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Guidance Skills and responsibility get you where you want to be, but along the way there is politics. Politics calls for strategy, a tool more associated with the unskilled and irresponsible. Our message today points out that a career … or a life … is facilitated by taking obstacles into account as part of the path.


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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!







Six of Swords – Two of Cups – Nine of Cups



Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Success Comes Your Way (Nine of Cups + Chariot)



Masterfully pull off pleasing them even as you leave them behind.


Oh how I want out of here – and an obligation makes that a responsibility!


Drive away in my dream car that I paid too much for.


Satisfied with my choice to let this love affair pass me by.


Success is having what you want but avoiding entanglements.


The ones who worked behind the scenes against your interest leave, so you get it done your way.


Having succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, I want to go on and not be attached to the demands of my project.


They do NOT have your interest at heart , but through them you are moving out and moving on to where you want to be.


A skilled man gets the job done to their satisfaction, and out the door goes the dead wood.



Putting Drains Behind (Six of Swords + Chariot)



Head away from other people’s agenda for you, and you automatically fuel your own choices.


I get where I want to be by leaving mooches behind.


Not under any influence anymore, my willpower is all mine.


I get away from a background that limits me because I get self-control that way.


I am where I want to be in life as part of getting over a handicap.


You will be so glad you decided to leave a bad scene you still have ties to.


When I managed to get away from using and being used by people, I got my life.


Recovering from a malignancy, you want to get things done.


I want to get in my car and leave these bloodsuckers.



Choices and Romance (Two of Cups + Chariot)



Got where I want to be in life, but my lover cheated and left me.



This is a guy ‘on the make’ when you want a responsible type.


Chooses to get on with the love affair that satisfies him.


You decide the last damn thing you want is to play this game.


Put my cheating ways behind, now that I got my choice, what I want.


Past love affairs got me to the point of deciding what I really want.




The Mooch Club (Two of Cups)


He gets ahead by getting other people to back him, and he leaves with their money.


Wants to leave responsibility behind and be a dependent under the influence.


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Six of Swords – Two of Cups – Nine of Cups




Nine of Cups is having what you want and Chariot is achieving success. They converge in this spread: ‘My choice’ and ‘what I want’ refer to the same thing.


The other pair of cards interlocks on getting out of a bad place, of evading being used. Six of Swords is leaving the bad place for a better future. Two of Cups I call ‘third party influence.’ It means to be influenced by or even controlled by anything you are not privy to, much as a mooch, an addiction, a handicap. It means having ties to anything or anyone that is deleterious to your welfare, so it includes energy vampires, overhead, debt schemes … nosy relatives, cults ….


Two of Cups and Chariot each involve strategy: Two of Cups is office politics (or actual politics) and Chariot is strategic thinking as in thinking ahead, planning more than one way to get the project in on time and under budget.


Six of Swords and Chariot are traveling, but Six of Swords is leaving and Chariot is arriving.


Our story is very positive: Getting ahead and having it all. It does not sound that positive because mention must be made of ‘the bad old days’ and the brakes you are disengaging before you drive where you are going.







Six of Swords Leaving, avoiding, evading, getting away from, putting it behind, escaping, distancing. Leaving a bad scene as recovering. Woman and child leave quietly, with nothing, in a rowboat. Difficulties fade away, the future looks better now that that is over.
Two of Cups Bloodsucker alert! Someone wants a piece of you. It could be just the taxman, overhead or obligations; but it could be busybody relatives, a mooch or a malignancy. It’s a situation where you are roped into playing their game, and feel tied to them or it. Guess why it also means malignancy? It’s a cheating lover or an embezzling bookkeeper or a prying agency. The lovers in the picture has a caduceus over the cups they are pledging their love with. That means invultuation [mooching (vampires), spirit interference] and indicates one or both of these folks being treacherous.
Nine of Cups ‘I got mine.’ Your dream comes true. You get your way and/or get whatever it is you want. Pleased and satisfied and safunsified. Being where you want to be and having the return bus-fare to get back. It is also pleasing another. The man with the empties on the shelf behind him, hands folded over his big belly. 18 beers will do that.
Chariot Project manager who gets the job done with the materials and labor available, using its obstacles to best advantage and getting cooperation from the most recalcitrant of sphinxes. He steers, leads, pulls it off. He decides and chooses. On time and under budget kind of responsible. He is success, you pay him. He is willpower and self-control. No excuses, no whining, no extensions. He runs that vehicle with his will, no reins. (Is he single?)






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Six of Swords

leave them behind
out of here
drive away
let __ pass me by
to go on and not be
moving on
out the door goes
head away from
leaving __ behind
not __ anymore
get away from
getting over
leave a bad scene
get away from
leave these __
got where
get on with
put my __ ways behind
got me to the point of
and he leaves
leave __ behind

Two of Cups

pull off
paid too much for
love affair
worked behind the scenes against your interest
attached to the demands of my project
not have your interest at heart
‘dead wood’
other people’s agenda for you
under influence
background that limits me
still have ties to
using and being used by people
lover cheated
‘on the make’
love affair
cheating ways
love affairs
other people to back him and he ___ their money
be a dependent

Nine of Cups

pleasing them
I want
having what you want
you get it (done) your way
beyond my wildest dreams, I want
where you want to be
to their satisfaction
fuel your own
get where I want to be
is all mine
I get
am where I want to be in life
you will be so glad
I got my life
want to get
got where I want to be
you want
satisfies him
what I want
what I really want
getting other people to … their money
want to


Masterfully pull off
drive away in my car
my choice
get it done
moving on to where you want to be
A skilled man
your own choices
get where I want to be
where I want to be
managed to
get things done
get in my car
got where I want to be in life
responsible type
chooses to
my choice
got me to the point
gets ahead


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  1. Sue

    Today has been a day centered around developing skills for me. I’ve been trying to sign up for some classes. Pretty excited about it.

  2. jules

    This one speaks to me… “satisfied with my choice to let this love affair pass
    me by”, (x2!).
    Enjoy this website very much! , thanks.

    • You’re welcome. Tell your friends.
      I am getting better at phrasing things while still keeping to the literal Tarot interpretation … tricks to that!

  3. Anna

    “when I managed to get away from using and being used by people, I got my life (back) ” is my sentence.

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