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Advice refers to the joys of having and not having children,  the freedom of solitude,  the comfort of being in your own home,  as well as how you were when you were a child.  A person has enough,  stays home minding his/her own business,  and doesn’t need any more friends,  has lots of old friends.  This privacy and independence combined with comfort and good memories of the past is our theme today.  Sometimes a young man prefers the company of such a woman set in her ways where drama dare not tread.  She may give him gifts but ignore his calls.

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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a ‘real’ individual reading supplies at least half the information!

Six of Cups

Fool –  Nine of Pentacles –  Eight of Wands


GROUP ANALYTICAL TAROT READING Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Romance (Six of Cups)

She gives him gifts but ignores his calls.

He loves her more when she is nowhere around,   when she is off by herself.

Talk romance on the phone, don’t be there.

Talk sweet to her or she ignores you:  She does fine without you.

Youngster talks sweet to a wealthy woman –  oh, why the heck not?

Such a sweet romance you have with the woman and then she doesn’t even know you or communicate with you.

More and more he is in love with women who ignore him and don’t even talk to him.

Children (Six of Cups)

She wasn’t there the day they talked about having children.

Having the house all to yourself,  all the kids are not home.

Every one of them forgets her,  she stays home with the children.

She is a very private person and her kids have nothing to say either.

She ignores all the kids and takes care of herself.

Her children do not disturb her when she is talking:  She is in charge.

Her home is in a good neighborhood for children,  she doesn’t worry about those things.

A breath of fresh air:  me in the comfort of my own home and the kids outside.

She is getting more and more into business and is forgetting about having kids.

She is not disturbed by the children they are so good –  doesn’t even have to speak to them.

Living Alone,  Being Independent (Nine of Pentacles)

Footloose and fancy free youngster getting more and more independent.

Lots of things to forget,  am in a turf of my own being private with the good memories.

She minds her own business and doesn’t talk about her past.

She has forgotten so many people from her past, and is doing so fine without them.

She stays home out of everybody’s way for a long time now.

She does not listen to what they say,  she has been independent since she was a kid.

She has no kids,  she enjoys living alone and says so.

More and more,  she simply lives in the past.

So many old-time friends you have,  who needs some more?

She doesn’t know you,  she has a  ‘do not disturb’  sign out,  she already has lots of friends.

She is still in the same business but not there personally –  just communicates from home.

Forgot my childhood,  and there’s no one I would want to talk to about it anyway.

Her kids don’t know;  she doesn’t tell them about her business(es).

The sweet life is living alone and being free in every way.

You talk about your kids,  but (I am/she is) a free and independent spirit.

She lives in the good old days and has forgotten all else.

More and more she simply stays home sweet home where she is in charge.

She isn’t talking to anyone, she is and always has been a loner.


She owns many old houses not in her name.

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Six of Cups

Fool –  Nine of Pentacles –  Eight of Wands




We have the independent private competent businesswoman who lives alone,  has her own independent money,  and can do nicely without a partner,  Nine of Pentacles.  We have children/romance/sweet home life,  Six of Cups.


These are surrounded by neutral cards.  Fool means free and young and lighthearted as well as  ‘not there’  and  ‘not in my name.’  Eight of Wands means plural (many,  more and more,  every,  etc.) and communication (written,  verbal or smoke signals).


The story is about having or not having children,  about being free and independent since childhood,  about being young,  and about being a woman who doesn’t need a fellow so he has to be sweet to her.  Those are the immediate stories you see.


Both Nine of Pentacles and Six of Cups involve a house or home.  With Nine of Pentacles being the business owner,  she could own houses.


Both Fool and Six of Cups are about youth.  With Six of Cups being romance too,  we could be talking about a sweet young man romancing a successful businesswoman.






Fool A spur-of-the-moment outing,  a picnic in the park with your dog,  let the world turn without you,  who cares?,  blithe footloose-and-fancy-free,  free and young.  The deeper meaning is that in spiritual maturity you are oblivious to the limitations of the physical environment,  that being unattached to your own best interest leads to some silly living from the view of standard-equipment consciousness.


Nine of Pentacles has her niche of freedom she has carved out in the physical world.  She is retired from the rat race,  free to do as she pleases all by herself in her very own home.  She don’t need nobody.  This is the girl friend who is not calling him and not catering to his ploys.  Don’t ask her for a loan,  she don’t know ya.  She is a successful businesswoman who is living a life of leisure,  or is a woman who is acting as if she were.


Eight of Wands Sticks flying in the air match some the meanings of this card well.  Visualize them as lines on a page for messages or documents.  The meanings of fast and quickly fit.  The plural meanings fit.  One thing after another and accumulating or accretion are not much of a fit,  since the sticks were released at the same time and are still airborne.  Eight of Wands often means talking.


Six of Cups Home Sweet Home is a good title for this picture,  which matches Nine of Pentacles’  mood too.  Little Boy gives Little Girl flowers:  children,  romance,  gift given or received,  quaint and/or old house or estate,  the comfort of a peaceful loving home life.  The past,  someone from the past,  good memories,  nostalgia,  sentimentality,  a birthday.

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  1. Liz

    This makes me think of my daughter who has been alienated from me for 7 years with no end in sight. But I have a feeling that she’s ‘thinking’ about me and needs me but has no idea how to reach me due to the fears she has due to brainwashing by my ex. I have a two year old grandson who I am not allowed to see either. I wish I could let go so I can live my own life, but how….?

  2. Anna

    Yep, I’m at home today- free and independent, just like the advice section describes

  3. Me

    “She lives in the good old days and has forgotten all else.”
    and the world forgot her. Before to long she is gone.

    such a waste of a life don’t you think Emily ????

  4. So more than one aspect today relates to you, and so does the mood of the spread. Daughter is most likely to hook up with a guy who is just as callous as she but moreso, an daughter will want to cry on your shoulder that ‘he done me wrong.’ So contemplate at your leisure how you would prefer to handle that. She obviously resents you, which is common when you are good to kids.

    Thank you for that picture.

  5. Lori

    Somewhere in here is some comfort for me in relationship to my daughter. She is grown, and only is nice to me when she wants something. I took her and her boyfriend (anolg with my very own date) to a play for her birthday and she is angry that I didn’t give the 3rd seat to another one of her friends (the nerve of me to want my own date). Granted my date was not the best I have ever had, but I amnot in control of other peoples behavior…My daughter would be happy if I just gave her a monthly allowance and never had contact with her (she is 21). I am living completely on my own for the first time ever, and somewhere in this spread is the joy of living alone and the point that I do not have to take abuse from my child.

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