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Two of Pentacles + Queen of Cups:

a fickle lady
changes her mind every few minutes

she thinks he may
maybe she thinks
maybe she is figuring out
making up her mind whether or not to _

man she sometimes thinks of
sometimes she thinks of him
she thinks often of
keeps thinking of him
changes her mind about (him)
keeps changing her mind about

she continues to think
she knows (he) continues
she sees an ongoing __

she thinks of him as the guy who

she knows he is unstable
she knows how fickle (he) is
/how goofy he is
sees him as a back&forth guy
she is wise to his cycles
somehow she knows

she figures out he is on his way back

she knows what __is/are ‘up to’

she knows how silly this is

She figures things out as she naively goes along

she pretty much knows
sometimes she knows
she thinks of any possible
maybe she is thinking about _

know how it goes
knows what’s going on
knows what’s happening
knows it’s ___ again
knows as it is going on (real time
she knows the timing

she understands it isn’t really
now that she knows, maybe

she knows it’s a regular occurrence
knows it’s routine/always happening/ the same old thing

sweet/naive lady may know/think

she knows his ways but sometimes thinks well of him anyway

she thinks both ways, off & on
she thinks in circles

she has faith in (him)

she sees it as some game/
the usual routine

she knows he’s coming around
she knows he comes and goes

she comes around
she comes back/returns


hER AS THE go-to person, run ideas by her

she knows whether or not (he _)

she has cycles

on-again off-again, she loves __

surely she understands?

her runaway thoughts

she’s got rhythm

she figures out (his) antics

her mind wanders

keeps thinking lovingly of __
keeps doing what would make her think well of him

her ideas about the process

she is back to thinking
she knows the routine


She knows that’s the way it goes

she know how to keep him coming back
She knows how to keep __ going

he is shaking __ that she is ‘on to’ him/feels queasy that she is figuring him out

return to the woman who understands

wife returns
wife is unstable
***mentally unstable
she thinks it’s FUNNY

views this as yet another

queasy when she figures out

she knows every twist and turn

she comes around to believing

knows he ‘goes around in circles’



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  1. Jaclyn

    My Birthday . . .had my recurring dream about walking on air . . . More like bouncing on air because I can’t make my way down to earth. Been Snowboarding in the skies like that silver superhero. Been told it had to do with having power but not being able to decide what to do with it . Lots of opportunities but not able to settle on anything . . .what do you think?

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