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Advice today concerns the role of chaos in setting things straight.  Chaos is self-limiting, we suggest, because it must reach the yuk point,  and when it crosses that line,  the berserk factor is removed or leaves,  thereby benefiting the very world it would have wrecked.  This process is a summary of every novel written.  It happens within us too,  as we ‘realize we have gone too far.’  This realization sometimes has a tinge of humor to it   –  ya think? The courtroom is not free of the same process.


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Did you come here for your predictions? –  You are done now –  See you tomorrow.Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!

Six of Swords

Seven of Wands – Seven of Cups – Justice


GROUP ANALYTICAL TAROT READING Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Eventually the Mess will be Over (Seven of Cups + Six of Swords)

In due time this mess will be straightened out that I am overwhelmed by now.

I am besieged by stuff I don’t understand but it will make sense after I get into it.

Acting out uncontrollably phases him out of the sane world.

Whoa! I am going away to normal country, things are falling apart here.

Before you get out of here, I am going to straighten out the confusion, like it or not.

The punk who wreaked havoc leaves before you straighten him out.

You should force your way out before you fall to pieces.

All kinds of things prevent me from just moving out of here like I should do.

Things get better when the obstreperous person goes overboard and the police come to straighten things out.


Insanity in the Courtroom (Seven of Cups + Justice)

The way we should take out of town is blocked by the storm.

Forced to deal with a legal miasma he left behind.

This lawsuit is out of control, and there’s no way to get out of it.

Shocked that the judge barred his withdrawal from the case.

He insists on a continuance of the case senselessly.

Lawyer insists his client is insane to get out of it (the accusations).

He is taken away by the police for disturbing the peace when he won’t shut up.

Before the court action is over, he is accused of all sorts of things.

He raises all kinds of hell in court to delay the procedure.

Forced to either go to Rehab or disintegrate.


Heading Toward Rehab (Justice + Six of Swords)

Face the world messed-up until I sober up.

Our crazy days are over; we are forced into sanity.

Leaving is the right move, I have stirred people up against me.

We raised so much hell we broke things and the police came and took us away.

We have to put these drug times behind us and get straight.

Our lives are out of our control, and the way to straighten up is blocked.

Leaves the scene drunk and then mouths off about his rights.

Every possible way out is blocked by the police!

Cracking under the pressure, losing my sanity.

We should put these crazy times behind us, we have to.

He should have left when he was hollering gibberish.

He insists he is entitled to all these things for no reason: He is on his way out.

He should be getting out of here, but he is irrational raising hell.

This episode is one too many bad dreams, I should move on with my life.

Now,  Part Two,

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Six of Swords

Seven of Wands – Seven of Cups – Justice




The centerpiece here is Seven of Cups, which means out of control, messed up, confusion, senseless, falling apart, bad dream, wrecked, ruined, havoc, chaos.


To its left is the mouthy punk, the way being blocked, insisting forcefully (or raising hell about) and intrusion into the life and property of another. To the right is straightening out, sanity, normal, and anything about the law (police, courts, lawyers, courtroom proceedings, etc.) Above is leaving this scene for a better one.


So our theme is things coming to a head because the pendulum has reached the maximum point of out-of-control crazy messes and has to swing the other way. Notice there is nothing about hitting bottom and having a salvation epiphany: No, it is the situation itself that causes travel here that ends the miasma.




Seven of Wands Much of what Seven of Wands stands for is a good advertisement for birth control. We all know him, and everyone is him … has to be him … every so often. How he doth protest, the mouthy adolescent, how much hell a punk raises. The kind of people who shove others around and rob them. But it also stands for blocking the way of the intruder-invader. It means to defend oneself as well. Which is interesting because every bully I ever met pictured himself as the one who is put-upon and deprived of privileges. Pictured is a person who got out of bed in his underwear to defend his land against some neighbors we have all encountered ourselves.


Seven of Cups The demons are out, let loose upon us. Things are way out of control. We are confronted with a situation that doesn’t have a handle, a bad dream, insanity. Its illustration is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice story or Pandora’s Box story: the spirits are all over the place and unidentified, and there you are in the wrong place at just that time.


Justice What’s a nice card like you doing in a place like this? Well, to do what Justice always does: straighten it out. This Rider Waite Tarot card in Tarot Verbatim ™ often contributes the word ‘should.’ It speaks of a nice normal sane existence. Love its picture.


Six of Swords Things get better. As they always do when the obstreperous person goes berserk and the police come to straighten things out. All’s well that ends well here: They have come to take (him) away. The ship with the loser in it is sailing off, and the story has a kind of happy ending.

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  1. That would help me move on…. if he left the country! But I know what I must do. Walk away and worry about number 1 (myself) I have a plate full of my own that needs my immediate attention!

    • Dig in! Move him out of the country in your mind. Use the Six of Swords as the template for the memory of his red tail lights. (If I redid the illustration of Six of Swords in modern style, it would be red tail lights.

  2. jules

    One of my favorites, and seems so true for me today.
    “Chaos is self limiting … because it must reach the yuk point”.
    Kinda funny (and a little sad).
    Thanks Emily.

    • I grinned when I typed that one. Love it. The Yuk Point is always a factor. It helps to remember it. Thank you for appreciating the slogan.

  3. Lori

    In due time this mess will be straightened out that I am overwhelmed by now.
    This episode is one too many bad dreams, I should move on with my life.

    Could any word be more appropriate for me? As I pack up the rest of my things and move to the condo, it can feel and be so overwhelming-but like a good friend who is helping me said, its only temporary.

    Thank you Emily!

    • Oh yeah. When I got all upset about something when I was a kid, Father would say “Either you will die of it or get over it. Either way, a hundred years from now you won’t even remember it.” (“So shut up already,” he meant.)

  4. Sonja

    Two of these definitely relate to me: In due time this mess will be straightened out that I am overwhemed by now, and: All kinds of things prevent me from just moving out of here like I should do. Very true. Thanks Emily for all you do!

    • You’re welcome for that. And as always I really appreciated feedback when messages connect. Tell your friends, share the page, and check out the Facebook pages if you do Facebook. These are things that encourage people to call me. “Feed the Elk.” That is what you can do for me.

      It is sometimes so hard to leave a town, isn’t it? – and we feel the need to. I remember, when I was young and single, deciding to ‘blow town.’ I got on the phone for half a day, chose from several job offers, and started packing. It’s not always that easy.

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