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Guidance Today we explore the stereotype of the woman who is young, sexy and good-looking (The Blonde), how her appearance predestines her because she will attract roues (I love that word!) and ‘men who worship the ground she walks on.’ Either way, her environment is more compelling than a female’s who is not so blessed. We also address how people come to a resourceful talented woman for help with their problems, and she changes things.



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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!






Devil – Empress – Wheel of Fortune




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Romance, A Sexy Woman (Devil + Empress)



The good life will happen for the good-looking woman because he is her benefactor and is devoted to her, but he isn’t a sexual man.


She is gorgeous, she is sexy, he becomes the dirty old man looking to get lucky.


He is old and sick or ill-tempered and she is young, good-looking and wealthy: It’s like destiny between beauty and the beast.


She is as sexy as she is gorgeous: He can see that, see what is happening here.


Just happens to discover what a resourceful culprit the cute gal is!


Just looking for an opportunity to be rude to the laid-back/easygoing gal.


With his weakness for blondes, she is his lucky find.


In spite of the worst he can do, it’s easy to see the lucky Girl is doing just fine.


A wonderful loving honest kind helpful man who also has a weakness for blondes looks out for her.


The Bad Guy’s girl friend is a lucky break in the investigation.


You can see the diva’s talent as a moneymaker, but she is a problem too.




Womanly Care and Patience (Empress + Hermit)



She is the best one, the one with the most ability to care for the very sick.


She is fortunate to have such womanly patience in her predicament.


She has the patience in a difficult situation to make the best of it with the resources she has.




Lucky to Have Help (Wheel of Fortune + Hermit)


Her old friend is lucky he has someone with her resources to come to with his problem.


The pregnant woman is lucky to have a doctor who does these difficult cases.


It’s wonderful that the easygoing lady has a friend who comes when she is in need.


Counselor understands how addiction happens to good-looking young women.


Luckily, the young woman came to you with her problem.


She is a very sick woman seeking help but she looks fine.


She is resourceful and comfortable in dangerous situations: She is his lucky find.


Fortunately, he has a chance to help the woman he is obligated to.



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Devil – Empress – Wheel of Fortune






Contrast is what we are about today. Note that all four cards are Major Arcanae: That is very unusual. Here a monk finds himself in the strange company of a sexy woman, the devil, and destiny!


Hermit is celibacy or monogamy; Devil is licentiousness or lust. Hermit is a healer; Devil is a serious illness (and Wheel of Fortune, apropos of that, is a miracle). Hermit is devoted and helpful; Devil is surly and rude. Devil is the bad guy; Hermit is the good guy. Devil is the crook and Hermit is the honest man.


Then also Devil is a big problem and Wheel of Fortune is a grand opportunity. Devil is a difficulty or even impossibility; Wheel of Fortune is a lucky break. Wheel of Fortune is a miracle; Devil is more like doom.


Empress is an attractive or sexy lady (a ‘blond’ isn’t just hair color in this respect!) and Devil is lust.


Empress is the ideal woman; Hermit is devotion.


There are unexplored phrases, and a plethora of meanings left out here – such as Hermit + Devil meaning ‘honest mistake’ and an ugly (Devil) woman made beautiful (Empress) miraculously (Wheel of Fortune) by the medical man (Hermit).





Devil Chained to an ugly monster with loose chains. Attachment is what most of its meanings have in common. This is one of the cards that made the deck halfway acceptable (not an immediate death penalty from the Church) in the Middle Ages in Europe. Other decks have a different concept: The Marseilles’ devil is more like the mischievous Norse god Loki.


In real life in readings Devil means problem/bad situation/stuck, sex/sexual/perversion, ugly, dirty and/or in disrepair (a wreck), sickness, deranged (mentally ill), bad guy, worst, addiction, nasty/nasty or rude person, attachment, obligated, forced to, criminal, rage, hate or spite (or sometimes ‘in spite of’), being in need, and lacking any kind of freedom. Once in a while it appears to mean a literal attachment, as with a paper clip or an attachment to an exhibit it court.Empress Think all the myths of all the fertility goddesses. She is the diva, both the slut and the ideal woman depending on context – a female trait sometimes? She can be pregnant; she can be wealthy and/or associated with resources/resourceful; she is mostly good-looking. Personality is comfortable, spoiled, laid-back or easygoing. She is pictured laid back on cushions, elaborately gowned, with the female symbol on the valentine (a sex symbol), and verdant growth in spring all around her. She is blonde of course. This isn’t 9 to 5.Hermit is celibacy or monogamy; Devil is licentiousness or lust. Hermit is a healer; Devil is a serious illness (and Wheel of Fortune, apropos of that, is a miracle). Hermit is devoted and helpful; Devil is surly and rude. Devil is the bad guy; Hermit is the good guy. Devil is the crook and Hermit is the honest man.Wheel of Fortune happens, it changes things. About coincidence which is destiny which is karma which is luck (both kinds). ‘It just happens.’ Luck as in lucky break, striking it rich, a chance or grand opportunity, winning at gambling, a moneymaker. Emphasis is on an event, a happening and not so much on a trait (as in a lucky person or item). (The ‘ability to make it happen’ requires another card.)


Its illustration is what looks like a roulette wheel with ALL kinds of occult and mythic symbols all over the place, all of which point to the effect ‘out there’ has on ‘below.’


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dirty old

sick or ill tempered beast




weakness for


Bad Guy


very sick

predicament/bad situation

difficult situation

in need


dangerous situations



in spite of/spite



the good life


young, good-looking and wealthy beauty

sexy, gorgeous

cute gal

laid-back gal


the Girl is doing just fine


girl friend


the one with the most ability


with the resources she has

her resources

pregnant woman

easygoing lady

good-looking young women

young woman

she looks fine

she is resourceful and comfortable




her benefactor, devoted to her, and not a sexual man

old man

He is old

see that, see what

to discover

looking for


easy to see

loving honest kind helpful man


You can see

care for the sick


old friend


a friend

counselor understands

came to you

seeking help



comes to




















































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  1. win

    Wow, spread outlined my day in hindsight “20 – 20”. The Devil’s appearance scares us, all, but how can we not experiance the being of negitivity to premote, willfully and hopefully, the positively ascending consciousness, world round and round,,,2012 where is our galatic position in the great universal flux, and how shall we face it as we breath… oh the heart and spirit “play”. Thanks Emily for the good word!

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