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Guidance  Humans are herd mammals, you know. Family relationships trump everything to most of us, so much so that ‘loners’ is a derogatory term, and people who mind their own business quietly are suspect unless they can claim to be saints to redeem the quirk. Everybody’s gotta have somebody or they’re nobody. If you ask a person his life story, you are told their social history; achievements are secondary. This is considered normal, which of course makes it normal. Today’s messages are about those scenarios.


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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!



Nine of Cups

Empress – Ten of Pentacles – Knight of Wands




Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.



I Already Have What I Want (Nine of Cups)



I want to run away and pursue my dream.


You’re on your way, Girl, to getting the life you want, but what a lot of trouble the trip has been!


Other people are a problem to her but she enjoys her life as a pursuit of pleasure.


I already have what I want: to avoid entanglements with people and be in comfortable circumstances.


Get involved in politics, and you have all the money and women you want.


What he really wants is a dysfunctional quarrelsome home life where he rushes home to please the diva.




Pursue the Satisfaction (Knight of Wands + Nine of Cups)



She is the resource of the family; he is well on his way to giving her what would keep her happy.


A good looking girl from another culture is his wish come true.


She is doing well, is at ease regarding any problems around her, as

he is putting forth the energy to make her fondest wish come true.


Pursue the satisfaction of being comfortable as a family member.


There’s the joy of pursuing a trophy woman to get far away from his trashy family background.


Getting herself out of a spiteful family culture is all she ever wanted, and she’s sitting pretty now.


His dream woman materializes when he gets himself away from the crazy relatives.


Taking the woman who is perfect for him out of a bad home life and spoiling her so he will be what the goddess wants.


He is going over there to that wrong side of town because his dream girl is there.


In a relationship complicated by relatives, the easygoing gal is getting what she most wants: moving out of state.




Want to Get Out of Here (Knight of Wands + Nine of Cups)



The bunch of them brings trouble into her satisfying life and she wants them to be gone.


Coworkers make your life miserable: Your wish is granted about escaping them.


She is in a bad crowd and wants out.


I want to get past all this trouble and have an easy comfortable life.


She profits from fleeing a sick relationship.


He wants to leave the pregnant girl friend so he makes trouble.


He is in trouble with his family for wanting to leave his pregnant girl friend.


He is leaving the princess and her relatives to enjoy life.




Trouble with People (Ten of Pentacles)



He is in such a hurry to please his goddess that it’s a troubled relationship.


May all the trouble I wish on that hussy and those people hurry up and get there.


I am satisfied with myself and comfortable in my life since getting as far away as I can as fast as I can from being THAT type, from being one of THOSE people.


Other people are a problem to her but she enjoys her life as a pursuit of pleasure.


Goes home because she wants to be a resource to the family during their bad times.


He really is motivated to make trouble for people who are easygoing … makes him feel so good.


Has problems since he left her but is as prosperous as she wants to be.


As neurotic as her family is, and as well as she is doing now, she still wants to go back there.


Gets past the trouble with all of them over the woman he really wants.


Wealth seekers can get themselves involved with unsavory people and glamorous floozies.


Young fella with too much energy wants to stir up trouble by getting her pregnant.



Now, Part Two,

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Nine of Cups

Empress – Ten of Pentacles – Knight of Wands






First thing I see is a pregnant lady (Empress), trouble in the family (Ten of Pentacles) and a guy wanting to (Nine of Cups) get out of there (Knight of Wands).


The story today is about how relatives and relationships determine so much in people’s lives. Getting into and out of family looms so large in life that it can easily overcome what an individual wants out of life. So much so that sometimes all we want is to get the hell out of there, and other times all we want is to get the hell into there.


Empress is a wide spectrum card along the lines of the woman who is desired, who is attractive, who is easygoing or who is ‘easy.’ She also refers to being comfortable, and once in a while to being a resource. As the fertility goddess (Empress is based on those.) pregnancy may be involved.


You can see how these other three Rider Waite Tarot Cards revolve around Empress: Ten of Pentacles is family troubles, relationship troubles, problems with people. Knight of Wands is pursuing or fleeing. Nine of Cups is wanting something or having what you want.








Empress The dame, the female, the babe, the ideal woman, the easygoing laid-back gal, the resource, the demanding diva, the easy woman or hussy … Empress is everything womanhood. She is the fertility goddesses, which of course associates her with pregnancy. The shield with the ancient symbol for sex (now cleaned up as a valentine) has the symbol for female on it. ‘Nuf said?



Ten of Pentacles The family, the organization, politics, power people and ghetto people (They really are the same, you know.), people who are trouble and/or who make trouble … the whole tribe in all its pieces. Infighting, backbiting, issues and parties and schisms. Pictured is a family quarrel.




Knight of Wands What else would ‘follow’ a sexy woman and a family scene but a dude who pursues? Here he is, running after and running away as that gender is wont to do.



Nine of Cups The cup is full … all of them. ‘Your wish is granted’ is what this Tarot card means in any deck that isn’t offbeat. The chubby fella who ate and drank it all says it all.








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  1. Jaclyn

    So she’s going to leave him to move back with her family in NY . . . she’s tired of the rich crowd here. He’s ok with coming to the wrong side of town, embracing a new culture. My dreams come true . . . I LOVE it . . .

    • I wondered what that ‘wrong side of town’ thing was all about. Tarot, and this process of using the encyclopedia notes to access it, is intriguing. More people deserve to experience this material. I am asking visitors to tell others.

      It’s not just Tarot and information about your life, but the explanations of life processes here are the things one picks up with living that make for maturity. This material ‘grows you up.’ Saves life time.

  2. Lori

    You’re on your way, Girl, to getting the life you want, but what a lot of trouble the trip has been!

    Thats my story of late…

    • As I typed that sentence, I felt a huge ‘Ping.’ And it resonates with you and others.

  3. Jules

    Much that I can relate to in the first two groupings. I do feel that things are in motion for me, and have to do with all the relationship work I’ve done. There is a wonderful guy from out of town… wow.

    I have been called, and have called myself, a loner. Easier to find my strength that way, and true to my original nature. Have been trying to balance that trait.

    Thanks Emily, enjoy your day!

    • Sue

      I am a loner too. Happiest alone or with animals. I love my family, but people can be kind of like static. They cloud my brain and drain my energy. Need space to recharge.

      • Static is a good word for it. I analyze relationships for a living, and what sticky wickets they are.

    • You’re welcome. A good weekend to you. New guy in spring is a good thing.

      As to the groupings: I try to not only arrange the headings in the order of their usefulness and interest to visitors, but also to do that to the individual sentences (to a lesser extent).

      When we get a cyber worker … this latest Indian flamed out at the very beginning. He killed this page coming up first. Now the home page (which I detest) does, which will prevent many first-time visitors from ever proceeding to this page. Anyway, when I get a cyber worker, there will be five or so sentences, then you click on ‘more’ to have more appear. That will make it easier to scroll on a mobile, and will also present a more impressive page to look at. The instructions (indented now) will be closed until you open them too.

      Wouldn’t that be wonderful? This guy was going to do that.

  4. win

    Many times I’ve said ” How do you do it? Emily.” I infact, say this every time in reading, then ‘pondering, and working,’ your gifted wordings. Sometimes a picture colors the day lightly, and other images shoot to the heart of the matter. Today I can see alittle of each card manifest it openning. Lets all open to present, as I say what I need to hear most. Thank you Emily as Always.

    • win

      I’ve time today. Reading the ” Guidance” a few times, see how well it sinks in. It’s so bright out. Watch out, May 20th, solar eclipse, ring of fire shown on western coast sky, maybe, perhaps a awaken may spark us all!

      • The readings are both deeper and more comprehensive since I started accessing the twelve years of notes on cards’ meanings for each day’s spread here. Am streamlining the process so it doesn’t take all day.
        All of you are invited to call for a reading. You are all the time, of course, but right now I am way behind in hay money, which means life to the elk and other animals.

        Newsletter soon.

  5. Aquillah

    ‘You’re on your way, Girl, to getting the life you want, but what a lot of trouble the trip has been!’ Excellent–I’m moving, literally and figuratively, to a better place and this really sums it up cuz I’m a mom and a babe. : P

    • Congratulations. Movin’ on up is a good space to be in. Sending you lots of prosperity of all kinds.

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