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This is the third format for Tarot Talks. Would like input: Which do you prefer, if any; or is it ‘none of the above’? This one is a breeze for me!

Three of Pentacles: business, the team, contract, deals, to settle up, construction, agrees, relationship(s), does his part in their relationship fair and square,
Queen of Pentacles: with her backing his business, she pays them for, she she paid, the price she is paying him, is so devoted to guys, generous women, she has a lot to offer a man, She has it all!, She takes generous care of her man, her babying him.
Magician: he gets things done; to perform; to make new; the fellow… to do; he … to do; guys … they; he does, a man … let him;he starts up; he … into doing this; a man … him.
Knight of Wands: fast, speedily, goes on the road, left, quickly, leave, he pursues, full speed ahead, he puts all his energies into, a man pursuing her.





Knight of Wands
Three of Pentacles – Queen of Pentacles – Magician













1. With her backing his business, he gets things done fast.

Three of Pentacles business
Queen of Pentacles with her backing his (business)
Magician he gets things done
Knight of Wands fast

2. The team gets together to speedily perform the contract she pays them for.

Three of Pentacles The team gets together for the contract
Queen of Pentacles she pays them for
Magician to perform
Knight of Wands speedily

3. She goes on the road for meetings to make new deals and to settle up.

Three of Pentacles meetings deals settle up
Queen of Pentacles She
Magician to make new
Knight of Wands goes on the road

4.  The fellow she paid to do the construction left the team.

Three of Pentacles construction the team
Queen of Pentacles she paid
Magician the fellow to do
Knight of Wands left

5. He agrees to do the contract quickly for the price she is paying him.

Three of Pentacles agrees the contract
Queen of Pentacles the price she is paying him
Magician He to do
Knight of Wands quickly

6. She is so devoted to guys she has relationships with that they leave her.

Three of Pentacles She relationships her
Queen of Pentacles is so devoted to guys
Magician guys … they
Knight of Wands leave

7. He pursues generous women and does his part in their relationship fair and square.

Three of Pentacles does (his) part in their relationship fair and square
Queen of Pentacles generous women
Magician he does
Knight of Wands He pursues

8. She has a lot of offer a man in a relationship: Let them pursue her.

Three of Pentacles in a relationships
Queen of Pentacles She has a lot to offer a man her
Magician a man Let him
Knight of Wands pursue

9. She has it all! He starts up a relationship with her full speed ahead.

Three of Pentacles relationship with
Queen of Pentacles She has it all! her
Magician he starts up
Knight of Wands full speed ahead

10. She takes generous care of her man and he puts all his energies into doing this relationship.

Three of Pentacles this relationship
Queen of Pentacles She takes generous care of her man
Magician he into doing this
Knight of Wands he puts all his energies into

11. Her kind of relationship is a man pursuing her, and her babying him.

Three of Pentacles relationship
Queen of Pentacles her babying him
Magician a man him
Knight of Wands a man pursuing her


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  1. Anna

    I don’t like this format

    • It is supposed to have card pictures on it. I don’t do that, Billijo does … and the widget is malfunctioning. So check back and see whether you like it then.

      I am thinking of putting only about five sentences three times a week on Tarot Talks, and presenting them in more than one format.

      Experiment in progress.

      • win

        “less is more” as far as I am concerned, you are asking for constructive critique: in this presentation, after the sentence is written, and the cards are listed with its meaning in supporting the sentence, a simple separation whether it be a colon: , a semi colon, dash, or whatever the gramer may call for, just a visual mental pause the see the card to take it in, then breath in the meaning. ex: “Three of Pentacles- relationship” or “Three of Pentacles: relationship” something like that, but trust me ,,,however you deal it, we’ll work with it; cause it’s GOOD.

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