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Okay, Guys:  Tell me what you think of this format and how interested you are in this Tarot Talks thing.













Two of Cups

Nine of Cups – Knight of Pentacles – Page of Swords



A compromise is a threat when you know exactly what you want.

A compromise (Two of Cups) is a threat (Page of Swords) when you know exactly (Knight of Pentacles) what you want (Nine of Cups).



Despite any and all distraction and interference, prioritize your dream.

Despite any and all distraction (Page of Swords) and interference (Two of Cups), prioritize (Knight of Pentacles) your dream (Nine of Cups).

prioritize your dream:  Nine of Cups + Knight of Pentacles

despite any and all distraction and interference (Page of Swords + Two of Cups)


Concentrate on achieving your goal no matter who or what is in the way, for it to happen.

Concentrate on (Knight of Pentacles) achieving your goal (Nine of Cups) no matter who  [is in the way] (Page of Cups) or what  is in the way (Page of Swords), for it to happen (Nine of Cups).

Concentrate on achieving your goal (Nine of Cups + Page of Pentacles)


Keep the most important thing you want in mind as other things come up that are rivals to it, and you will get that one thing.

Keep the most important thing in mind (Knight of Pentacles) you want (Nine of Cups) as other things come up (Page of Swords) that are rivals to it (Two of Cups) and you will get that (Nine of Cups) one thing (Knight of Pentacles).

You will get that one thing (Nine of Cups + Page of Pentacles)


Be hyper-alert to people who want a piece of you, or they will get it.

Be hyper (Page of Swords) alert (Knight of Pentacles) to people who want a piece of you (Two of Cups), or they will get it (Nine of Cups).



Keep first things first, and they will be yours – just be alert to folks who want ‘their share’ of yours.

Keep first things first (Knight of Pentacles) and they will be yours (Nine of Cups) – just be alert to (Page of Swords) folks who want ‘their share’ of yours.



In order to get what you want, pay attention to whatever forces lurk out there to deplete and dilute it.

In order to get what you want (Nine of Cups), pay attention (Knight of Pentacles) to whatever forces lurk out there (Page of Swords) to deplete and dilute it (Two of Cups).


When you are content with what you have, you focus on whatever and whoever might threaten it.

When you are content with what you have (Nine of Cups), you focus on (Knight of Pentacles) whatever might threaten it (Page of Swords) or whoever might threaten it (Two of Cups).


I’m so excited, all I can think of is what might interfere with my payoff.

I’m so excited (Page of Swords), all I can think of (Knight of Pentacles) is what might interfere (Two of Cups) with my payoff (Nine of Cups).


Being a third-party beneficiary, you nervously stand by watching.

Being a third-party (Two of Cups) beneficiary (Nine of Cups), you nervously (Page of Swords) stand by watching (Knight of Pentacles).


The one thing you want the most comes with a panic-inducing twist.

The one thing (Knight of Pentacles) you want the most (Nine of Cups) comes with (Two of Cups) a panic-inducing (Page of Cups) twist (Two of Cups).


This is the most excited I have ever been. I’m profiting from something I didn’t even know I was party to.

This is the most (Knight of Pentacles) excited (Page of Swords) I have ever been.  I’m profiting from (Nine of Cups) something I didn’t even know I was party to (Two of Cups).



He wants one thing, has one aim: to see someone upset, he is a bloodsucker.

He wants (Nine of Cups) one thing (Knight of Pentacles):  to see (Knight of Pentacles) someone upset (Page of Swords), he is a bloodsucker (Two of Cups).



Wants to have a thrilling affair with a bad-boy.

Wants to (Nine of Cups) have a thrilling (Page of Swords) affair (Two of Cups) with a bad-boy (Knight of Pentacles).




exactly what you want
your dream
achieving your goal
the thing you want … will get that.
people who want will get
they will be yours
get what you want
content with what you have
my payoff
the thing you want comes
wants to be
so wanting
you want
how satisfying
having it all
how rich they are going to be
best profit
how much he wants whatever he is getting


when you know exactly
concentrate on your goal
Keep the most important thing in mind
Be alert to
Keep first things first
pay attention
focus on
all I can think of is
the one thing
the most ___ I have ever been
arouses attention
one thing on his mind
He has one aim:
He is looking to
the person you (want)
He has his eye on
being obsessed
all I can think of is
Pay attention to
His one interest
There’s only one ___: him.
His big ideas
his one big idea
Focus on
that one guy
He aims to
that’s how much __ means to him
aims to


a threat
despite distraction
no matter who or what
as other things come up
hyper-; hyper-alert
be alert to
whatever forces lurk out there
whatever might threaten it
so excited … what might
nervously stand by
excited … something I didn’t even know I
arouses suspicious
will be frantic
you are agitated
a thrilling
to annoy them
threat to
get him all worked up
all excited about
the dangers of
Our challenge is:
He feels defensive about
This high-strung guy


a compromise
who is in the way
that are rivals to it
people who want a piece of you
folks who want their share of yours
to deplete and dilute
whoever might threaten it
what might interfere
comes with a ‘twist’
didn’t even know I was a party to
didn’t even know I was dealing with
grand love affair
get (her) so attached
the person you want is attached to someone else
hooking up
sexual encounter
to whom you are dealing with
interfering in others’ affairs
exchange between us
screwy deals
get in on it
horn in on our
taking advantage
screw people over

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  1. win

    I love this format. To work your offering of “Tarot Talks” takes much effort and time on our part, and surely thrice fold on your part. Once I spent a bit of time working the relations, so many lights began to turn on. Our problem is the time to learn. Like the great show “car talk” on NPR( a lively, active, informative show), maybe show us your schooling just once a week, That way, all interested souls will surly tune in, and then..the class will bubble with trouble, and then.. grow something fierce..? A fine work you’re sharing with us. What a treat, do not spoil us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, I decided daily is too much; you are right about everything you are saying. Also, CyberGoddess is looking into small size depictions of the cards.

      I have thought of one sentence thoroughly deconstructed. Including its two-card phrases. People are not used to the missing parts of the two-card meanings: Not all of them are complete thoughts because those cards are relly relating to others, not one another.

      This format is far less effort for me. Putting the cards up for each sentence (especially two by two) is a strain on Billijo, my assistant.

      Tarot Talks demonstrates no psi ability is necessary to accurately read Rider Waite Tarot in detail.

      Thank you for commenting. I do need feedback for this new project.

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