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Guidance equates criminal income with cheating in love, an interesting parallel if ever there was one! The role of talk and communication with the persons in your deal … or in your romance … is our turf to explore today – both the kind of talk that clarifies and the kind of talk that sabotages. Our spread reminds me of an early Bob Dylan line “To live outside the law, you must be honest.”

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Eight of Wands
Three of Wands – Temperance – Seven of Swords



Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Intimate Relationship Pays Off (Three of Wands + Temperance)


Dare to discuss your future together with your intimate partner.

They both say the same things about their chances of a future.

Let’s have an intimate and daring ongoing conversation.

Will risk all for a closer relationship.

Will have the nerve to speak for both of us.

A close relationship that is in every way going to be an adventure.

All these intimacies are going to be a thrilling adventure.

Talking aabout the future to a person who is taking a chance on an intimate relationship.

Now that this guy will be your partner, life will be more adventurous.

Some things that are a result of being close pay off, some cost you.

Our close relationship often will be put to the test.

Goes out on a limb to keep up close friendships with everyone.

This close relationship has a future because of all the factors that are against it.

Taking a chance keeping up your part of the bargain every time.

Will be taking a chance with one of those intimate talks.

Communication keeps an intimate relationship going when it’s endangered.

All these good things are happening in your relationship with a bad boy.

Partners in many adventures, and we will always be.

Developing closeness in spite of all the factors against it.

The more crimes he does, the more intimate his relationship.

So many ways her relationship with a bad boy will pay off.

More and more, your intimate partner is bringing under-the-table money in.


Intimate Relationship Being Sabotaged (Temperance + Seven of Swords)


Closer and closer as more and more sabotage is afoot.

Dealing with an increasingly at-risk relationship as time goes by.

An intimate conversation will be risky.

Their relationship will be more and more risky.

Reciprocating quickly will be dangerous.

Dialog in a relationship will be where the thin ice is.

All my close friends are always up to something.

A close relationship will frequently have its hazards.

There will be an intimate conversation with a shady character.

Putting our intimate communication at risk.

You will be taking a chance even talking one-on-one.

A future together in spite of all the sabotage.

All kinds of people try to sabotage our long term reciprocal relationship.


Making Money Speculatively (Three of Wands + Seven of Swords)


Making money together in spite of some long shots.

Talk with someone you are close to about the risky ecomony.

Getting constant updates from my trading partner about high risks.

Income from talking to people who take chances on intimate relationships.

A steady income dealing frequently with this one adventuresome client.

Always in touch with one another about upcoming hijinks.

Your partner will be getting income from all these chances he is taking.

He makes money telling on his criminal associate.

Make more money if you have a partner in crime.

Income sharing increases the risk.

Arms dealers make more and more money.

The smugglers that deal with one close partner make a lot of money.

These partners in stolen property are making more and more money.

It will be risky to even talk about this deal.

Cheating you by sharing your income as it comes in.

Staying in contact about all the break-ins.

These criminal transactions bring in more money.

Telling the partners you deal with what the risks are pays off.

Dealing in illegal or stolen goods will be steady income.

The feedback we are getting is that this is risky.

Increasingly dangerous to continue the association.

These deals are risky but we make money together.

Will be able to deal with criminals as an equal partner.

All this income is coming in but you have a thieving partner.

He rips all of them off in their deals all the time.

The partner who ripped you off will have more and more deals going, now.

Deal with this criminal and keep passing the information about him on.

You can do verbal deals with criminals all the time.

You can make money with him on a lot of these speculative deals.

Get on intimate terms with shady operators; you make money from what they say.

Taking more chances makes these transactions more profitable.

He makes money doing a lot of hand-to-hand criminal transactions.


His Cheating Heart (Temperance + Seven of Swords)


We continue our relationship in spite of all the cheating.

The more he cheats, the closer his relationship with you is.

All that sneaking around means they are continually in close contact.

There will be news of a person who kills his/her intimate partner.

Mr. Sleazeball will have much to say to you.

Close friends are telling you (he) will double-cross you.

Several close friends are selling out.

Has so many intimate relationships and is always sneaking around.

That many intimate partners are going to put you at risk.

Having many relationships leads to promiscuity.

Tell my close companion he/she is putting our association at risk.

Says he is your intimate partner but will be cheating.

(He) says all the things a cheating partner says when you are alone together.

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Eight of Wands
Three of Wands – Temperance – Seven of Swords




Things were going splendidly until Seven of Swords entered the room. Everyone was having a lovely conversation about what they were going to be doing and in comes that thieving punk! In this particular spread, Seven of Swords equates criminal income with cheating in love, an interesting parallel if ever there was one. Seven of Swords is such a guy card, it seldom refers to a woman’s cheating: need some other cards to point it that way, and we don’t have them here.


Three of Wands is income, ships coming in and all that. Temperance is dealing with a (trusted) partner. Eight of Wands is communication, things happening frequently or sequentially. Seven of Swords swoops in to rip everyone off. Temperance + Eight of Wands is intimate talk.




Three of Wands is future-oriented. A merchant all dressed up stands on a high point looking at ships coming in, bringing his profit and new merchandise. Money or income is coming in. Cash flow. Good future, a good outlook. Something to look forward to. Continuing, ongoing. Waiting confidently. Reassurance that things are going to be all right.
Temperance A close relationship, dealing with one another for sometime, reciprocating. Intimacy. The angel has a healing symbol on his chest. ‘One hand washes the other’ or ‘hand-to-hand transaction. In theory, it refers to dilution and moderation; I don’t find that to be so.
Seven of Swords Pictured is a daring person stealing the enemy’s arms from its own camp, but he carries the swords by their blades. Stolen goods, thievery, sneaking, the criminal, arms smuggling and arms dealing, being a spy or black op. Risky hazardous missions. Double-crosses. This is cheating when it comes to love.
Eight of Wands Accretion: The boards fly through the air one on top of the other like lines of text (communication. repetition). Today it’s intimate conversation because of Temperance. ‘More and more.’ Quickly. One after another.



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  1. candy

    Hahaha good spread. Hit home for today and im just reading it now. he doesnt want to communicate or meet up says its too risky… for now.. I felt so bad cuz looks like he was about to have a nervous breakdown.. so its off… NEXT!!!

    • This is a frequent phase. When a dude first realizes HE is serious about a woman, so serious he may share his throne, he goes into the kind of panic a shoplifter feels when maybe that person behind me is a store-dick, and maybe I should report to the cash register … The cash register is ca-ca-commitment …

      • secret

        I’ve never experienced this phase. Every guy I have slept with, except one, was pretty much a stranger to me. All of these (there aren’t many) wanted commitment right away.

        The one guy I knew for years was the only wishy-washy one. The fact that we thought we knew who each other was got in the way.

        With the ones I barely knew, sex seemed like a mix of getting lost in music and comforting a hurt animal.

        I never slept with the guy who loved me best. He was married, much older, and one of my professors in school. When I was sad, he would give me poems and make up math problems. We would talk all night and most of the day for years, and he’d teach me how to think and deal with life. He made me much of who I am. I’m grateful.

        Maybe having someone really love you is protective. Maybe the other guys could sense, “Here is somebody who is loved.” and they acted accordingly.

  2. Sue

    Hi Everyone. Hope your days are going well. I’m not sure how this spread applies to my life today, but we’ll see what the world comes up with. Emily, rest up, and please get better soon.

    • Am working on it. Yes, today’s doesn’t apply as far as the main message goes, to the commenters here. Some of the sentences refer to what I call The Talk: that it’s risky today. Come to think of it, I should post that article called ‘The Tennessee Expert’ about The Talk.

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