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Tarot Talks February 13, 2012



letting it be
wait until
don’t do anything
No … happens
is not … for the
not to be
not his/her doing
is not the one who
things don’t get
is not happening here
that’s it, no matter
does not
to stay being
she isn’t in
but she is still
not to have anything to do with
is not … any more
but her … isn’t
not to have a
to not do anything about that
staying with
waiting for
the way … stays
is sleeping in
does not … in
but her … isn’t
sleep through
is nothing …


to maintain
to go ahead
in control
took charge
takes charge
him in charge
in charge
take-charge man
control of (self)
successfully managing
making progress
he is the strategist
his business
at the wheel
drives through


things are completely messed up
the dust
things are so out of control
messed all those things up
things get out of hand
get out of control
rat race
no matter what may come
mess up
wrecked/the order of … is wrecked
situation is out of control
a mess
situation deteriorates
things are unsettled
uncontrollable situation
life falls apart
in the fog
a storm
a mess
through the storm


maintain order
personal life
in control of the place
woman maintains an orderly household
sane woman … responsible
she took charge
his wife is … the one who
she takes charge
sensible person like her
her orderly place where she is in charge
take-charge woman
his wife … her situation is
her orderly life … managing it
she is making
her house
for his wife
her business
her home is
her ___
at home with his wife
at her house
The woman’s
She sensibly
Hers is a sensible




Queen of Wands
Four of Swords – Chariot – Seven of Cups












Just wait until the dust settles to go ahead with your personal life.
Just wait until (Four of Swords) the dust (Seven of Cups) settles (Queen of Wands) to go ahead (Chariot) with your personal life (Queen of Wands)



This woman maintains an orderly household: No chaos happens here!
This woman (Queen of Wands) maintains (Chariot) an orderly household (Queen of Wands). No (Four of Swords) chaos happens here (Seven of Cups).



She chooses not to be out of control.
She (Queen of Wands) chooses (Chariot) not to be (Four of Swords) out of control (Seven of Cups).



She takes charge, and he isn’t the one who is responsible when things get out of hand.
She (Queen of Wands) takes charge (Chariot) and he (Chariot) isn’t the one (Four of Swords) who is responsible (Chariot) when things get out of hand (Seven of Cups).



He deliberately does not mess up her house.
He deliberately (Chariot) does not (Four of Swords) mess up (Seven of Cups) her house (Queen of Wands).



She feels she isn’t in control of herself, as her situation is out of control.
She (Queen of Wands) feels she isn’t in control (Seven of Cups) control of herself (Queen of Wands) as her situation is out of control (Seven of Cups).



He chooses not to have anything to do with his crazy wife.
He chooses (Chariot) not to have anything to do with (Four of Swords) his crazy (Seven of Cups) wife (Queen of Wands).



She feels her orderly life is disintegrating but she is still successfully managing it.
She feels her orderly life (Queen of Wands) is disintegrating (Seven of Cups) but she is still (Four of Swords) successfully managing it (Chariot).



She is not delusional any more, she is making progress.
She (Queen of Wands) is not anymore (Four of Wands) delusional (Seven of Cups), she (Queen of Wands) is making progress (Chariot).



He decides to stay with his wife as the situation deteriorates.
He decides (Chariot) to stay with (Four of Swords) his wife (Queen of Wands) as the situation deteriorates (Seven of Cups).



He decides to wait for her to be his wife, things are unsettled.
He decides (Chariot) to wait for (Four of Swords) her to be his wife (Queen of Wands), things are unsettled (Seven of Cups).



Asleep at the wheel, wrecks her car.
Asleep (Four of Swords) at the wheel (Chariot), wrecks (Seven of Cups) her (Queen of Wands) car (Chariot).



She does not drive in the fog.

She (Queen of Wands) does not (Four of Swords) drive (Chariot) in the fog (Seven of Cups).



Hers is a sensible vehicle, nothing fanciful.
Hers is a sensible (Queen of Wands) vehicle (Chariot), nothing (Four of Swords) fanciful (Seven of Cups).



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  1. Those lists can go below or above. People who want to learn can skim the lists and take in (subconsciously) the scope of the meanings.

    Thank you for your critique. CyberGoddess Donna has it in her inbox.

  2. Anna

    I’m not a fan of the lists at the top, they are not very meaningful in learning Tarot. But I really like the format with the bold sentences and the explanation of how you arrived at that sentence underneath it. I think I could learn Tarot this way.

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