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Guidance ‘It’s just another damn crisis,’ Tarot says today, ‘ho-hum.’ Many examples of calmly handling outbreaks of chaos, and a biography of an emotional man who becomes calm through weathering storms – things like ‘He goes back to being the loving man again when he breaks or overcomes an addiction.’



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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!

King of Cups

Tower – Moon – Two of Pentacles



Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Calm Because of Storms (Tower + King of Cups)


He goes back to being the loving man again when he breaks or overcomes an addiction.


It’s just one more damn world-class disaster, takes more than that to get him excited.


I just quit stirring up emotions of the worst sort.


Suddenly, at the worst time, he goes back to being the loving man.


Calmly breaking a bad habit (‘cold turkey’).


He is calming down one more bad guy who is raising hell.


He is a counselor who deals with one crisis after another of the worst sort.


He has weathered one wrenching trauma after another, so he is a calm philosophical type man now.


Crazyass person’s dramatic eruptions do not move him.



Man Going Through Emotions (Two of Pentacles + King of Cups)



It’s a mistake for a petty wishy-washy guy to be confrontational.


He is going through a gut-wrenching divorce.


Gets his emotional equilibrium back, a breakthrough when it was hopeless.


Emotionally unstable quiet fellow doesn’t go to extremes that will backfire.


He stirs up emotions with extreme dramas.


One more volcanic eruption for the emotionally weak fellow.


He continues to be emotional about the horrible crash.


Break himself of a bad habit of emotional upsets.


He is bipolar in a gentlemanly way, with major tantrums and massive meltdowns.


Another sudden severe emotional pain for him.


One grand mal seizure after another.


Overcome his horrible emotional swings, fluxes or cycles.



Divorce/Split Up (Tower)


He is going through a gut-wrenching divorce.


Break up with the pervert who turns emotion on and off.


Divorce is a big mistake for the steady drinker.





Illness strikes a steady drinker.


In the throes of emotion about a good man being unjustly fired.


The pain of parting is an emotional roller-coaster.


I make mistakes and break things when I’m jittery, so I’m calm.


Tries to be nice to insanely radical fellows.


Over and over, he is nice. He hates that and is ending it now


A shock to be wrong that that man is not exactly a gentleman.


Mad at him for quitting over and over again.


An outbreak of disease is turning (them) into good men.


The worst disasters hit without warning and are best handled in a calm routine way.



Courts and Agencies’ Doings (Two of Pentacles + King of Cups)



Administration is on shaky ground and suddenly loses.


Attorney pleads his case in the alternative, since it is a disaster of the highest magnitude.


Rocked the boat in the agency/administration/Board, etc. to overcome or destroy a bad thing.


The agency that handles the worst disasters is itself unstable.




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King of Cups

Tower – Moon – Two of Pentacles






Two of our visitors from Tarot Land are about disaster, and two are about instability. Hmmm. The overall message is ‘so what, it’s just another damn crisis.’ We have a story about The Emotional Man – all sorts of examples and perspectives on types of emotional men.


Tower is a blowup: tantrum, an eruption, destruction, quitting (divorce, breaking up, getting fired), breakthrough, venting or ‘letting off steam.’ Moon is all hell breaking loose, a mistake, something horrible or hideous, hate, fear or terror – anything awful. These two cards amplify one another’s worst traits.


Two of Pentacles is ups and downs, cycles, instability, one thing after another, silliness, and ‘ongoing’ – a continuing process.


King of Cups is the calm man, but also the weak petty emotional ineffectual man, maybe a heavy drinker (including drugs these days), and also the counselor, peacemaker and affectionate man.








Tower depicts the destruction of the Tower of Babel, so it often means a therapeutic crisis or disaster. It is obviously about a blowup: tantrum, an eruption, destruction, quitting (divorce, breaking up, getting fired), breakthrough, venting or ‘letting off steam.’




Moon depicts the road to hell or ‘Left-Hand Path.’ It is about the extremes of insanity and depravity, as well as mistakes and bad dreams. Moon is all hell breaking loose, something horrible or hideous, hate, fear or terror – anything awful.



Two of Pentacles The juggler here evokes such words as phrases as ups and downs, cycles, instability, one thing after another, and ‘ongoing’ – any continuing process or repetitive motions. It is about silliness because of the goofy costume.




King of Cups is the calm man, the emotional man, the affectionate man – sometimes the weak, ineffectual sedated type man (alcoholic or druggie). He has a kind of numb look (my opinion) and his throne is surrounded by flood waters.
















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  1. Sue

    Hold your head up, me. Maybe what breaks down is supposed to, like the end of Hamlet. Everybody dies, but it’s a new day. The poison has run its course and things can start fresh.

    • Sue

      Oh by the way, yesterday’s spread came true for my friend in the best possible way : ). Wow!

      • Sue, you are Yoda!

        Great interpretation of Hamlet. A whole nest of nasties help one another bow off the stage of life.

        By the way, Meanie was nice to the other fish because he was weak now, and wanted to live in peace. It took that to make him want to live in peace. Hopefully, he will be a better fish in his next life, speaking of poison running its course!

        Thank you for letting us know about the veracity of the message. For the first time, I am finding things that relate to my life in our group messages.

  2. Me

    These cards continue to be very bad. It causes me to believe everything is going to break down. Do you really think that is true?

    • No, the message is that it’s a fact there are problems and life is hard, and get yourself geared up to take advantage of the lay of the land, including taking advantage of factors that are arrayed against where you want to be. The message is, the current isn’t carrying you to nirvana, so start paddling.

      Chariot exemplifies this concept.

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