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Advice Today’s subject, ever so clearly set forth, is about authority: church and state, mama and papa, authoritative sources – and about both conforming and standing up to or resisting authority. The authority theme is extended to matters of propriety, and we speak of indignation and pressure and powerful interests.



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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!



Hierophant – Queen of Cups – Seven of Wands


Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Old Men and Young Women (Queen of Cups + Emperor)


He is a VIP with a title; nice girls mob him.

I’m an old man; it’s not proper for a nice girl to think of me that way!

She thought he was an authority figure until he came onto her that way!

Her father pressures her to behave and be a nice girl.

The old man is riled up about her good name: She is a good woman!


She is a Conventional Thinker (Hierophant + Queen of Cups)


She thinks she is safe while the head of the family fights the battles.

He is the Rock of Gibraltar protecting the little woman who believes the official line.

This old man is so old school he won’t let his little woman think for herself.

She thinks conventionally but rebels against authority too.

No way will I accept her thoughts about the Establishment as correct.

Daddy makes his daughter naïve.

She is a believer and will stand up for the church and the state.


Pressure to be Conventional (Hierophant + Seven of Wands)


A federal government makes you believe the official story.

If he is in power, he is right, and you are going to think that way, (damn you).

Old men defend the status quo as the way we should think.

She knows they will force the old man to conform.


Rebels against Authority (Seven of Wands + Emperor)


He refuses to conform to Mother and Father.

She feels his father should deal with his defiant attitude.

She feels it’s okay for him to raise hell until he is mature.

Dealing with pressures from authoritative sources about what I’m supposed to do and think.

Sweet li’l gal stands up for herself against a government agency, and she is in the right.

She knows the head boss will have to come out against the status quo.

She knows she is right and she stands up for that against the powerful interests.

You know he’s right to defy the brass.

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Hierophant – Queen of Cups – Seven of Wands


At the two ends of the spread, we have Hierophant being about conforming and Emperor being the authority. These two feed off each other and even mean, respectively, Church and State: both being Authority in Person.


In the middle, we have the believer, the naïve Queen of Cups nice lady; and we have the defiant Seven of Wands teenager – we have standing up against and rebelling.


Just to thicken the pudding, the Church and State pair (Hierophant and Emperor) can also be mommy (she understands) and daddy (he disciplines).






Hierophant Behave: Believe what you are told and do what you are told, and everything will be safe and normal. That’s a pope in the red gown there, and monks kneel before him: He is their ultimate authority. Hierophant in a spread often reassures that there’s no harm. Here are its today phrases:
title, proper, figure, behave, good name, safe, official line, old school, conventionally, correct, naïve, church, official story, is right, status quo, conform, okay, supposed to, in the right.
Queen of Cups We all know her, the nice lady, the good woman, ‘the little woman,’ the sweet li’l gal, the naïve daughter. This card means to think to feel, to have an opinion, one’s thoughts about (whatever). She is the loyal wife who understand her man. She understands everybody, and her dreamy way of being is expressed in the picture by her gazing upon that funky artifact as the water flows around her chair.
Seven of Wands leaps to the defense of himself and his land. He is outnumbered in a battle. This Rider Waite Tarot card can represent either side in the story (as is always the case). It is that ‘mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore’ frame of mind we get into with customer service at least once a year. Here are its today phrases: mob him, it’s not proper that way, came onto her that way, pressures, riled up, fights the battles, protecting, won’t let, rebels against, no way will I accept, makes, stand up for, makes you, *you are going to (damn you)*, defend, force, refuses to, defiant attitude, raise hell, dealing with pressures from, stands up for ___self, will have to come out against, defy.
Emperor The head of whatever – a government, a family, an agency the guys at the pool hall. He is an old man who has sat on that throne for years and has the look. Here are his phrases for today: VIP, old man, authority figure, father, head of the family, Rock of Gibraltar, Establishment, daddy, State, federal government, he is in power old men/man, he is mature, authoritative sources, government agency, head boss powerful interests, the brass.



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  1. Sue

    Hi Emily. I appreciate this blog. Thank you. The messages help me see reality from a different perspective. Until I read this message, I didn’t realize that I’ve become the authority. Not that long ago, my father actually said “It’s time to hand the reins to the next generation.” It’s almost like I’m the parent and they’re the kids. They make mistakes and come to me for help. I don’t get mad, just show them gently, the way I teach my daughter. They’re a lot happier this way. I’m happier too.

    • That’s because you are such a civilized person. It’s the ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ in reverse, sort of?
      It’s interesting how the blog isn’t limited to commenting on a day’s events, but is addressing realities in a general way.
      A horoscope doesn’t dream of doing anything like this.
      My experiment has succeeded: Group Tarot messages apply better than group astrology messages. (By the way, any astrologer will vociferously agree with this premise: They hate sun-sign horoscopes.

      • Sue

        Congratulations. It’s been exciting reading the daily message and watching the blog grow. I look forward to them. I feel they’ve improved the quality of my life. Thanks and good work.

  2. FCP

    Just had a run in with a Board of Ed member about some terrible issues in our school system that she’d apparently like sweeped under the rug (because her child is a part of the problem). So yeah, I’m that sweet little gal standing up herself/her kid against the powerful interest.

    • Some people’s children … now you know the recipe for making a kid like hers. You will prevail. Call me for a creative solution; I have dealt with this before with clients.

  3. Anna

    I’m going to the dentist today. I’m guessing the dentist is going to be an old man who says I’d better floss more 🙂

    • That’s one way to apply the sentiments in this spread. Mindset seems to be an aspect of today’s message.

  4. win

    fa-fa-“funky artifact” of external art inhand to illuminate, bringing to life the stream of emotion, egging on our generous abilities to be forthright with all quailties of light within, maybe feeding eachother..with a battle blade not drawn, but present, boss being in town keeping all in it’s divine time, sounds like a good day ahead; every day is a good day…gift…how can we go wrong….Just watch me now!

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