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Advice Our emphasis today is making order where there is a deteriorating or disintegrating situation, making order by both an act of will and by being an orderly-minded take-charge person. Sometimes you create order in a messy situation by refraining from action, waiting it out. Use the elements of the situation – both the factors that favor and the factors that go against what you want to bring about … to bring about your desired success. That’s called ‘tacking against the wind’ in the world of sailboats.


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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!






Queen of Wands
Four of Swords + Chariot + Seven of Cups


Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Maintaining Order (Chariot + Queen of Wands)


Letting it be, when things are completely messed up, is a way to maintain order.

Just wait until the dust settles to go ahead with your personal life.

When things are so out of control, don’t do anything until you are in control of the place.

This woman maintains an orderly household: No chaos happens here!

She is a sane woman, is not responsible for the craziness.

She chooses not to be out-of-control.

Things were totally disorganized when he/she took charge, it was not his/her doing.

He takes charge, so his wife is not the one who messed all those things up.

She takes charge, and he isn’t the one who is responsible when things get out of hand.

Things don’t get out of control with two sensible people like him and her in charge.

He retires from the rat race, to her orderly place where she is in charge.

A take-charge man and a take-charge woman: chaos is not happening here.

Yes, he chose her as his wife and that’s it no matter what may come.

He deliberately does not mess up her house.


Orderly Woman’s Disorderly Situation (Seven of Cups + Queen of Wands)


She chooses to stay being his wife even as the order of her life is wrecked.

She feels she isn’t in control of herself, as her situation is out of control.

She feels her orderly life is disintegrating but she is still successfully managing it.

He chooses not to have anything to do with his crazy wife.

She is not delusional any more, she is making progress.

Her house is a mess but her vehicle isn’t.

He chooses not to have a mixed-up wife.

Her house is in disrepair but she chooses to not do anything about that.

She is strangely passive, and he is the strategist.


He Controls the Uncontrollable (Chariot + Seven of Cups)


He decides to stay with his wife as the situation deteriorates.

He decides to wait for her to be his wife, things are unsettled.

He maintains control of the most uncontrollable situation for his wife.

That’s the way his and her business stays: chaotic.


Wrecked/Vandalized, etc. Vehicle (Chariot + Seven of Cups)


Wife is asleep dreaming about her car.

Life falls apart and her home is the vehicle she is sleeping in.

Asleep at the wheel, wrecks her car.

She does not drive in the fog.

Drives through a storm to sleep at home with his wife.

The wrecked vehicle is parked at her house.

She vandalized a parked vehicle. The woman’s parked vehicle was vandalized.

She vandalized a vehicle while ___ slept.

Her house is a mess but her vehicle isn’t.

She chooses, sensibly, to sleep in the car through the storm.

Hers is a sensible vehicle, nothing fanciful.


Now, Part Two,

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*Go to Learn Tarot by the Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards,  by itself,  has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in this Spread.

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Queen of Wands
Four of Swords + Chariot + Seven of Cups



Here are two people who have things under control, who are in charge: Chariot is the project manager who gets the job done one way or the other; Queen of Wands runs a tight ship managing home and/or office.


In between them is Seven of Cups’ chaos, a mess, a deteriorating situation. And the other Rider Waite Tarot card is Four of Swords: not doing anything, leaving it alone, sleeping.


So our story is definitely about a mess and order, and some part of the story is about refraining from action despite our two persons in the story being take-charge people.


Chariot’s being a vehicle sitting right next to Seven of Cups which means wrecked or a mess, and also right next to Four of Swords’ being passive (hence ‘parked’) is another chapter to our story today.




Four of Swords’ illustration shows a person lying on a sarcophagus (stone container for a coffin) in a cathedral meditating through the night in preparation for knighthood. Its predominant meanings are about refraining from action – in any way. Letting it be, waiting, not doing anything, nothing is happening, not (his) doing, is not the one who, retirement, things don’t get (whatever), it’s not happening here, to stay or remain as it is, or to stay being (whatever), still is, not have anything to do with, to not do anything about it, to be passive, to sleep or be asleep, to be parked.
Chariot has a project and is going to accomplish it successfully, using all factors involved to create progress, ‘tacking against the wind.’ To maintain, to go (or to get) ahead, to be in control, responsible, chooses or decides, take charge, him being in charge, deliberately, with intent, control of (including self-control), successfully managing, making progress, being the strategist, to decided or be decisive, his business. And then Chariot is any kind of vehicle (including airplanes sometimes, especially when talking of a pilot), at the wheel, drives through, etc.
Seven of Cups’ illustrates both Pandora’s box and Sorcerer’s Apprentice stories. A cloud has all sorts of stuff in it, and a figure in black has no control over it and is in a panic. Its meanings are all the same but expressed very differently, so here goes: things are completely messed up/a mess/messed all those things up, the dust, uncontrollable situation, things are so out of control/an out-of-control (whatever), chaos, craziness, disorganized, things get out of hand, rat race, no matter what may come, wrecked, disintegrating, delusional, mixed-up, disrepair, strangely, situation deteriorates, things are unsettled, dreaming, life falls apart, in the fog, a storm, vandalized, through the storm, fanciful.
Queen of Wands reminds me of the folk song ‘Mama Don’t Allow.’ Look at her epitomizing ‘the sensible woman’: sits upright with that alert-for-shenanigans look on her face, a big stick in one hand and a flower in the other. She is about an orderly house, order, one’s personal turf or personal business, a sane responsible woman, a manager, the woman who is in charge of business or home (or both). She is stereotypically a nurse. And this is the Wife card, the married woman, the Lady of the House.




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  1. Sue

    That’s the second time “tacking against the wind came up this week”. So far, it has been a day of cleaning up messes so you’ve hit the bullseye.

    • Chariot means that. Sometimes I explain how the sphinxes are hitched to his wagon so that he makes them go forward (with his magic wand!) when they want to go right and left. Same idea. Tomorrow’s is about another mismatched couple, and the ‘couple’ theme appears on the day after too, which I have not started typing yet.

      • Sue

        It made think about taking a sailing class. It would be nice to get the feel of doing something like that.

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