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Advice centers around the importance of trust in a business deal or relationship.  The more trust there is among the people who get together to make a business,  the more likely the enterprise is to succeed.  This is true of a couple and this is true of a family.  Even a nation whose leaders reflect the values and lifestyles of citizens functions better.  A person who has the ability to get people to work together trusting one another is a person whose enterprise succeeds.


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 Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean contradictory things especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards. Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible, especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads. When a pronoun is in parentheses, feel very free to substitute. The question in a ‘real’ individual reading supplies at least half the information!





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Romantic Perspectives (Six of Cups + Three of Pentacles)

A quiet achievement:  trust is in our relationship with one another.

She was assertive as a young lady but is passive in this relationship.

The girlish young lady controls the relationship.

She has the very best romantic relationship.

She is so sweet and feminine,  he has to have a relationship with her.

Has to meet her,  she is his childhood sweetheart.

The very best love relationship she ever has had:  He does his part.

This is the very best love relationship;  it’s with a lady who does her part.

She has to trust he will do his part.

You have to do your part in a romance with her.

The most romantic relationship a girl could ever be in.

The most romantic relationship that could ever be,  with the gal.

The lady has to trust you to have a relationship.

She is that quiet feminine type of woman who is a dictator of the relationship.

She comes across as a childlike woman but makes them be sweet to her in a relationship.


Enforceable Contract or Agreement (Ace of Swords + Three of Pentacles)

She asserts her rights as the beneficiary to the agreement/contract.

She has an enforceable agreement/contract as to the children.

Parties to the contract have to trust the expert.

The court awarded the woman the victory.

The court enforces the agreement to pay the lady.

She enforces the contract on the point she did her part in the past.


Women is given her reward (Six of Cups + High Priestess)

She is given an achievement award at the meeting.

A lady who does her part has to be rewarded.

The expert has to be paid as part of the deal.

She is paid for what she knows;   it has to be awarded to her.

They have to give the woman what they agreed to.


Dealing with People you Trust in Business (Six of Cups + Three of Pentacles)

She knows how to get people together who have full trust in one another.

Quietly knowing you are dealing with people you can trust is a victory.

She has to trust (they) will do (their) part.

You have to know the people you deal with to trust them.

Woman Who Knows Kids (Six of Cups + High Priestess)

She has the best relationship with the kids.

She makes the kids do their part.

She knows how to deal quietly and assertively with kids.

She knows how to make the kids get along together.


Spiritual Perspective,  Spiritual Plane (High Priestess)

Clean intentions are a must,  to be dealing on or with the spiritual plane.

Dealing on the spiritual plane gives one the power.

The past orders your dealings with others from behind the scene.

You have to know about your childhood to deal with it.


Real Estate Contract Closes (Three of Pentacles + Six of Cups)

Her victory,  the real estate deal on the house closes and she gets her commission.

She wins when she asserts her right to the real estate commission.

They have to give the woman what they agreed to.

She is the expert on real estate,  so they will close on the old house.

An inspection of an old house by an expert is a must.

Now,  Part Two,

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 *Go to Meanings and Illustrations:  Observation of the Spread section below.  This tells about the combined four pictures in the Daily Spread –  the pictures above here.  It explains how these four cards get together to mean things.

 *Go to Meanings and Illustrations:  Individual Rider Waite Tarot Cards.  It is what each of the four cards,  by itself,  has to say.  It describes how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in this Spread.

 You can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim ™ works.

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Each of these cards has many main meanings.  So right away you know you are going to have lots of different messages here. Immediately apparent are legal phrases like fiduciary relationship (which I did not use),  enforceable contract or agreement,  passive beneficiary to a contract,  agreement re child support.  Three of Pentacles is a contract or agreement and is also court proceedings,  as well as a real estate closing.  Ace of Swords is to enforce,  and an order.  Six of Cups is trust (fiduciary) and also an award.


Anytime you see Six of Cups,  there’s romance and probably children.  Six of Cups + Three of Pentacles = Romantic Relationship.  And here’s High Priestess,  the Lady as well as the Other Woman,  the quiet one who knows all and is unassertive (except the Ace of Swords might impinge on that as assertiveness).


Going on down the line,  Three of Pentacles is a real estate closing as well as a contract and an agreement,  and Six of Cups is a house –  often an old house,  a quaint house or cottage,  an apartment building.  It also means to receive so it could refer to the commission of the real estate closing.


Then High Priestess is spiritual or the spiritual plane,  Three of Pentacles is dealing and Ace of Swords is power.


Three of Pentacles + Six of Cups is also dealing with the past or with childhood.


Lots of stories today.



Ace of Swords Foremost,  absolute,  total or totally,  must,  force or make or order,  enforce,  assert,  achieve or win a victory or  ‘aced,’  conquer or dominate,  discipline or willpower,  take matters into your own hands,  and a weapon.  Ace of Swords owns that groove,  and its very fitting illustration in Rider Waite Tarot is a hand grasping a sword which is crowned with a victory wreath.  Of course with total victory comes total defeat on the opposite side,  and once in a while that is the meaning,  but not often unless there is a theme that establishes that meaning.


Six of Cups has a few main meanings,  more than most.  Romance,  children,  childhood,  being good,  childlike,  innocence,  the past,  nostalgia,  sweetness and the good old days,  history and olden times.  Gives,  a gift,  receives,  trust and fiduciary,  beneficiary,  benefit.  Then it speaks at times of real estate too –  an old house,  a quaint house or cottage,  an apartment building.


All these meanings arise from the little boy giving the little girl flowers in front of a quaint-looking large building,  and the kids are dressed in clothes from the olden times.


Three of Pentacles Very pronounced main meanings for this Rider Waite Tarot citizen.  Relationship,  meeting,  deal,  agreement,  mutual,  contract,  negotiate,  each party doing his/her/its part,  get together.  Those are the main ones.  Incidental ones include an inspection,  (final) payment,  real estate closing,  get along with.


Pictured is an architect doing an inspection of his work with his clients who have the blueprint in their hands.  The final draw,  the largest payment which is the profit,  is his when this inspection is approved.


High Priestess represents the feminine principle of receptivity and deep knowledge.  A woman is seated between the pillars of justice and mercy,  key thoughts to the Kabbalah,  with the sliver moon beneath her feet.  In real life,  this Rider Waite Tarot card means lady,  ladylike,  quiet woman,  keeping quiet,  she knows,  she knows and isn’t acting on it,  she knows and isn’t divulging,  the other woman,  feminine,  sedentary,  passive,  knowing the unknown or the secret,  expert,  the spiritual plane,  spiritual,  the mental plane or mental,  book,  bookkeeper,  unassertive or passive,  to know about.

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  1. These are all the things I’m working on today. Once again you’ve guided me and validated that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Thanks so much! Warmly, Em.

    • You’re welcome and thank you for saying so. I like this spread. It points out what is obvious after it points it out.

  2. Anna

    Cards are right, I’m the passive lady sitting tight to get a romantic relationship

  3. Me

    I trust blindly or not at all. Everyone lies it is human nature.

    • So we should not even trust ourselves, right?
      Every time we go out on the road, we are trusting the other people in traffic not to harm us. This may not be voluntary individual trust, but nevertheless it is trust in our fellow man.

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