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Advice  I do without whatever I don’t acknowledge owning.  If you block intuitive awareness,  you don’t possess it as an asset.  On the other hand,  if you truly won’t put up with something,  it doesn’t come see you.  Higher planes do control events on the physical one,  and you can access experience on those planes unless you believe you cannot.  Here we make the point that awareness is a huge factor in what kind of future a person has:  whether the victim or wannabe victim (Queen of Swords) or whether the person who repels interference by virtue of being so able to handle it (World).

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Hanged Man

Two of Wands –  World –  Queen of Swords


GROUP ANALYTICAL TAROT READING Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Spiritual:  Subliminally in Control ( Two of Wands + Hanged Man)

The plan is:  Don’t put up with doing without;  have that intense awareness,  that attitude.

Subliminally in control and free to operate on other planes even as you do without!

An adept is in unconscious control even when he or she is seen as a victim.

Realize you are in control of your life from a high plane –  you who are so put upon!

While you are doing without here,  you are subconsciously aware of and mastering the controlling planes.

Fully well realizes he/she is doing without financial security to have spiritual abilities.

A flash of awareness that you will be a spiritual adept but don’t have that stature now.


Romance:  A Difficult Woman Turns Him On (Queen of Swords + Hanged Man)

To him,  she is always going to be gorgeous and sexy,  even when she is old.

He feels the vibes of the old lady,  that she is going to be uninhibited in the nude.

Long term is what she expects and demands,  and he’s undressing her in the back of his mind.

Knows how uninhibited the old lady is always gonna be.

She is his idea of the ideal woman and always will be:  the strong-willed wench!

He will always have the notion that an intolerant female is a superior female.

She is demanding and she is intolerant,  and she is always going to be that way:  He is apprised of (and turned on by) this!

Her sexuality is her seat of power.  He sees how insecure she is.


Strong-willed Wench Now and Forever (Two of Wands + Queen of Swords)

She is militant about not putting up with trespassers:  She knows where the boundary is.

She isn’t going to be paying attention because the fighter in her comes out instinctively.

Those types sense her fighting spirit and will not be invading her space.

Understand she demands no interference with her plans.

He knows her plan is not to be interfered with,  that she is militant about that.

She is always going to be a free spirit,  he can feel how strong-willed she is.

She isn’t going to be messed with:  The fighter in her comes through to an empath.

She sees the future and she isn’t going to put up with it:  She is mad.

She is mad about the future.  Now that she sees it,  it’s not going to be that way.

(They) sense the victim is not going to be in that category at all.


Romance:  A Difficult Woman Shuts Him Out (World + Queen of Swords)

Realize the bitch isn’t going to have a thing to do with me.

Realize the shapely woman is a future one:  She is an angry wench right now.

When she’s mad she ignores you, realize it’s always gonna be that way.

Gets the feelin’ he isn’t living up to what she expects,  she will not tolerate him!

Realizes his ex-wife’s demands cannot encroach upon his future income.

A gut feeling that she will not ever accept his mama’s criticisms.

He realizes she is always going to be a female who is intolerant of others.

Seen as the bitch because she is planning to be inaccessible.

She gets it that her standard is so high no one will be admitted.


Spiritual:  Shutting out psychic awareness (World + Hanged Man)

You see the future yet shut it out:  So you do without.

You know,  you do without whatever you don’t acknowledge owning.

When you refuse to let yourself be aware,  you do without some of your control.

Mama/The old lady is always going to shut out psychic impressions.

No-nonsense woman isn’t going to let herself see the future.

A block on letting yourself know you plan to do without.

Victim-consciousness is blocking you from financial security.

You filter out your own awareness that your world is in your hands while you complain.

Being aware of what you don’t have,  you filter out awareness your world is really in your hands.

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Hanged Man

Two of Wands –  World –  Queen of Swords




Hanged Man is insight and awareness,  including psychic awareness.  World is the adept who is master of  ‘both worlds’  in the occult parlance but it also means to shut out (anything).  So we immediately have a theme of realizing or not realizing how in control you really are.  NOW,  this concept is underlined when you look over there at Two of Wands who has his world in his hands.  Be aware that you do have your world in your own hands,  Tarot is saying with these three cards occurring in sequence this way.


Both Two of Wands and World refer to the world.  Two of Wands is about the plans the human owners of the turf have.  World is about keeping the owners of the turf out of your hair through mastery of higher planes.  (So the banker owns your house but you are creating events from a higher order than his.)


Queen of Swords is the one who is disgruntled and complaining that she does not have.  Conversely,  she is the strong and strong-willed no-nonsense wench,  the mama or the bitch,  and can be the older woman or old lady.  She is on some point of the assertive-to-aggressive scale.  She is not shy.  Both Queen of Swords and World  ‘don’t put up with.’


Meanwhile,  World has a sexy figure,  and Hanged Man is turned on.  And Queen of Swords is the bitch.  Both Queen of Swords and World can be about a woman having nothing to do with a fella.


So you can see messages interleaved here,  messages that had best be categorized lest we get crosseyedness of the mind.




Two of Wands shows one of our least favorite actors,  the financier,  on the rooftop with his hands on the globe,  making plans to make even more profit from his real estate holdings.  Today this is mainly about being in control and having your fate (world) in your own hands,  as well as about the future.  Its usual scope is plans,  financial future,  financial security,  security.


World repels interference and is free to do whatever she wishes by virtue of a mature level of life skills.  She is repelling troublemakers by being adept at handling them and yet not needing to.  That is the social application.  Hanged Man brings out the occult theme,  and in that theme, World is the adept who masters  ‘both worlds,’  meaning the good and the bad.  (She is the guru who grew up in the ghetto.)


Another application of World is blocking,  filtering or shutting out (anything).  Usually,  that is blocking out undesirable elements,  but it can mean a blindness,  willfully ignoring,  putting a wall up to any influence(s),  and denial.  Not acknowledging psychic intuition,  today.


The wreath around the nude dancing figure represents what divides the planes.  She is invisible (not noticed,  cloaked) on the physical plane because her focus of living is on the spiritual plane.


The nude figure is pictured as a sexy one.  World means  ‘superior woman’  in any sense of  ‘superior’  because the figure is female and because World represents the highest development attainable by a human.  (By the way,  traditionally these superior humans are androgynous in occultists’  opinion.)


Queen of Swords is the stern lady who is disgruntled and complaining that she does not have –  the victim or wannabe victim.  Conversely,  she is the strong and strong-willed no-nonsense wench who brooks no interference (who does not put up with ‘lip’),  the mama or the bitch,  and can be the older woman or old lady.  She is on some point of the assertive-to-aggressive scale.  She is not shy.  This is her meaning for Rider Waite in Tarot Verbatim ™. The illustration refers to a woman grieving a dead baby;  that is why she is seen as aggrieved.


Hanged Man  Intuition and awareness,  including intuitive awareness,  is what this card is about –  in every deck.  The upside-down way you feel when a newly realized concept reinterprets things you know already,  and you  ‘see things in a different light.’  Eureka. Deja-vu.  Psychic flashes,  psychic mentality,  being psychic.


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  1. Everyday I’m more amazed..

    • Thank you, Candy, for saying that. Would love to know exactly what amazed you, or how you were amazed.
      New Year’s Eve’s is a good one, too. I am writing January 1’s now, and am going to move it to the 2nd and hope for a more appropriate spread for that day.

  2. Brittney

    I love it, so much applies to me, I have to read it again just to catch it all, it’s so deep almost hard to contemplate.

    • That ‘deep and hard to contemplate’ happened to me as I typed the messages too! The interplays conflict a lot more than usual, and meanings are brought out that are rare – like World shutting out. Other cards are for that concept, but it is a double meaning type thing in this spread. Glad you think enough of it to read it deeply.
      This blog will attract more people who go into things deeply.

  3. Anna

    There’s a new look to the blog today, or is it just for mobile phone users?

    • It’s growing pains. Donna is re-designing the whole blog, trying to reproduce its good aspects and get around its not-so-good ones. So it changes. It’s driving me crazy posting the daily contributions on it, but the old punctuation glitch is G O N E. Yay for that.
      Stay tuned and say what parts you like, and don’t.

  4. Lori

    Another great spread! I think the cards are encouraging me as I let go of the past (and the house) and move to the new year and new life. I have to stop thinking of it as a loss of anything, it is the begining of a wonderful new time.

    • There’s an old joke that goes into one event after another, each one followed by ‘but.’ All the favorable ones’ ‘buts’ are negative, and all the good ones’ ‘but’ are followed by positives. So it’s a good thing the horse lost its shoe and delayed him, because the muggers that were waiting went home. Life is like that. Destiny is like that. It’s best to just muddle through events as happily as you can and never mind what’s good and what’s bad.
      Yes, the cards are encouraging you. That is pretty much their mission. Sometimes the cure tastes bad, though.

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