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Advice Doing what is proper and acting politely is juxtaposed here with fear of upheavals.  Being the one who offers to make things right can be risky.  Being an affectionate boyfriend who makes the first move can be scary,  even if it’s right.   Is his/her goodness motivated by a fear of karma,  chickens coming home to roost?   If you simply accept that bad things can happen to good people but are somewhat less likely to,  you save yourself the fear.

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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!

Two of Pentacles

Justice –  Knight of Cups –  Nine of Swords


GROUP ANALYTICAL  TAROT  READING Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Romantic Perspective,  Worry (Knight of Cups + Nine of Swords)

He is concerned that he is only sometimes as accommodating as he should be.

Every time he does something really sweet or proper,  he has an attack of nerves.

He sometimes acts as polite as he should but it gets to him.

A boyfriend is worried about marrying as he keeps being affectionate.

He is committed,  he is so sweet on her,  which panics him off and on.

Keeps worrying that he will ask to marry.  {could be from anyone’s perspective}

I worry about him.  He’s a sweet guy but not always a sane one.

He is afraid he is being too normal every time he conforms to defer to (anyone).

Sometimes it worries him that he is the one who offers to make things right.

This on-again off-again boyfriend is a nightmare:  What did I do to deserve this?!

Boyfriend is afraid his chickens will come home to roost.

Afraid her chickens will come home to roost regarding this boyfriend.

The fear of committing revisits the fellow who actually is in love.

Afraid to be the one who makes the first move,  it doesn’t feel right –  queasy about it.

Maybe it’s proper for the guy to make the first move,  but it’s scary.

Court case, Lawyers (Justice)

Comfort a friend who has the jitters about a court case that could go either way.

He is really sorry he kept accommodating a friend,  now he is in court about it.

Is afraid his lawyer is going to keep doing the nice-guy routine.

Petition the court regarding a concern that (this behavior) will continue.

Petition the court for a continuance regarding this scary matter.


He is such a proper polite young man to have recurring nightmares.

He is a good guy because he is afraid of karma,  the return of justice.

Fear of upheavals even when we do what is right and appropriate.

He/She is always polite, and nervous about doing the right thing.

Afraid I deserve it,  that it was coming to me,  and I accept it.

A normal calm person has persistent insomnia.

I accept waking up often in the middle of the night as normal.

A proper young man worries he might do something silly.

Is a good person but episodes of instability show he/she is not always normal.

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Two of Pentacles

Justice –  Knight of Cups –  Nine of Swords




None of the cards mean a similar thing.  The story is laid out though.  Justice + Knight of Cups is a committed boyfriend,  and is the proper polite young man.  Justice means should,  proper,  court,  what one deserves and,  if the theme is established by a  ‘lead’  card,  commitment to marry.  Knight of Cups is making the first move,  being affectionate,  cooperating,  being a  ‘good guy.’


Nine of Swords is worry,  nightmare,  fear,  nervous,  scary,  jitters,  deep concern,  an attack of nerves,  panic,  it gets to (any pronoun),  up nights and insomnia.  Two of Pentacles refers to a cycle and gives rise to recurring,  often,  on-again off-again,  repeated,  every time,  sometimes,  keeps doing or being (anything),  routine,  process,  return,  often,  episodes,  getting what’s coming to (anyone).  These two Rider Waite Tarot cards get together easily to refer to anything worrisome that is repeating.



Justice means should,  proper,  court,  what one deserves and,  if the theme is established by a  ‘lead’  card,  commitment to marry.  It is one of the cards whose meaning is easy.  It refers to law enforcement and courts obviously,  what with the scales of justice in one hand and the upraised sword in the other.


Knight of Cups Sweet-natured good citizen,  the good guy,  the nice young man,  accepting,  suggesting,  making the first move,  the one who makes peace,  and most of all that sweet guy who is in love or who is the boyfriend.  Illustration on this knight is very different from all the others.  This one is not asserting and not in any hurry or under any pressure;  he is calm,  is offering a cup in friendship.  This one’s horse is a horsey.


Nine of Swords Yeah,  there we go again,  all upset.  Up nights sweating it out –  worry,  nightmare,  fear, nervous,  scary,  jitters,  deep concern,  an attack of nerves,  panic,  it gets to (any pronoun),  up nights and insomnia.


Two of Pentacles goes on and on in a cycle and gives rise to recurring,  often,  on-again off-again,  repeated,  every time,  sometimes,  keeps doing or being (anything),  routine,  process,  return,  often,  episodes,  getting what’s coming to (anyone).  The illustration shows the dancing juggler with the eternity sign around his pentacle plates like a belt on a vehicle,  ships tossed up and down on tsunami waves,  and his costume is silly.


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  1. FCP

    I am truly amazed at how many of us are going through similar situations. What is going on in the world?

    • Apparently a rash of dudes hiding under the bed, running for the hills, or as the guy who made HOW MANY books out of one simple observation ‘being in their caves.’ Sounds much better than hiding under the bed, doesn’t it?

      This do happen in batches. Must be the filing system in Hell?

  2. brittney

    LMAO!!!! I love that response Emily!! Makes a lot of sense

  3. Brittney

    Emily!! I Saw the other guy on Sunday and this is his story… he was speaking that marriage stuff it was rolling right off his tongue along with being very affectionate almost more than I could stand, but I like it because I never get!!! I know that he is nervous and afraid to take on the responsibility of being completely involved and sharing my life at this point…. The guy is very sweet he is the Knight of Cups to a T. I have not been sleeping well….

    • Two possible diagnoses here.

      One, he is one of those dudes who talks marriage from the getgo so he can hastily exit a young relationship saying ‘She’s trying to make me marry her.’

      The other is that many times Mother Nature hits the dude with the Marriage Stick, and he goes in Marriage Rut. He marries the nearest female. Lawyer dudes who had turned down town debutantes suddenly hitched to the woman in the diner who pours the coffee. Kid you not.

      Time will tell. Whatever you do, don’t fall in with the marriage routine. When he asks “How many babies is we gonna have?” your answer is (repeat after me) “Give me a drag off what you be smokin’.”

  4. Anna

    I’m sick of hearing how terrified men are at the thought of being my sweet boyfriends. It doesn’t feel good to be terrifying because I’m a ‘relationship or nothing girl’. Why can’t men just be happy in relationships, or by the thoughts of having a relationship?!?!?

    • Well, the short answer is because they are men.

      The long answer, or a significant part of it, is below addressed to Lori.

      You gotta learn that the commitment you want is best attained by giving the average dude the idea you are only renting his carcass, not even with an option to buy. This puts him in the mode all male mammals can understand and perform: Chasing a cow that isn’t interested.

      Now, in the olden days, commitment was attained simply because dames were determined to be virgins until they met Prince Charming, and there was no free sex that a dude could admit to from a female he could accept as appropriate. In those days, lawsuits resulted from a dude not going through with marrying a dame he was engaged to.

  5. jules

    This one speaks to me as well.
    The first nine sentences completely characterize his stance
    presently. A few of the last ones (under romantic perspective)
    seem related to my stance. And yes I am queasy, maybe he is too.
    A weird place to be. As my Mom used to say when I was a kid,”go
    outside and play”.

    • This stage is a few steps beyond the running-from-the-connection stage. It is more sincere. He is acting on his actual feeling.

      Queasy is realistic. Life history is affected by marriage or even by a steady relationship. Had I not been married to the Italian mama’s boy (who was bisexual) I never would have moved to a place that was nothing but trouble for me for seventeen years. So, investigate.

  6. FCP

    Dead on again. The whole on-again off-again boyfriend cycle. Panic about commitment and marriage. Afraid to make the first move. Yes, this is my “ex” (off-again part of the cycle). And like Lori’s guy, mine didn’t call me to wish me luck on starting a new job, and didn’t call to see how my first day went either.

    • Sorry about that bad feeling.

      Psychologically, that job of yours is the enemy. That job means you don’t need him, subconsciously.

      Guess what? You don’t need him. And that job is part of the reason.

      I suggest we count our work as a blessing we are grateful for.

  7. Lori

    This one is dead on, again! The on-again, off again “boyfriend” is a nightmare. Maybe it is scarry to be committed and make the first move, but isn’t that better than camping out in your room and only coming out for booze? Sorry, can you tell I’ve had it with the roller coaster of a man that forgot my birthday….
    Time to move on…

    • Yes, indeed.

      Here is some background on menfolk’s fear of k-k-k-commitment. Once upon a time a young male human was fit for bagboy jobs until he married. Marrying got him some respect: He got a promotion when he married. After that, each kid got him another promotion, and he was now a respectable member of the human race. The mantra “A man’s got a FAMILY to support” was the reason women … were not allowed … to work. LOOK AT FORTIES MOVIES! This way of life is depicted. Young woman is successful until she marries and then she quits her job. Rosie the riveter had to quit and be unemployed when the dudes came home.

      Divorce was the end of both a man and a woman’s respectability … especially the woman. South Florida was populated by people running from the D-word. A man who did not Support His Family or who abused the wife or kid in such a way it got public was disgraced: No more job.

      That was then.

      Now a human male can live the life of a reckless skirt-chasing teenybopper until he is forty-something. When marriage was no longer enforceable, ‘got a family to support’ no longer counted. Because it was the women who had the family to support now.

      Society values males. Etiquette mandates that you congratulate the bride but it is poor form to congratulate the groom. You just wish him happiness. See? Getting married is getting ahead for the dudess but is a liability for the dude: That is the psychology and both genders subscribe to it subconsciously. This is why women fret when they are single and men are out at the bars.

      So a dude has nothing to gain and everything to lose growing up and being a respectable adult married man. Nothing at all. He is respected the same. He is paid the same. But he has bills and he is sharing the throne with a mere female who also owns half his Stuff in theory.

      Dudes have a point: You get married and the next thing ya know there’s a snot-nosed squalling distraction right in your very own house and you have to support it and your woman is babying IT not you. I truly believe if American women disciplined their younguns it would improve the institution of marriage. But that is irrelevant here.

      This is the underpinning of the fear of k-k-k-commitment. IN COUNTRIES WHERE WOMEN WEAR BODY BAGS THERE IS NO FEAR OF COMMITMENT.

  8. Billijo forgot to put the card illustrations on this one. She will do it when she comes to work, but that is evening by Eastern Time. SORRY!

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