful, I’d like to send out good cheer and energy.

    • I trust today worked out well for you.

      The point that these messages apply to a spread of days and also apply to the people around you is a good one to remind us of. Thank you for that, Cheryl.

  5. Brittney

    HA HA HA HA I am cracking up Emily, if this idiot comes back around in this mannor I am going to laugh at him so hard! Talk about missing a good thing when it’s gone! (I’m the good thing)Let’s see how today goes!!

  6. Me

    Well u read for me last night and this morning u post this. The cards speak to me strongly.

    • Great. Naturally I don’t remember the reading! The new techniques are working: People are relating more to what is being said by Tarot here.

  7. Win

    Sounds like the meeting this morning, change will be towards the better, natural evalution due to higher intentions, Nowhere as rocky if I held to my errornous ways. Thanks for the draw.

  8. Lori

    I am taking from this that it is up to me to offer and accept things gracefully, not just for others but for myself. Thank you Emily!

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