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Guidance In networking, we should include a bad boy or two that we know, because they do favors other types of people don’t do – and because sometimes divine help comes in the form of one bad guy dealing with another, in real life. (The rabbits cheer when the wolf eats the coyote.) In the same vein, the woman with the moxie to tame a bad boy has herself a superior lover, usually long term.


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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!


 Knight of Cups

Wheel of Fortune – Five of Swords – Lovers





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Love Relationship Happens (Wheel of Fortune + Lovers)



Bad boy is being so mellow in a wonderful love rsh.


Gentleman thug is a wonderful lover.


A chance to be in a love relationship makes him a tame sweet boy.


An opportunity for love with a punk who is being a gentleman.


Partner is lucky to be able to take advantage of your good nature.


Lucky to have this partner helping you in your battle.


Destiny together when you befriend the guy with a chip on his shoulder.


Uses their friendship to make a ‘one in a million’ love relationship.


Your chance at love is with the pushy bastard’s goodnatured buddy.


A chance to whip this with the help

of the one you love.


The best lover (you) can ever have is a bad boy you tame.


The insecure guy with a mean streak who loves (you) helps to make a miracle happen.


You have a chance to have a boyfriend; a bad boy loves you.


Being in love gets the best of him and he considers himself lucky to be your boyfriend.




Contacts and Connections Make Things Happen (Wheel of Fortune + Lovers)


Made EXACTLY the right connection; it’s an offer he can’t refuse.


A chance to connect up with a tough guy as a friend.


You asked God for a miracle, and Al Capone volunteers to do you a favor.


Contact a bastard who comes across as a polite nice guy to make the best outcome.


Our aggressive mooch connects up with a fellow who bullies his friends: We luck out!


A chance connection (a lucky connection) helps her with the abusers.


Knowing (you) pays off when your friend is being taken advantage of.


Is it miraculous divine protection? – the bully is being polite.


Miracle through an angel: (you) politely coerce the problem child.


Connect with divine help to make events happen.


Lucky to have a friend who can confront the guy who ripped (us) off.


Friends who could help – they happen to be associated with wise guys.



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 Knight of Cups

Wheel of Fortune – Five of Swords – Lovers




Lovers ties up with Knight of Cups at our Tarot Conference Table here. Lovers obviously means a love relationship, and Knight of Cups is the boyfriend, the good man who makes the first move.


Lovers is a contact, a connection, partnering and protecting, as well as angelic and divine protection. The disparate meanings arise from, of course, the illustration. And Knight of Cups is friend and befriending, a friendly offer, help or helper, the one who initiates the connection Lovers speaks of. So that is you initiating the help of God and angels.


Lovers and Knight of Cups is a powerful connection; it makes wonderful things and/or miracles happen (Wheel of Fortune).


Five of Swords informs us what this help and protection is for. Five of Swords is the fellow (or the people) with the Chainey smirk, the snide ‘Gotcha’ guy: the abuser, the thug, the bankster, the mooch (especially aggressive mooches), the con artist, the ‘friend’ who takes advantage or steals or uses the connection with you to hurt someone else. But sometimes the thug is doing a favor for a friend, which is of course a miracle in itself.


Our spread shows, in the center, being victimized by a cruel person, Five of Swords. Surrounding it are: A miracle (Wheel of Fortune); Lovers, a connection to a powerful person or force; and help volunteered (Knight of Cups). That is our story.








Wheel of Fortune Coincidence operates karma, fate, destiny, luck, miracles and happenings of all sorts. It’s God’s trigger finger on coincidence that makes Him almighty, you know. That is why the Hebrew letters that spell the Name of God that no mere human is allowed to say appear in the center of the wheel on the illustration.




Five of Swords is the ‘What’s in it for Me?’ side of us. It’s a big slice of our personality pie, bigger than we admit to ourselves. (Marketeers know all about this; it’s our motivation handle for them to use.) That side of ourselves holds us back from within as much or more than all the pirates we know hold us back from without. Five of Swords is the person who’s God’s privileged kid and expects you to thank him for eating your lunch.



Lovers depicts an angel standing by overlooking humans represented by Adam and Eve, with the respective trees associated with them nearby, and a belching volcano between them. It is about a connection or connecting (including to God); it is about protection from higher-ups. It is of course about love relationships of all kinds.



Knight of Cups is the peacemaker, is the good guy, the person who initiates friendship and helps his fellow man. He is the warm-puppy lover women have radar for, and tend to see where he is not. He does you a favor. He is the flexible party who enables negotiations.





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  1. Sue

    I don’t think I know anybody “bad”. My daughter’s father is the closest – but he seems more insane than bad to me.

    • It’s a fine line sometimes.

      And it depends upon definition. You are so forgiving a person would have his work cut out for him to deserve the ‘bad’ appellation.

  2. Candy

    hmmmm…makes me wonder about a certain bad boy… But he hasnt called back. Maybe Im wrong and he is not into me. Good spread Emily.

    • Thank you. I think you are in a well-deserved rest period before another candidate comes who will be an improvement upon the past one(s).

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