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Guidance This is a simple reminder that when we have not done something satisfactorily or right to suit someone or another, and there’s a protest or complaint, it’s a crisis for us. We are on alert to make it right. Court proceedings often involve unreasonable people, and unreasonable people find other ways to annoy us too. This advice even has a few remarks about sex.


Is this the first time you come here?   Well … what to do:

*Go to Guidance (above ) which is a summary of the Messages. (Guidance is everyone’s favorite part.)

*Go to Group Analytical Tarot Cards Reading below.  One or more of those sentences has something to say to you.  Intuitively pick those out and decide whether to encourage or suppress them.  They are about you and the people around you.  They are about today and the days around it.  (It is a group message like a horoscope,  except Tarot isn’t based on someone else’s birth data,  so it can be specific,  accurate,  detailed and direct.  Our experiment here is  “How much more accurate is it?”)

Did you come here for your predictions? –  You are done now –  See you tomorrow.

Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!






Ace of Wands
Six of Pentacles – Judgment – Page of Swords


Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.





‘Honked off.’ Got to be right.


Excited again about getting this one thing.


Scary alarming news about brutal treatment.


Makes us pay attention by being loud and annoying.


Has to call and is nervous about paying all this attention.


Gets mad when told to treat (them/you, etc.) with respect.


Motivated to make things the way they should be again.


Give attention first to the loudest complaints.


Get mad and tell them they are getting the punishment they deserve.


Get nervous enough and you change to doing it right.


Gets on a ‘high horse’ and has to be reminded how well (he) was treated.


Get exciting news that you won.


Exciting to be Number One again, and you deserve it.


Deserved to be hit back for being threatening.


Must start over if you are motivated to do it right.




Anxious about Money (Six of Pentacles + Page of Swords)



Anxious to get back; a paycheck is all that matters.


Afraid to speak up to make (them) pay you.


Anxious again about paying the big bill.


Make (them) give you your money back, threaten them.


What excites me the most is a new level of income.


Mad when told they must pay their own bills.


He is afraid that one transaction will be publicized.


We have to give the money back when they get mad.


Big excitement at the unexpected payoff.


A new way to make big money is exciting.


Biggest fear is publicity about the financial deals.


Afraid of having to repay.


Credit report is very alarming.




Litigation (Six of Pentacles)


There is one main defense you assert in the legal proceeding.


Nervous about another major lawsuit.


Afraid I will have to go back to court.


Another legal challenge to his power.


Tell them bluntly; threaten to sue.


Announce an exciting legal victory.


Defendant won again in court.




Sexual Attention (Six of Pentacles + Ace of Wands)



In season again, attention from males.


Anxiously awaiting your attention to have sex again.


Get exciting sexual attention again.


He gets worked up again and pays for sex.


Now,  Part Two,

Do you want to know a little, or a lot, about how this Tarot Verbatim ™ thing works? If so,

*Go to Learn Tarot by Observing section below. This tells about the combined four pictures in the Daily Spread –  the pictures above here.  It explains how these four cards get together in your mind to make the message.

*Go to Learn Tarot by the Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards,  by itself,  has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in this Spread.

You can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim ™ works.

Say hello back!  Comment!  Remember to share your experience about our experiment here if you have words for it.  Read others’ comments.

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Ace of Wands
Six of Pentacles – Judgment – Page of Swords




Oh, great. We have two justice cards and two cards that mean ‘threat.’ Not much scope here!


Six of Pentacles is legal proceedings, doing right by people (particularly employees), paying proper attention, giving a person his due. (It is also a commercial transaction, delivery, giving and/or receiving (money or attention, usually).


Judgment is literally a verdict or order or decree. It also means a renewal or recovery, an a repeat, or going back to a former (whatever).  It’s a new life, too, come to think of it … not today, though.


Page of Swords feels threatened – that ‘something’s out there’ sensation we all get. He is all worked up, fearful. He also means to be thrilled, motivated, turned on, excited, etc.


Ace of Wands is to use force, to be a threat or be threatened, to hit, to assert, and to be male. (It looks like a penis.) Oh yeah, it means sex too.





Six of Pentacles An employer weighs the money he pays his workers. He is being fair. He is treating them right, giving them their due respect (yeah, never mind that they are on their knees to get their money). The scales of justice in his hand put this Rider Waite Tarot card in the legal category, so it means legal proceedings and, to a lesser extent, prosecution and police subjects.
Judgment Rider Waite retains the Middle Ages cards that were added to defend Tarot against witchcraft charges. This is one of them, Judgment Day. To have a new life, to return to the former state, to revive or recover, a big announcement. It also means legal decisions: verdicts, rulings, decrees, orders, etc. To go back, and to have a new life. Those are not contradictory when you take the illustration into account.
Page of Swords Something’s out there that is a threat, an unseen something. He whirls around, weapon drawn and brandished, standing on a knoll in full view of a flat panorama of … vacancy. This Rider Waite Tarot card often refers to threats but also picks up the body state and means motivated, excited, thrilled, and so on.
Ace of Wands A hand with a club in it. The club is sprouting life. This card stands for the male gender, penis, assertion or aggression, threat, primary or primacy or Number One. The most important. A win or victory.





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  1. jules

    Interesting read.
    I woke up thinking about the one person “in this whole town” who is giving me a hard time about breaking up with his friend. My knee jerk reaction is to
    try to make it all right…with everyone…everywhere! I think I’ll evolve out of that reaction today.

    Also, the third grouping. Been getting hit on constantly. Just figured it’s Spring,(because I’m no Spring chicken):)

    • The dude giving you a hard time is deputized by the friend-fellow you broke up with. I would be so tempted to say something awful (I was famous for that. You almost never get the chance to, once you have done it a few times …. It’s like they tell each other. Like the time I told a fellow ‘but girls your age aren’t born yet.’)

      Yeah, you will grow out of all that niceness eventually. Those genes are very expressive in everyone.

      Spring, yes.

  2. Sue

    Agh. Today sounds like it’s going to be dramatic. The last few days have been filled with strange guy situations. There was this guy. Conversation was normal, but the body language was not. I kept putting my bag between us because he was getting too touchy, and it felt gross. He’d change the venue to reset the situation, and I’d find another way to block. I’d wait for him to sit down so I could pick a place farther away. It was sort of like a chess game, or predator and prey. I set my phone alarm to ring and said I had to go. Ick.

    Contrast that with guy number 2. He was straightforward and honest about his intentions, just not my cup of tea. We bumped into him, and he wouldn’t look at me. He stared at his feet and hid behind his horse. I felt bad for him, cause as a person he seemed good, just not my cup of tea – so I went up and said hi. He was nice as a person, but guy number 1 just seems gross.

    My daughter’s father is acting up again too. Yikes. It must be the full moon or something – but creepy guys are creeping out of the woodwork over here. There must be a message, what on earth is the world trying to tell me? And today is going to be crazy too? Oh no.

    • This too will pass. It’s spring and the male mammals are looking to hook up. And you are so nice the ones who expect rejection feel emboldened to test you out.

      • Sue

        No wonder. You guys are right. It’s spring. None of my friends have ever heard something like “My horse and I would like to invite you and your daughter to a picnic…”

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