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Guidance Rivalries and animosities among humans, both individually and in groups, are the norm. We are about the people who divide and the people who heal the divide today. We are not presenting the simplistic ‘Love your enemy’ and ‘Be kind and helpful to everyone’ and ‘Family blood is thicker than water’ whatever that means. We are looking deeper into the motives of the black sheep, the rebels against other members’ peace and well-being.



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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!



Ten of Pentacles

Three of Swords – Four of Wands – Hermit




Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them. Pronouns are very flexible today.



Trouble in the Family (10 of Pentacles = 3 of Swords + 4 of Wands)


Being patient as both my marriage and my relations with relatives are in the war zone.


There’s two opposed branches of this family: the bunch that helps and cares, and the bunch that is nothing but trouble.


Family hates him. Counselor sees he has been their problem.


He leaves when the situation gets so complicated he is about to marry unless he breaks up.


The traumatic family background made him a patient man who has a good marriage.


He looks at it this way: how much trouble a family feud can cause him.


Home life is so dysfunctional, he/she is celibate or a loner who has split with the family.


Get yourself out of a bad situation regarding the family trauma.


I observe this is a bad scene and split from the family or the neighborhood/state/country, etc.


Investigating a couple because of a traumatic injury in the family.


A quiet monk-like existence at home, purposely rejecting discord.


You see how hostile your spouse is to your family.


Take a cold hard look at the fact he is the enemy of the family; he is the one who is trouble and is in trouble.


The counselor sees he has a grudge against the family so he is their problem.


It’s apparent there is a split – two sides in the family.


Make peace with the family bad guys for the sake of all.


He hates and makes trouble for whoever in the family is his caregiver.


The black sheep of the family rebels against members who help.


Unstable members are rejected by their family for good reason.


A good man from a bad family splits with them to marry well.



Divorce of a Marriage (Three of Swords + Four of Wands)


A divorced person looks for a solid marriage because of the dysfunctional one he/she suffered.


A marriage counselor sees them as so dysfunctional they should divorce.


Here comes the divorced spouse to make trouble.


As a religious person, a divorce in this marriage is big trouble.


Amicable divorce for the sake of having an intact family in spite of itself.



People-to-People Enmity (Three of Swords)


My journey is out of the neighborhood of antagonistic people who ain’t neva gonna get along to the place likeminded people do get together.


You can see the self-interested squabbles that divide all of us.


Objectively see the animosity this bunch of quarrelsome people stirs up among their associates.


Making peace where people don’t get along … unites them against you.


Criminals are people who are alienated from normal society.


An honest individual among crooks has the whole group hating him.


You can see the self-interested squabbles that divide all of us.


An honest objective analysis rejects both pro- and con- groups’ positions.



Good Guys vs Bad Guys (Three of Swords + Four of Wands and Ten of Pentacles)


The state is looking into charges against the corrupt people.


Investigation into a hostile atmosphere at the company, infighting, favoritism, etc.


He makes enemies of people who come to help him in his trouble.


The good guys are so patient with those s.o.b.s who are the enemy, who make trouble.


Friends’ betrayals reveal them as not really your kind.


I see it as the good guys against the crooks.


You good people who are too kind to your enemies make trouble for yourselves.


See themselves as the good people and ‘everybody hates us.’


Both sides of the argument conflict with the facts.



Doctors and Healing (Hermit)


Complications of treatment will be the whole family’s suffering.


All the brokenhearted suffering people healed as a community.


Heart trouble runs in the family, but your examination is normal.


Hates doctors and is the healthy one in a sick family.



Damage to Buildings (Three of Swords + Four of Wands)


Searches among the houses in a neighborhood for one to vandalize.


Dislikes this house, it has problems, and looks for a good house.



Animosity in Politics, Organizations and Places (Three of Swords + Four of Wands)


A war department is out looking for trouble.


A faction seeks to overthrow a country.


The fact is, criminals are alienated from being the wealthy class.


Fighting for the homeland that you know is dysfunctional.


What the Establishment hates is honest people who make trouble for it.


Be solitary when others are trouble to one another in a divided organization.


Watching those low class people to get them out of our neighborhood.


You befriend the enemy camp in the family.


Those bad people are the enemy of good people individually and their helpful organizations.


This is a hostile neighborhood; move to a good one.


Rivalry among the organizations that investigate organized crime.


Now, Part Two,

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Ten of Pentacles

Three of Swords – Four of Wands – Hermit






We continue our Difficulties theme. This is interesting because – since my personal assistant has another occupation that is taking her away at this time of the year – the cards for the readings are drawn at least two weeks at a time, in one session, without as much concentration. 59 sentences is too many and some are similar, but I know some of you have this kind of situation percolating, so I left more in than usual. You can always scan or skip.


This is a ‘Wow’ layout. In only four positions, Three of Swords and Four of Wands are one after the other. That is classic ‘legal divorce.’

Three of Swords is one of Two divorce theme cards. Four of Wands is the main card that means marriage, the one that is about marriage as an institution of society.


Then Ten of Pentacles is the dysfunctional family (or other group, area or organization) – infighting, factions, feuding family politics.


So Three of Swords + Four of Wands = Ten of Pentacles. See that?


The other card is being a loner, being celibate, being the peacemaker, being the doctor or counselor – the helper or helpful person or healer.


So you can’t miss the divorce theme, the theme of factions in various aspects of human social groups. Hermit as the patient kind loyal seeker of peace has its work cut out for it today.







Three of Swords Animosity, division, hurt, heartache, injury, heart problems, divorce, hostile atmosphere, quarrels and jealousy and hate and schisms, factions. This is the main divorce card. Other meanings are rarely used. Illustration is a heart pierced by knives with storm clouds behind it.
Four of Wands Pictured is a community/society wedding. So this is the marriage card that refers to marriage as a public societal institution. It means the Establishment, the people in power (at any level), and the solid citizens or ‘good people.’
Hermit goes out looking for hurting people, travelers in distress, with his lamp in the cold dark night. He is celibate, a man of peace, an old(er) man, is on the road, is a friend to all and is most of all helpful.
Ten of Pentacles represents the cranky dysfunctional end of humankind. It’s you mad with your people, or resentful. It’s daddy throwing his weight around in the illustration – a family quarrel on two levels (grandpa and the couple). It’s any dysfunctional organization, political or private, of any size.










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  1. Lori

    Reading this today, but it nails yesterday for me perfectly. Yesterday was the 12th anniversary to the husband that left me in 08. In some ways I’m much better off, lots of ways actually but in many I still mourn for the family I had. I am not close with my biological family, so lately I’ve been adrift.

    • Adrift is sometimes a phase before a growth spurt.
      There is also a phase where your ‘lesson’ is to detach from tribal consciousness to individual consciousness. Several clients have gone through that. It is sometimes part of a mystical calling.

  2. Sue

    This resonates with me today. The last few days were external, looking at systems larger than myself. Today has been on systems inside myself, aches and pains, and what they are trying to tell me. The body is innocent and honest, like an animal. The cells try so hard to do their job. Even a psychpath’s heart tries its best to pump blood…

    The first depo I sat in on was in a skyscraper. There was a car accident. A kid was left paraplegic. His parents we killed. The economist was trying to place a value on the damages. Everyone was calm, professional, friendly, polite. The view was great. They even offered me pastries. Afterwards I walked to the cathedral of light a block away. It was beautiful. Then I went downstairs. It was a mausoleum, and there was a strange musty sweetish smell. I kept catching whiffs of this death smell for the next two days, even though I was nowhere near it. It didn’t go away until I realized, look a tragedy happened. At the heart of this polite talk, beautiful view, and pastries was death. My body knew, even if I didn’t.

    So now I listen to it. The pain keeps me honest, tells me when I’m lying to myself, even when I don’t know it.

    • You empaths are a separate species from the rest of humans. Most people do not experience this way.

      • Sue

        Thanks, didn’t know other people experienced life differently. Will look it up.

        • Sue

          What is life like for everyone else? Sophie is like me.

          • Hmmm. That’s a dissertation, and I am an hour and a half past the time tomorrow’s is supposed to post and haven’t started it yet. (Sigh) Been one of those days.

            Briefly, everything you say is poetry. You flunk Meanness 101, must take remedial meanness.

  3. Me

    The card are right on for me today.

    My guy is stressing me out big time. Is road rage a guy thing!

    • Rogue mammals, rogue bulls. Yeah. It is. An elk bull stomped a duck into a triangle shape years ago. I got up on the eight-foot fence with a rake and whacked him away from the duck, on his antlers.
      That duck survived. He limped around for only a day, and ambulated normally he next day.
      The elk wanted a rematch. When he saw me, he would charge the fence.
      So, yeah, it’s a bull thing.

  4. win

    Oh my, yet again. My peaceful and tranqual place knows the attack, relation, from Kali, the supreme in the world of black sheep, festering waves in a calm lake. The great joy of being alive!! Striving wide into society, stumbling within my own home, oh the troubles we are shown… Thank you, Emily for your work!!!

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