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Guidance Our story is about cocooning (practicing privacy) – about either being the recluse who is deliberately pursuing being happy alone, or about being the person who is going to hole up in a happy marriage and keep the world at bay. These two choices are presented as one thing, which is an interesting slant.

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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!


Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles



Ten of Cups – Knight of Wands – Nine of Pentacles



Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Pursues Being with Family (Ten of Cups + Knight of Wands)


She runs home to be with the family and not have anything to do with anyone else.


She is single now but is gung-ho to get married and cocoon at home.


Fostering a happy marriage by staying home and not seeing anyone.


Happily married with no problems of any kind: She stays home and he goes out and hustles people she doesn’t have to deal with.


She is competent, she has none of those issues to deal with in her pursuit of a home and family of her own.



His Pursuit re Marriage (Ten of Cups + Knight of Wands)


Happily married with no problems of any kind: She stays home and he goes out and hustles people she doesn’t have to deal with.


He is pursuing marriage with this independent-as-hell woman who has enough money to do whatever she wants and is in a world of her own.


He is happily married and chasing a single woman who has no ties to him.


He pursues single women who have that independent ‘I don’t need you’ attitude toward marrying.



Woman Pursues Independence (Knight of Wands + Nine of Pentacles)


She confidently waits for him to pursue because she is as happy single as married.


She is one of the truly superior people who need not pursue anything.


Get out of there and just be single all by yourself.


She is not one of those people on the way up in society, she is content with what she has, and that’s it.


She is not one of these people, and she is not about to have a family either – she left that behind, emphatically.


Go to her house and you see a woman’s place – no other influence.


She does so well with him gone that she isn’t interested in being married at all.


Married woman is avidly pursuing being single and not needing anyone ever.


A competent woman is avoiding getting herself into the normal social life around her in pursuit of total privacy.



Reclusive Woman (Nine of Pentacles + World)


Get out of the house; you have been holed up by yourself with no contacts.


Both of these woman have escaped the influence of the family they grew up in.


Her home and her business are her life as she gets into being reclusive.


Working at home, she is out of reach: They have to come to her.


She lives on the family’s place; she doesn’t have to leave there.


Couple travels out of town to be with a family member who lives alone in her house and doesn’t see anyone.


She runs away from home and lives anonymously on her own spread.


No one causes her any trouble. She gets along with everybody in the pursuit of minding her own business.


She is not a member of society and does not want to be, she left town to be on her own.


Two women who have little to do with other people travel in the same circle.


She manages to be immune to the influence of her social environment – so happy to get away from people.


Leave those people, get out of town, have a place of your own where nobody knows you.


Run home to a place you alone own, that no one has any interest in but you.


She is not in their circle but is in one of her own by herself — A lot of energy to get herself there.


She isn’t one of us – she isn’t a member of our circle since he left her.


She isn’t one of the happy well-adjusted people and she isn’t about to get herself there either — different drummer kind of lady.


On her way to having nothing to do with family or with community – just being an independent loner.


She isn’t one of us and isn’t going to be – is heading in the other direction.


He got out of that place but she still lives there and never sees the people they know.



You Come to Her for Business (Knight of Wands + Nine of Pentacles)


She has a niche of her own she is master of: People come to her, she does not go to them.


It is her business, a sole proprietorship, and she needs not pursue or contact people to do well.


Single woman is in a big rush to have her own business and her own home, be beholden to no one.


People are in hot pursuit to have homes on the land she alone owns, but she will not see them about it.


Well-intentioned good people have no problems with anyone, and no one to chase after them.





Well-intentioned good people have no problems with anyone, and no one to chase after them.



Now, Part Two,

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*Go to Learn Tarot by the Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards,  by itself,  has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in this Spread.

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Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles



Ten of Cups – Knight of Wands – Nine of Pentacles





You can’t miss, at first glance, two cards that mean a woman who chooses not to associate with others, whose life is complete without company. Nine of Pentacles is a normal person who has her world right there in her own place, she ‘don’t need nobody.’ World is a spiritual adept who deflects malefic influences by being herself, and who is ‘different’ enough for her contact with the outside world to be limited.


Then you have Knight of Wands, pursuit. Usually it is a fellow pursuing. (He can be running away or escaping too.) Ordinarily, with Ten of Cups sitting there in front of him, it would be marriage he is pursuing. So he is pursuing marriage with a woman who ain’t interested. (Which in the real world means he ain’t interested or he would not choose them to pursue.) Not much of a story.


It turns out our real story is about cocooning (they call it) – about either being the recluse who is deliberately pursuing being happy alone, or about being the woman who is going to hole up in a happy marriage and keep the world at bay.






Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

Ten of Cups Normal family and community life of well-adjusted (hate that term!) people is presumed happy, because we all choose that assumption for social purposes. The illustration is a caricature of the concept: rainbow over the house (mansion), kids prancing, couple embracing with hands toward the sky. (Where’s the dog?)




Knight of Wands pursues, is gung-ho, puts a lot of energy into, is in a hurry, and is about speeding or speedily. (He isn’t fleeing today, just pursuing.)




Nine of Pentacles has everything she wants right at her fingertips, and does whatever she chooses. In her robe at noon, falcon on her wrist in her vineyard. Prosperity and privacy are hers.






World is a citizen of ‘out there’ with little connection to the mundane, is a spiritual adept. She repels all bad influences: The bad guys don’t want to deal with her because of her expertise, and she has little in common with the physical realm – hence the barrier wreath in the illustration. See the monsters on the outside of that wreath?






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  1. SATURDAY’s messages are about sharing good times with friends, even having a date with a party animal (boy OR girl, we cover both waterfronts tomorrow).

  2. Sue

    YAY! The blog is back up. The spread certainly rings true today. I stayed in my own little world, unfortunately I did it by mumbling to people who are caring, kind, and trying their best to be helpful. Actually I don’t know why I did it. Not proud of myself for acting that way, I couldn’t have predicted I would have done that. It just came out that way on its own.

    • It’s not all the way fixed. ‘Tarot Verbatim’ is really the hone page. Pages are switched around – manually, by some unknown sumbitch (who will die spitting blood!).

      GLAD to know it is functioning for you. Billijo will be here … I trust … to check it out and report back to the oDesk people. Never again oDesk.


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