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Tarot Talks, February 16, 2012 Thursday©

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Four of Cups – High Priestess – Knight of Wands


He is not interested in pursuing another woman.

He (Magician) is not interested (Four of Cups) in pursuing (Knight of Wands) another woman (High Priestess).


He takes her passivity as rejection and initiates pursuit.

He [takes] (Magician) her passivity (High Priestess) as rejection (Four of Cups) and initiates (Magician) pursuit (Knight of Wands).


He does not flee; he introduces himself to the lady.

He does (Magician) not (Four of Cups) flee (Knight of Wands); he introduces himself (Magician) to the lady (High Priestess).


The reason men pursue women is: If the man isn’t interested, he won’t be doing anything.

The reason (High Priestess) men pursue (Knight of Wands) women is (High Priestess):  If the man (Magician) isn’t interested (Four of Cups), he won’t be (Four of Cups) doing anything (Magician).


He is one to chase women who are not interested.

He is one to (Magician) chase (Knight of Wands) women (High Priestess) who are not interested (Four of Cups).


He is going too fast so the lady ignores his initiatives.

He is going too fast (Knight of Pentacles) so the lady (High Priestess) ignores (Four of Cups) his initiatives (Magician).


He isn’t speeding because she is the passenger.

He (Magician) isn’t (Four of Cups) speeding (Knight of Wands) because she is the passenger (High Priestess).


He gets it done fast because she says not to.

He gets it done (Magician) fast (Knight of Wands) because she (High Priestess) says not to (Four of Cups).


She pursues knowing about it but does not actually do it.

She (High Priestess) pursues (Knight of Wands) knowing about it (High Priestess) but does not (Four of Cups) actually do it (Magician).


She does not run around doing things, she stays put.

She (High Priestess) does not (Four of Cups) run around (Knight of Wands) doing things (Magician), she stays put (High Priestess).


You don’t get anywhere and don’t get anything done just sitting around.

You don’t (Four of Cups) get anywhere (Knight of Wands) and don’t (Four of Cups) get anything done (Magician) just sitting around (High Priestess).


You aren’t doing anything when you are pursuing higher education.

You aren’t (Four of Cups) doing anything (Magician) when you are pursuing (Knight of Wands) higher education (High Priestess).


What she doesn’t do, he comes over and does.

What she (High Priestess) doesn’t do (Four of Cups), he comes over (Knight of Wands) and does (Magician).


He is the one who hurries up and does what she leaves undone.

He is the one who (Magician) hurries up and (Knight of Wands) does (Magician) what she leaves undone (High Priestess).


She knows how but she isn’t in any rush to do that.

She knows how (High Priestess) but she isn’t (Four of Cups) in any rush (Knight of Wands) to do that (Magician).


Pursuing occult knowledge is not the thing to do.

Pursuing (Knight of Wands) occult knowledge (High Priestess) is not (Four of Cups) the thing to do (Magician).




not interested
does not
isn’t interested
not interested
ignores (his)
there’s no __ there
isn’t ___ing
says not to
does not actually do
she stays put
don’t get anything
aren’t doing anything
isn’t … to do it
what ___ doesn’t do
leaves undone
isn’t __ to do that
not the thing to do
isn’t … to get this )done)
isn’t going to get this (done)
doesn’t do anything
not to do it
don’t just
won’t put the
is not going to let
without any
didn’t do it
sit there and don’t
won’t do
doesn’t do anything
didn’t do it
is not for (him)


another woman
her passivity
the lady
women who are not
lady (ignores)
she is alone
she is the passenger
she says not to
she … knowing about it
she stays put
just sitting around
higher education
she isn’t … to do it
What she doesn’t do
what she leaves undone
she knows
occult knowledge
she can wait
she knows
sit there waiting
knows not to do

sit around
won’t … into action
she … without
She is behind the .. but she didn’t do it herself
Girl, if you just sit there and don’t initiate
she won’t do
the lady
she didn’t do it
she is behind the but didn’t do it herself
higher learning


He is … pursuing
He (initiates) pursuit
He does … flee
men pursue
He is … to chase
going too fast
drives past
He … speeding
He … fast
run around
You … get anywhere
when you are pursuing
in any hurry
he comes over
hurries up
in any rush to
do anything fast
with great energy
get out and
hurry up
man get away
expending energy
fast progress
he will pursue
He deliberately runs
things happen fast
get out and


introduces himself
he … be doing anything
He is one to …
his initiatives
guy there to do anything
He is … __ing
He gets it done
actually do it
doing things
get anything done
doing anything
to do it
do it … and does
does what
to do that
the thing to do
to get this done
get this done
do anything
to do it … does it
do something
put … into action
this man
gets things done
do it
initiate … he will
He deliberately … she won’t do
do anything
makes things happen … do it
do it
he is one to .. do things

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