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Advice We drop into the happy marriage,  community of good people,  people who have a comfortable life,  the marrying well and marrying a good man that Mother tells you about,  especially when she has not done so.  A person can get into this and leave the lesser life behind,  or put this behind feeling the loss of it.  You can feel in this spread how some women leave the happy marriage with the good man,  how people leave the well-adjusted community life behind because it is just that.

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King of Cups

Ten of Cups  –  Four of Wands –  Six of Swords


DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS  Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Marriage Perspective (Ten of Cups + Four of Wands)

Gentleman is leaving a marriage and will be happily married.

Marry the good guy and put your circle of friends behind you.

The good guy marries and puts his circle of friends behind him.

He is emotional about leaving one family and being a member of another.

So happy to get out of here;  he is a married man.

He is a good man now,  the kind you marry,  putting the past behind and joining the healthy group.

Leaving the group he was affiliated with,  he is accepted into the family as a natural member.

Leaving your honey means leaving his family and his circle of friends.

When he leaves the marriage,  he leaves those family associations behind.

A society wedding is being celebrated,  and he is going to avoid drinking.


Community/Group/Family/Member Perspective (Ten of Cups + Four of Wands)

Everybody in power is glad the good men are moving out.

Everybody in the community is happy that this government worker is phasing out.

The people here are so damned civilized,  so dull,  that (I am) leaving the place.

Puts his past behind to be one of the good people who get along fabulously with one another in this good (neighborhood/organization/family,  etc.)

The good people who are the backbone of the group are the cause of the drinking man’s exodus from it.

He feels sentimental moving his family out of one house and into a better one.

Both his families are distancing themselves from him because of his weakness.

He is a member of both camps who can get them going in a different direction.

The gentleman’s family is so happy to be out of here.



The gentleman who is beloved of all the members is retiring.

He makes the family happy putting his association with the organization behind.

His alcoholic days are over,  he is a ensconced in a residential halfway house.

The good man is leaving with the victims whose families intermarry.

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King of Cups

Ten of Cups –  Four of Wands  –  Six of Swords



Well,  knock me over with a feather,  in only a four-card spread we begin with both happy marriage cards.  Luckily, they also mean family and group affiliations of just about any kind.  Both also suggest  ‘the good people’  and  ‘the people with money’  –  the leading families.  Ten of Cups and Four of Wands are the ones of which I speak,  of course.


Six of Swords is about leaving a bad scene for a better life  –  better because is can’t get worse.  It also means putting your (sorry) past behind and heading in a better direction.  Or even simply distancing yourself from anything,  or drifting away.


We close with Your Honey,  the gentleman,  the mild-mannered man,  the good man  –  or the weak or drinking man  –  who is also the bureaucrat,  the one to make compromise or peace.  This is frequently the guy that women say is  ‘too nice,  I love him like a brother.’  Women who are on the lookout for a nogoodnik with pizazz.


With two cards that mean pretty much exactly the same thing,  we are not going to get a lot of sentences.  It’s all about the good guy and the good people and marriage and community.  Which is good, but … hmmm … lacks pizazz.



Ten of Cups Happily ever after living in the happy community where everyone is prosperous and gets along.  The happy marriage.  Married with children  –  a boy and a girl, of course.  The good people.  This can get Pollyanna and turn into the moral majority on us.  The illustration is the house on the golf course with lots of land,  a rainbow over the manse,  the Mr. and Mrs. out hugging one another whilst the kids skip around,  well dressed.


Four of Wands Society wedding being celebrated here uniting two families.  This is the good marriage into the good family …  in the sense of  ‘marrying well.’  It is about headquarters,  building,  affiliation with a group.  If the group is a political party,  the Ten of Pentacles usually appears for that.


Six of Swords puts the loss behind for better days ahead,  eaves a bad venue,  gets out of there,  escapes,  moves from one place to another.  It is often a depressing card in Rider Waite Tarot.  A woman and child are leaving in a friend’s boat,  like refugees.


King of Cups is that mild-mannered bureaucratic,  sweet natured guy,  maybe sentimental, a Marcus Welby type sometimes,  sometimes the stereotypical quiet drunk,  the weak man or the good man.  He is the ‘too nice guy,  I just love him like a brother’  that women mention.  The illustration in Rider Waite shows his throne surrounded by choppy water … emotionality.  He has that look on his face of a man who usually defers to the herd bulls.


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  1. terry twofeathers

    your readings continue to clarify so many obstacles I face…. and with the clarity I am able to overcome many of my problems

  2. Me

    “His alcoholic days are over, he is a ensconced in a residential halfway house”
    Yeah think….those are not easy days to leave!

    • One can only agree with that sentiment.

      Our spreads and messages are getting richer. Tomorrow has some sentences about addictions too. Tomorrow’s is wonderful. I’m beginning to like this; I think I will come here often…

  3. Brittney

    this says it all: Six of Swords puts the loss behind for better days ahead, also putting your (sorry) past behind and heading in a better direction. Or even simply distancing yourself from anything, or drifting away. he is the King of Cups ” the nice guy”

    • It surely does. I was awed when I drew these four: Marriage, marriage, heading in that direction, Your Honey.

      Tomorrow’s messages are amazing like this too. Don’t miss them! We are on a tear here.

      I sometimes answer your comments late at night. It’s a good idea to check back if you have not ‘picked up your mail.’

      The new technique is producing sentences people relate to more. Am in the process of perfecting and streamlining it.

      Thank you for commenting.

  4. Anna

    Noooo I want the good guy coming, not leaving, I hope that’s not what these cards are about.

    • He could be leaving the past circumstances behind.

      These messages, without a question, will produce contradictory statements – no way around it. So you use your intuition and sense which ones apply to you. (If you want the whole enchilada, you call for an individual reading with an actual question from just one person, you.)

      This spread is about your honey putting whatever behind (another marriage, even) and marrying you. Starting with BOTH positive marriage cards out of 78 cards is pretty powerful.

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