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Guidance Trust issues float to the surface when we are in love. We dread being in love because of a past divorce. The warm-fuzzies give us the willies because love hurts. Then there’s children: anxiety about being separated from them, hostile children, staying together for the children, injured children. All in all, this day’s message is about the mine field love is.


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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!







Three of Swords – Nine of Wands – Six of Cups



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Warm Romance with a Side of Anxiety (Nine of Wands + Six of Cups)



An edgy hostile dude is having this warm and fuzzy puppy-love with this partner.


Afraid sentimental love will break my heart.


Live-in lover is hostile and touchy.


Trust issues with my ex make me dread being in love.


Connecting up with the girl he is so fond of, and she is hostile and defensive.


Hurts to be apart so he is connecting up with the girl he is so fond of


Very young lovers are in constant pain.


Gives her flowers and is her love partner because of the the constant unremitting stress that another heart attack could come at any time.


Separation anxiety is constant pain.


Afraid to be against/to oppose the ‘picket fence’ scene with lover.


A long-ago lover feels others are against (him) and is ‘uncomfortable in his own skin.’


It hurts to be apart; I love you and our home.


Against all this warm fuzzy stuff; being a lover gives me the willies.


High anxiety about loved one’s traumatized childhood.



Ashamed of romantically connecting up with an ex.




Afraid of Splitting Up (Three of Swords + Nine of Wands)



With this lover, am afraid kids would split us up.


Under pressure to divorce but we are together for the children.


Love the baby; am anxious about a divorce.


Anxious about a divorce, about being in contact with the child.


Afraid the cute young thing he connects so well with will dump (him).


Breaking up with (you) because I am ashamed of being with you when you show affection to an old flame.



Nervous about any contact with a person you are divorced from a long time ago.







Connect with an old friend in a sentimental manner and have an uneasy feeling I am disliked.


The constant unremitting stress that another heart attack could come at any time there in the home with the children (he) loves.


Fears God’s wrath, is being so good.


Fearful about contact regarding an injured child.


Uneasy about contact with a nasty-nice person.


Youngster is wounded, we are under siege.


Anxious about contacting a friend who betrays.



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Three of Swords – Nine of Wands – Six of Cups






Two of our Rider Waite Tarot cards are about being in love in a romantic way. Six of Cups is a sweet warm-fuzzy old-fashioned romance (as well as children, trust, and home). Lovers is about being partners in love (as well as connection, contact, and angel).


The other two of our Rider Waite Tarot cards are about high anxiety and a hostile situation. Three of Swords is hostility and divorce or splitting up, as well as a hostile atmosphere. Nine of Wands is about apprehension, about being on guard against another onslaught of hostility when you are already injured by the previous one.


So we are in a dramatic saga about our love lives despite having two of the sweetest love cards in the deck as half our spread. Love is like that.







Three of Swords is heartache, splitting up, damage, betrayal, hostility … nothing good. What do you expect from a picture of a heart with knives through it, storm clouds behind?





Nine of Wands hunkers down and looks over his shoulder for the next damned thing … already injured from the first. He is the border guard in the illustration, the wounded soldier.




Six of Cups Little boy gives little girl flowers in front of a quaint dwelling. Children, sweet love, home sweet home, the past, trust, nostalgic memories … and past love(s).




Lovers Love partners, the love bond, connection of any kind, contact of any kind. It shows an angel in guardian angel stance, so protection is one of its meanings. We are not using its ancillary meanings today.








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  1. jaclyn

    Wow Emily . . . been corresponding with my high-school sweet-heart. Both of us divorced, both burned, both would like to find someone. Expressing warmth & affection. Being careful, afraid of rejection, or being dumped. How to trust. But without risk . . . no chance at love . . . thanks so much.

  2. spring

    Agh, love. If my daughter’s father finds out about another guy, it might be war… Mr. Sweet but Boring and his calm businesslike letters could handle him wonderfully. I have no idea how Mr. Intense would handle it.

    • Well, if daughter provides you a ringside seat, Spring, you can reward her in a parallel way if you are so inclined.

      I adhered to a formula when nagged or accused that was very uncompromising and fun (for me anyway) to do: (1) plead guilty, no matter what it is. (2) not only that but I (exaggerate the guilty behavior. (3) And today I am more of a (fill in the blank, the accusation) than I was yesterday, but less than I will be tomorrow. So ENJOY TODAY, THE GOOD OLD DAYS, BECAUSE IT’S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE.”
      See, the purpose of accusing and nagging is to control you by being the one to set the rules and enforce them: They are the cop, you are the perp.

      You rob them of that ‘enforcer satisfaction’ when you cheerfully say you are shameless in this regard. This rejoinder, this method, ends the nagging and accusing BECAUSE IT’S NO MORE FUN FOR THEM.

      • spring

        I wish I could, but in custody matters, staying calm and businesslike no matter what he does is the best bet. Her father would accuse away, and Mr. Calm would laugh and gleefully write super polite letters like “Your concern is noted; rest assured X’s attire complies with the school’s dress code.” He loved semicolons.

        Mr. Intense is a very honest, quiet, hot headed, sincere, kind person who lives by his principles. He has a lot to lose if his temper goes off. Keeping my distance, but this one has my heart. If we’re meant to be together, the world will arrange it. I don’t want to bring him in my mess.

  3. Very much would like to know: WHEN YOU CLICK on or TYPE in ‘TarotVerbatim.com,’ do you get to this page, the business end of what you are looking for; or do you find yourself on the G-d page you have to select this page from? That page deflects 100% of new viewers away. I beat up Donna until she put this page first. And now the new CyberSavior has done it again, at least on my computer. So, PLEASE tell me what comes up for you.


    • As if to prove my point, I returned and THERE WERE NO COMMENTS! until I went back to the accursed ‘home page,’ and chose ‘comments.’ It is a wonder anybody finds a way to comment. Off with their heads!

      • Sue

        Typing tarotverbatim.com gets me a list a daily spreads. There’s a link the header of each spread that goes to the comment section.

        • jaclyn

          Googled Emily’s insight, from that site found tarotverbatim. Since then just type tarotverbatim . . . which brings me to the home page.

  4. Candy

    Hits home.. and I know this but I cant help feeling sad. Accurate spread Emily. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Girl. Remember always that feelings arise from body chemistry. Body chemistry reflects sleep, diet, temperature, scenery of the situation, and how much coffee and liquor you had in the past few hours. Feelings are not just about what you are feeling about!

      • Candy

        Do not fear not sad as in depression sad… … sucks to know the way he views me..To me he will always be my bff…More like missing him blues…..

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