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Guidance Chaos is equated with not telling and not living the truth. It isn’t as simple as just our own departure from the honest ways; we leave our scene because an unsavory companion wrecked our craft. We speak of leaving town because of our past and what people are saying. We speak of leaving to start over afresh. We talk about how our love life can wreck us, and avoiding that. Overall, though, this is an upbeat read: Better times are ahead.




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Hermit – Seven of Cups – Six of Swords

Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Crazy Love (Seven of Cups + Star)

Departing from a sensible path, crazy in love.

(He) is sincere when (he) says he is crazy about you as he heads out the door, leaving you in shock.

(He) understands how (she) feels, but things don’t make any sense anymore.

It’s love at first sight – shaken up, life is already heading in a different direction.

She is so gorgeous, this sensible guy is rattled and ready to leave with her.

Looking at what a mess being in love with him/her made, and heading on out.

Loves you and is devoted – in theory – but isn’t around anymore.

It’s a fact (we) ‘blew it,’ but (we) put this behind and still have hope.

I know I made a mess moving out of town because I was in love.

*Now that my delusion is no longer enjoyable, I understand it.

*This is therapeutic havoc: You will feel so much better when it’s over.

Calm as things go to pieces: I will be happy when I get out of here.

Looking into your story about what happened out of town, I am shocked.

I left without saying anything because I knew I was very confused.

*You are bullshitting someone who knows: Avoid running your mouth.

He sees that gorgeous gal is on her way out and he is shocked.

I see it the way it is, now that the fancy talk is over.

Looking into the mess the love of my life left behind.

No longer so patient after all the stories that are so messed up.

Comes to you when you leave and tells you all these ‘I love yous.’

Seeks you out when you are on your way out and tells you all sorts of things.

Avoids coming to you with the truth after all the tales (he) told you.

Examining the pieces of my love life on the way out.

The Truth is Out (Hermit + Star)

The truth will out – the confusion will be over.

Tell the truth to avoid getting confused.

The truth is shocking and senseless, so we just avoid telling it.

So shattered by the truth, life is no more fun.

The truth is out of the bag and (they) aren’t going to be talking about it.

Avoids coming to you with the truth after all the tales (he) told you.

Feeling Good/Optimism/Crazy Fun (Seven of Cups + Star)

The doctor says: Put those crazy ways behind you to have good health.

Is on the path, is putting being out-of-control behind, and feels so good.

Enjoy travel anywhere overseas.

*A road trip out of town for some freewheeling fun.

*Such optimism: I am out looking for a needle in a haystack.

Out of town having some madcap fun, but we are sober.

I’m tellin’ ya, this guy is so messed up, he is celibate when he is out of town.

We set out, and got to talking, and now we are lost on the road.

The Departed Says (Six of Swords + Star)

And life goes on without my best friend; I could tell him anything.

The departed says (he) is looking out for and helping (you) through the miasma.

In shock to hear a departed friend’s words.

The beloved departed watches over and helps in all sorts of ways.

Storm Damage (Seven of Cups)

Looking at the debris after the storm advisory to leave the area.

They are enthusiastic about helping with the storm damage, and it’s on to the next. (This is about ‘stormtroopers’ who come into disasters for insurance companies.)

Sense and Nonsense (Hermit + Seven of Cups)

All the facts are published, jumbled together, and we go on to something else.

The doctor is in shock about what he was told when (they) leave.

Enthusiastic about putting this mess behind us by understanding it.

An analysis of reports that make no sense is underway.

*My true feelings are to avoid what I cannot control.

*A road trip out of town for some freewheeling fun.

*Such optimism: I am out looking for a needle in a haystack.

The speech was disjointed; it skirted the facts.

Came to see what you had to say, and left confused.

Take a gander at the junk room, and be happy just to leave it.

Seeks clarification of this miasma, but (he) left without any explanation.

Goes out of his way to help straighten out the mess you tell him about.

Document all the discrepancies but avoid publicity.

*Confused by the facts, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

*Just leave him to his joy in life: finding sense in a lot of data, and reporting on it.

*I understand the chaos factors but am not about to tell all.

I understand how confusing this is but am avoiding giving a full explanation.

People just leave when he lectures on his study of all sorts of unrelated subjects.

*A rational view of the irrational repels people who enjoy life.

*We set out to look at things that make no sense that people enjoy.

He discerns spirits, something you avoid admitting publicly.

The meaningless jargon is not going to be clarified.

*That fanciful tale is a departure from the truth.

*Leaves the straight life behind for anything that feels good.

The wise thing to do is put this crazy talk behind.

*To go on with the counselor’s help who explained the unexplainable.

They say he has lost himself, has gotten away from being real.

*The sad truth is told in too many words.

Investigation of Shenanigans (Hermit + Seven of Cups)

A statement to an investigator about leaving the scene of the melee.

He was ratted on; he sees himself being deported.

A telephone call shakes him up and makes the investigation go away.

Seeks a way to put it behind and be clean of his shenanigans.

The route they took is overseas: They said anything but that.

They give him some far-fetched story, and he helps them leave.

I hear he isn’t honest anymore – all sorts of stories.

He observed the spatters and isn’t going to make that public.

Observe all the squirrely goings-on around you, but avoid making a statement about them.

Getting Out of Dodge (Seven of Cups + Six of Swords)

Happy to get out of here, see bad juju.

Call for help when things get out of hand, and get out of there.

Promises to help me get out of here when things hit the fan.

Inspecting the wreckage, I’m glad I got out of there.

A confused old man leaves for happier days.

*I feel better after I objectively look at the mess I am leaving behind.

Surveying the wreckage of the sad past before I leave, I feel much better.

He knows he is on his way out for saying all those bizarre things.

He knows it will feel so good to leave this disorganized place behind.

I’m telling you to just get out of helping with that mess.

Understand the reason (they) left is all the tales that were being told.

Leaving the regrets of the mess I made of things behind and humbly seeking a wholesome life.

Asking for help, looking for a way out of this craziness.

*Since I left and sobered up, I hear reports about their antics.

Surveys the bizarre news and gets out for a better life elsewhere.

*Reports of my leaving sadder and wiser are grossly exaggerated.

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Hermit – Seven of Cups – Six of Swords


Prolific. The closest we come to a theme (two or more cards meaning similar or the same things) is that both Hermit and Six of Swords are traveling. But Hermit is coming to help and Six of Swords is leaving or avoiding a bad scene (either literally a place or city, or figuratively). Then we have order and sanity in Hermit, and disorder and craziness in Seven of Cups: to straighten out the mess. So what makes the nearly 100 sentences? – the way these four dovetail into common phrases like ‘avoid an explanation’ (Six of Swords + Star) and ‘straighten out a mess (Hermit + Seven of Cups). Star + Seven of Cups means to b.s. or talk about all kinds of things. Star’s meanings of tell or talk about or explain dovetail with Hermit’s truth or facts, as well as with Seven of Cups ‘all sorts of things’ and dovetails with Six of Swords’ ‘to avoid.’


Hermit The illustration gives rise to many phrases: A monk goes out at night looking for travelers who need help. He is the archetypical wise old man. Friend who helps, watches over and observes, is out on the road looking, is seeking, is sober and wise and honest and patient and calm. Hermit is true, sincere, straight and real. He is a physician too. Then there are all the meanings that derive from his understanding, analysis, ability to examine and clarity and straighten out. His rational view as the counselor. Discernment, study, wisdom, investigation: That’s Hermit.
Seven of Cups is about the Sorcerer’s Apprentice story or Pandora’s Box. Busted! Craziness. Shocked. Out-of-control. Meaningless, makes no sense, inexplicable, shakes you up. All sorts of (anything) jumbled together. Debris and storm damage and wreckage. Melee, shenanigans and antics. Squirrely things get out of hand and hit the fan. A confused person and a confusing situation. Oh, bizarre things in this disorganized place.
Six of Swords Pamela Coleman Smith has drawn this Rider Waite specimen with sagging defeated lines. A woman and child are going across the water ‘with the clothes on their back.’ Withdrawing. Leaving. The future will be better because it cannot get worse. Guidance to avoid (anything). This is a depression card in Rider Waite: You are putting it behind you, though. Like a refugee. “Anymore” is one of its frequent words. Happy to get out of there when I see the bad juju.
Star Picture singing in the shower and you’ve got Star down pat. That is what our gorgeous gal is doing. This is probably a ritual cleansing rather than mere bath, since she is pouring from jars into the pool. Star is feeling good all over, joy in life, being happy, good health, saying ‘I love you’ and being in love, talking (maybe too much) and confessing. Star often means to tell or talk. It also means wholesome and good health. Sometimes it is promising, and sometimes a story. It can refer to testimony and statements. Optimism and enthusiasm: true feelings. A lecture, speech or full explanation. Even people who enjoy life.

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  1. candy

    I like todays spread… I dont really care that its happening… had to happen sooner or later.. Im just glad its over! Thank you Emily!!!

    • Thank you, Candy. I am answering your comments just before the next spread goes up, which is when I have been finishing the next blog entry.

      P. S. I am making a conscious effort to not have too many sentences. It’s harder sometimes to do fewer: You have to choose who to eliminate.

  2. Anna

    Sorry you are not feeling well Emily. Thanks for keeping the daily spread going. Get back to 100% soon!

    • I stay a few days ahead because of things like this. I am not as ahead as I was anymore, though. Thank you for caring.

  3. Me

    “is about the Sorcerer’s Apprentice story or Pandora’s Box. Busted! Craziness. Shocked. Out-of-control. Meaningless, makes no sense, inexplicable, shakes you up. All sorts of (anything) jumbled together. Debris and storm damage and wreckage. Melee, shenanigans and antics. Squirrely things get out of hand and hit the fan. A confused person and a confusing situation. Oh, bizarre things in this disorganized place.”~ the seven of cups.
    – I am living this card!

  4. Sue

    Yep. Today’s spread is good news. Craziness be gone!

  5. win

    God help us… That fever did you good, you’ve turned it up a notch. Give me a little time to prepare… as if that luxury really exsisted,,,asume write up!!!!

    • candy

      you remind me so much of Emily…. Emily wishing u feel 100% better… take good care.

      • I am recovering a lot more slowly than I thought. No one knows where this bug came from. Maybe a neighbor who came by to pick up eggs from my dear happy chickens, who had been to the hospital.
        Tomorrow, if my voice is still impaired, I may just succumb to the prescription a client friend who is an M. D. phoned in.

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