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Advice When you have a bad day or lose your nerve,  the situations you finessed before reapply to aggravate and distress you.   The Booger-bears are back;  how shall I handle them this time?   What was that I did before?  –  it’s hard to remember when I am crying and cannot sleep …  At this juncture,  seeing the humor in the situation is a great tool for re-conquering and getting a grip on already-dead opposition,  whether the opposition is internal,  external or all of the above.

Is this the first time you come here? Well … what to do:

*Go to Advice (above ) which is a summary of the Messages. (Advice is everyone’s favorite part.)

*Go to Group Analytical Tarot Reading below.  One or more of those sentences has something to say to you.  Intuitively pick those out and decide whether to encourage or suppress them.  They are about you and the people around you.  They are about today and the days around it.  (It is a group message like a horoscope,  except Tarot isn’t based on someone else’s birth data,  so it can be specific,  accurate,  detailed and direct.  Our experiment here is  “How much more accurate is it?”)

Did you come here for your predictions? –  You are done now –  See you tomorrow.

Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!


Judgment – Nine of Swords – Page of Cups


GROUP ANALYTICAL TAROT READING Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


What works with Booger-bears (Nine of Swords + Strength)


Tell the clown how bad you will make him feel if he does that again.
Okay, how can I make him as nervous as he made me – his turn!
Must be some way to return the grief to the aggressor?
Don’t you hate it when you rediscover it’s the stupid things that work?
Why do they cry the second time you keep them from getting to you?
Realize the fear is silly to get a grip on it and have yourself a new phase.
Conquered my fears. What next?
Ask ‘What did I do about this scary situation that worked, before?’
Having a bad time now?: Go back to when you were on top of the world.
Figure out something to do to overcome letting this get to me again.
Some nightmares are fixed by realizing how stupid they are.
Recurring fear is best handled by seeing its humorous angle.
Realize what I was afraid of, I ask myself ‘Why didn’t I just do it?’
When you ‘get it’ about what you are afraid of, you can ask yourself “Why don’t I just …?” and it’s done.
Overcoming fear and uncertainty opens a new chapter.
A sense of humor is a great tool to use on revived fears.


What, you worrying? (Page of Cups + Nine of Swords)


What is there to be upset about? I handle that and go on to the next phase.
Are stupid things popping up disturbing sleep? – let’s fix whatever it is.
Note to myself: What are you worried about? – you are on top of things.
How come I can’t upset her? – she puts me down again!
Why should I cry over him when he does things against me? – Next!
Should I be worrying? – I just handle stuff as it comes up, you know
When I realize what I am afraid of, I ask myself  ‘Why don’t I just …?’


Back to Worrying Again? (Judgment + Nine of Swords)


Why am I upset again about something I already handled?
Why am I so damn worried when I have already done what it takes to be on top of it?
Enlightenment is questioning your fears to overcome them easily.
Back to worrying about whether I can handle this challenge?
I thought I handled that stress – and here it comes back.
The second time around, will I be keeping (him) in (his) place? – I hate that.
The second time around, how are you going to keep it from aggravating you?
Back to worrying about how you are going to make this idiot behave.
Stressed about how to handle the same thing again?
Worry about feeling awkward when you do again what worked before?
What did I do for stress, before, that worked ? … and do it this time too.
Why do I have to conquer those fears again?
The Booger-bears are back. How shall I handle them this time?
Why do I have the jitters over this now when I finessed it before?
I feel stupid crying … again … when I could be doing something about it.
A strong (gal) like me has the jitters again?


Feel Stupid about Being Upset (Nine of Swords + Page of Cups)


Crying about it is stupid: a reminder to do something effective.
Crying over that fool? – get your mojo back!
I feel stupid crying … again … when I could be doing something about it.
Are stupid things popping up and disturbing sleep? – let’s fix whatever it is.
A strong (gal) like me has the jitters again?

Now,  Part Two,

Do you want to know a little, or a lot, about how this Tarot Verbatim ™ thing works?  If so,

*Go to Learn Tarot by Observing section below.  This tells about the combined four pictures in the Daily Spread  –   the pictures above here.   It explains how these four cards get together in your mind to make the message.

*Go to Learn Tarot by the Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards,  by itself,  has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in this Spread.

You can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim ™ works.

Say hello back!   Comment!   I spend two hours a day or more writing these to you.   Remember to share your experience about our experiment here if you have words for it.   Read others’ comments.

And you can call me at the 800 99 3 6 9 12 number from Eastern 1 p. m. to Eastern 1 a. m. at least, every day.   (3-6-9-12 like a clock.   It makes a pattern on the phone as well –  easy to remember.)    I analyze business situations and personal relationships accurately from both Tarot and practical perspectives.   You enjoy it.   (Testimonials are on the web site.  http://EmilysInsight.com.)

Judgment – Nine of Swords – Page of Cups





Oh, how interesting this panel of Tarot citizens is!

Worry (Nine of Swords) is the star card;
Judgment [Again, return (return to, return it) realization];
Page of Cups (Why? – a question is being asked; feeling stupid, awkward or silly; some idiot);
Strength (overcome it, handle it, to finesse it).

So, why worry, just handle it like you have done before: That is the main message. Lots of frills to it, though. Quite the conversation these four Rider Waite Tarot cards make in Tarot Verbatim ™ today.  (Note to Self: Listen up!)



Nine of Swords is being jittery and Page of Cups is uncertain and unsure of itself. That is as close as we come to a theme, unless you want to stretch Strength’s overcoming to Judgment’s new phase because overcoming something usually opens a new chapter.



This spread is very rich in two-card phrases.  I am tempted to make a separate entry under Tarot Talks about this spread.  (Have not developed Tarot Talks yet: That is what its function is, but am not sure there is a demand for it.)   Check over there in case I get the time to!





Judgment  Again.  Return.  Rediscover.  Popping up.  The second time.  A new phase, the next phase.  Next!  Before, and now.  Go back to when … Realizing.  Reminder.  Note to myself.   Seeing the recurring.  Realize or ‘get it.’   New chapter.   Get your (whatever) back.   These are phrases from today.


The phrases arise from the illustration of Judgment Day when the angel brings the dead to life with his trumpet and they pop up out of their boxes.  A return to the former (condition),  go back to (whatever).  You get it.  Yes,  it’s one of the cards from the Middle Ages to Christianize Tarot so as to avoid prosecution (torture).


Nine of Swords What you see illustrated is what you get. Person is up nights stressed, fearful, crying, worrying, anxious. How bad I feel. I am nervous, overwrought, upset. It’s a scary situation, a bad time, grief and angst pop up unbidden. I hate that, it’s aggravating me, I have the jitters. The Booger-bear is here.


Page of Cups What you see is what you get with this illustration, too: A silly-looking fellow wearing women’s clothes and carrying a fish in a cup.

Today’s phrases for him in Tarot Verbatim ™ and Rider Waite are quite a few. I am going to list most of them in a line because they don’t get along in a string (I tried). The question mark indicates simply making the sentence into question form. This give you the idea of how Page of Cups functions.
how can I
must be some way
Don’t you
Why do
What … ?
Having a ?
Figure out something
how stupid they are
humorous angle
Why didn’t I just
What is there to
stupid things
What are you
How come I
Why should I
Should I be
I ask myself
questioning your
I thought I
Will I be
how are you
this idiot
feeling awkward
why do I
how shall I
Why do I
feel stupid

Strength has appeared in three of the four recent spreads, including this one! And I don’t even use the same deck. Our messages are about overcoming.


Strength  shows a spiritual master (indicated by the white robe, the garland she is wearing, the symbol above her head) preventing an attacker from doing harm – loving her enemy, petting the foe.  This Rider Waite Tarot card is not limited to the female gender but often refers to it.  It stands for the doing of these overcoming-procedures as well as the person who does them, so a fellow can be the subject as well.  She overcomes not only the lion (attacker, opponent) but its very resistance.   She deftly handles the problem and solves it without any fuss.   She keeps opposition at bay by being able to finesse it.   She gets a grip on whatever is in her way and makes it behave to suit her purposes.   Her influence is to straighten out a situation (or a person) by her presence.


Copyright © 2012 – Emily Erickson-Sandstrom. All rights are reserved. You may not distribute this written material in any way. You may not sell it, or reprint any part of it without written consent from the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review.


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  1. Anna

    Yes, it is strange I have the jitters again and have trouble sleeping lately.

    • Check your water consumption and what you are eating. Sugar jitters are real. Trouble sleeping can be and often is caused by being on the computer a lot. I never had interrupted sleep until I started living with the machine. It it not a problem, I just go back to eleep. A desirable part of the process is, you remember dreams. Had one for the record the other day!

  2. Lori

    Crying over that fool, get yoour mojo back!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that line, and yes indeed Ms. Emily, I am definitely working on getting my mojo back!

    • D e f i n i t e l y ! I loved that one when it came up too. Todays’ is spectacular, in my estimation.

  3. As if the cards have been speaking 2 me these last few days.. No way will I conti 2 worry its pointless… thanks Emily.

    • The purpose of our experiment here is to see how well the cards do speak to you. Everyone who comments feels a connection. There are 150 first-time visitors each day, and 1500 total average visits per day. Wouldn’t I love to hear from them all, what their connectedness has been?

      If these messages have obliterated your worrying – even for a little while – they are fulfilling their purpose.

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