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Tarot Talks February 12, 2012 ©


Queen of Swords
Five of Pentacles – King of Cups – Star












1. She misses the sweet guy who says ‘I love you’ but she is angry.

She misses (Queen of Swords/Five of Pentacles) the sweet guy (King of Cups) who says ‘I love you’ (Star) but she is angry (Queen of Swords).

2. She is doing without her good man, she misses his love talk.

She is doing without (Queen of Swords) her good man (King of Cups); she misses (Queen of Swords/Five of Pentacles) his love talk (Star).

3. He has no money, he drinks, and the old lady adores him.

He (King of Cups) has no money (Five of Pentacles), he drinks (King of Cups) and the old lady (Queen of Swords) adores him (Star).

4. The widow of an affectionate man misses the good feeling.

The widow (Queen of Swords) of an affectionate man (King of Cups) misses (Five of Pentacles/Queen of Swords) the good feeling (Star).

5. He and she are so poor and they love one another so much.

He and she (Queen of Swords and King of Cups as a couple) are so poor (Five of Pentacles) and they love one another so much (Star).

6. She talks too much, she nags the quiet man until he feels inferior.

She talks too much (Star), she nags (Queen of Swords) the quiet man (King of Cups) until he feel inferior (Five of Pentacles).

7. He loves her and tells her she is beautiful, which makes the old lady feel inferior.

He loves her (King of Cups) and tells her she is beautiful (Star) which makes the old lady (Queen of Swords) feel inferior (Five of Pentacles).

8. He is happy being broke but she complains she is doing without.

He (King of Cups) is happy (Star) being broke (Five of Pentacles) but she complains she is doing without (Queen of Swords).

9. He was feeling so good until she regaled him with how bad she felt.

He (King of Cups) was feeling so good (Star) until she regaled him (Star) with how bad she felt (Queen of Swords + Five of Pentacles).

10. Her constant bitching drains his energy and drives him to drink.

Her constant (Star, talk) bitching (Queen of Swords, the bitch) drains his energy (Five of Pentacles) and drives him to drink (King of Cups).

11. Mama-Bat drains every last dram of energy from an emotionally healthy man.

Mama-Bat (Queen of Swords) drains every last dram of energy (Five of Pentacles) from an emotionally (King of Cups) healthy (Star) man (King of Cups).





(You just skim over this unless you are really grooving on this material.)


doing without

no money
are so poor
feels inferior
broke doing without
how bad she felt
drains his energy
drains every last dram of energy
runs him down
lost it all
doesn’t … to what you need
fails to be
lost every dime but lost …
drains all the energy
feels sorry for himself
I feel so bad how she misses him
mourns her losses




sweet guy
good man
he drinks
affectionate man
He … love … so much
the quiet man
He loves her
He is happy being
He was feeling
him to drink
an emotionally healthy man
He … so well of her
His emotional
how he doesn’t measure up to
the gentleman
he is happy
good man
He drinks .. loves his
daddy loved her
this patient guy



who says ‘I love you’
love talk
lady adores him
good feeling
love one another so much
talks too much
tells her she is beautiful
feeling so good
Her constant (talk)
speaks so well of her
emotional diatribe
tell … sweetly
so happy
positive energy
talks about how … loved her
talks a lot



she is angry
she is doing without she misses
the old lady
the widow misses
are so poor
she nags
the old lady feels inferior (victim)
she complains she is doing without
how bad she felt
she is so critical of him, she runs him down
his ex
doesn’t measure up to what you need
does not meet her expectations
the ex
she is so negative
his elderly mother
mama talks about how she misses daddy
she mourns bitterly


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  1. I miss him at times yes this is true, but I’ve excepted it. I miss the one I didn’t give the time of day how I want him 2 come home! Makes me feel as if I were the one…the only 1. Good times!

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