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Thinking Out of the Box; The Box is Language

Part of language is categorizing and making distinctions. No way around that, that is what language is for: To express a specific and limited thought in the real physical world.


Comes the time we want to grow out of the box, there are no ‘Exit’ arrows painted on the floor. Consciousness is glued to the … uh, ‘conscious,’ physical mind; and the ‘out of the box’ area is everything else – the subconscious being that first step out.


Unhinging your thinking from the categorizations you began to collect when you were around two years old is a good exit tool: It is not theoretical or fuzzy, and is not attached to somebody else’s beliefs, philosophy or religion.


A way to do this as a physical exercise would be ideal, yes?


I found it. The tool is a set of illustrations that are attached to ideas which we can express in our known language, ideas that are also comfortable to our current mental software.


The subconscious experiences and thinks in pictures, you know. And it looks over the shoulder of the conscious operations all day being exposed to our language.


This is our first step out of the box. As you know, first grade leads to University eventually if you pay your dues.


You guessed it, didn’t you? That tool is Rider Waite Tarot.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Cave drawings came before language was written. We don’t know the full meanings of the paintings, either … never occurs to most people that they could be looking at instructions or prayers or art classes.


Your subject or your question is your direct connection to the tool: It makes you care, motivates you. Closely observing the scenes on the individual cards you have chosen, which tell a story to one extent or another, you compare them to the elements of the story in your question or subject. Three or four cards that you do this with, both individually and then as a group if you can, will give you ideas about your subject that are probably from a different perspective than you started with.


The thought associations you make while you are in the process of teasing information about your subject from the cards you chose, as you do this more and more, will build up until your thinking is less and less connected to the usual categories. That process s l o w l y gets you out of your world and into space. It stretches your mental muscles.


The process described here is what you do in the beginning, feeling your way. There can be more to it later.





Your mission is to read the separate lists, then as you read the third list (of the combined meanings), see which card supplied which part of that.

Sun shows a tyke (we presume a boy) naked on a pony who is giving him a wicked took. His hands are outstretched, a huge banner in one, he has a feather or something on his head, and it’s a sunny day. He is having a fun and reckless time, having got out of the house, breaking the rules, to pull off this caper.

Sun (from Sun + 4 pentacles in card file)







free of
a kid
be free of
spontaneous huggy ‘baby boy’ (type)
his own fun
fun for himself
delight, joy
let go
little-boy ___
be THAT free
free from inhibitions
liberating experience
losing his attachment to or grip on
charming funloving guy
go for it
pops up
childish behavior

is getting away from him
A man hugs his money to himself. He sits outside of town alone, ostracized, staring straight ahead. He is a miser and has some secrets he isn’t about to divulge. A funky headgear looks like a crown of gold. He is introverted, a lot going on inside of him. Hidden money.

4 pentacles (from card file Sun + 4of Pentacles)






inside himself
not acknowledge
conceal his
not __ yet
not __ anymore
will not be
loath to be
will keep __for his own
have __ for himself with (the money)

not expressing
won’t let go
doesn’t want to be
‘should not be heard’
not admit
no __
not enough __
not allowed to
do do without
out of greed
stifles behavior
inner self
his grip on __
clinging to
clings to what
not get enough
has a secret
secret __
contain (his)
feels so __
won’t let (him)self

insecure, inferior, defective or shy person

no more
stifle one’s
pops up and hugs
doesn’t have
hold onto
doesn’t have
deprived of
silence about
thing (he) holds onto

Now here are the meanings the above ones were separated out from, which are for Sun + Four of Pentacles.

Sun + Four of Pentacles from card file:

free of the __inside himself
remain a kid

be free of it and not acknowledge that

conceal his glee
is being a brat, is being inferior

not free yet

childhood secrets
repress spontaneity
a big spontaneous hug

not the kid anymore

inner child
will not be uninhibited
loath to be spontaneous
will keep the money for his own fun

will have fun for himself with the money

not expressing (his) delight
repressing joy or delight
won’t let go
little-boy sulk/sulking child

doesn’t want to be free

kid doesn’t want to be that free, that unrestricted

shy little guy/shy little kid

“children should not be heard”

quiet child
not admit (he) is having fun

no fun
not enough fun
stifles spontaneity

release from inhibitions

free from inhibitions

not allowed to see the baby

to do without (that) is a liberating experience

the kid, out of greed
infantile greed

(what) stifles his reckless free-spirited behavior

not letting his inner self out

repress spontaneity
repress spontaneous

losing his grip on home
leaving but clinging to
clings to what (he) is free of

children do/did not get enough attention

charming funloving guy has a secret

secret charm or charisma

clings to childhood

clings to bachelorhood

contain his happiness

feels so unrestricted

suppressing what he spontaneously would do

release the inhibition

won’t let himself “go for it”

won’t let himself be reckless

won’t let himself be cavalier

unleash reserve ___

the baby/child who is insecure, inferior, defective or shy

To either unleash or to repress/inhibit __

no more childish
stifle one’s uninhibited

cherish the freedom
secret child

baby hugs (you)
baby pops up and hugs (you)

the kid doesn’t have __
hold onto boyhood/childhood

cling to the child

clingy child

doesn’t have chilren/a son

deprived of his/her child/son

lacks a son

silence about (his) childish behavior

thing he holds onto is getting away from him

represses his irrepressible (joy)



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  1. win

    STRECH THE MIMD. Eassy girl, easss..yyy girl, my shrinking old mind will take, need to take, the time time, yes so slowly, to see and feel your richness of your Tarot Talks work. Smooth connections.. Thanks Emily, Keeping it REAL!

    • Thank you for the feedback. Do you like the mind-stretching format better than the sentence format? I think I will be doing both and watching what commenters say.

  2. Sue

    Okay. My punctuation and grammar are really bad there.

  3. Sue

    This is helpful for me. It reminds me of a bunch of a religious Jewish thing from the middle ages. You know how little kids like to say a = 1, b = 2, c = 3? One guy would take every word in the Torah and find it’s number by adding up the sum of the letters that way. He would associate all the words with the same sum as being related. They got really good at it, and started a movement of looking beyond the literal meaning of the text. He had followers too. They were good at adding.

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