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Guidance   When unscrupulous humans come against you to take what is yours, even if you encounter losses you can maintain your position if you just stand aside and let the combatants vent their aggression against others like themselves. Females sometimes feel sorry for beating up their oppressors. Our story today is about the struggles to keep what is already yours that you may very well encounter. Don’t be surprised, we are saying, this is an old story.





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Nine of Pentacles


Seven of Wands

Five of Cups – Five of Swords – Nine of Pentacles





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Successful and Feeling like a Loser (Nine of Pentacles + Five of Cups)


Trying furiously to deny that she is a success who feels like a loser.


She successfully stands up to a feeling of being robbed of who or what she mourns and misses.


Be cool under pressure and beat feeling sorry for yourself.


Poise under pressure even when you are sick at heart at what is taken from you.


She is sorry about fighting the oppressor.



Businesswoman (Nine of Pentacles)


The businesswoman calmly breaks through to beat past losses.


She survives the loss when she resists predatory business tactics.


Pushed into a corner, she comes out fighting and establishes the business in a down cycle.


She mourns while she masters the challenge of running the estate’s business as a single woman.


As they compete against each other, their loss is her gain.



Stands Up Under Duress (Nine of Pentacles + Seven of Wands)


Guarding your private life is the way to defeat people who are out to take you over.


A proud but broke woman won’t be taken advantage of, no matter what.


It got the best of me before but I am holding out against it and doing well for myself.


I don’t let myself feel sorry for myself when I am taken advantage of, because I have my own fine space.


The house is a big loss; he fights it but it gets the best of him.


Be sorry – be very sorry – for the tough guy who takes on a woman who is so able to take care of herself.


When he is pushy, just mind your own business and he will be sorry for being a lout.


A teenager is a sore loser (snarly display when losing) when mama just ignores his attitudes.


When attacked, she gets this ‘Nobody’s gonna make me lose’ attitude and survives.


The tough guy, at great cost to himself, is guarding a woman or defending a woman’s place.



Bullies Facing Opposition (Five of Swords + Seven of Wands)


Be sorry – be very sorry – for the tough guy who takes on a woman who is so able to take care of herself.


This fellow isn’t about to let her take a loss from that bandit: ‘You have me to deal with.’


An invasion of (her) privacy turns out to be the invader’s loss.


You can win by minding your own business and letting the bad guys lose by fighting one another.


Finds himself sorry for that smirk on his face when he is defending himself from the female owner.


Not as big a wiseguy as the punk he attacked, wishes he had minded his own business.


I will make you damn sorry for messing with me, and I won’t do it myself.



Power Struggles as a Couple (Nine of Pentacles + Seven of Wands)


The Dude loses the power struggle when he tries hard to get her attention when she ignores him.


When two fellows fight over a lady, they have both lost.


He is ‘knocking down her door’ feeling like he could lose to some other aggressor.


This bastard is in my life because I don’t have enough money to fend for myself.


Sorry about his past with the woman who does so well without him, who is the winner of the struggle and will not give up that position.


Sad that she would have been better off single as she struggles with him taking what is hers.






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Nine of Pentacles

 Seven of Wands

Five of Cups – Five of Swords – Nine of Pentacles





My job is getting harder. If this keeps up, I’m going to ask for a raise. Here sit the two obnoxious-bully Rider Waite Tarot cards, Five of Swords (the taker, the bully, the smart alec, the bastard, the dude with Cheney’s smirk) and Seven of Wands (the pushy demanding ‘I’m not gonna take it anymore, gimme the car keys’ loudmouth). Now, Seven of Wands is also the defender of his turf and the one who stands up against the odds, but that meaning doesn’t bloom here today much.


Then we have Five of Cups, the loser, depression, the sad past, loss and mourning, regretting, feeling guilty. And we have the woman who is keeping what is hers, who stands her ground, does not pay attention to others’ doings, who is successful and staying that way – often successful in a business enterprise (including land ownership).


You could go on forever with this spread about a woman who is being picked on and defending herself successfully against big bad men, but enough of that is enough already, so we dug down and came up with other stories too.








Nine of Pentacles

Five of Cups Losses can demoralize a person. A disability can focus a person on what he cannot do instead of on the abilities remaining. The gray zone, like gray weather, can sap attention and energy right out of us. Mourning is one of the most likely losses that do that; and our illustration here is of a black robed bent figure on a gray day who is oblivious to the filled cups and fixating on the spilled and spent ones.



Five of Wands Some people make it their business to take yours. Entitlement syndrome is alive and thriving. Tough guys on the take must be dealt with. Here, one of them was playing at sword fights with his friends, and took their weapons claiming they were playing for keeps.




Nine of Pentacles She has it made: She works at home and has everything she needs right there. She is one to stand her ground and to mind her own business. She did not get where she is to have anyone share it with her … except that falcon whose company she enjoys. You can relate to this, yes?




Seven of Wands has a bifurcated meaning. Half of him is defending his home against marauding neighbors who aim to push him off of it. He will win against those odds. Half of his is the mouthy demanding pushy mooch with entitlement syndrome. He wants your car keys and isn’t going to fill the tank.












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  1. Me

    The cups card hits home.
    So many things are going wrong!

    • … and boy are we tracking that! Just finished typing one that is ALL about how easily people get into your life that are difficult to get out of your life. Ten of Pentacles is the spoiler card. I think it is for the 11th.

  2. Sue

    Aggck. The 5 of swords is my daughter’s father. Ieew.

    • Fathers are the beginning of trouble; it’s best not to have one, you know.

      • Sue

        Your spread really hit home today. Disaster… Communication error, I guess. Work work work… trying to put to fix things, but I am so sore and tired.


        • It’s the weekend. Goof off.
          I am sorry about the disaster. This theme puzzles me. It continues. It’s like ‘get mature right now!’ However, like you all, never have the sentences more applied to my life, and not just a few.
          I have decided to pare them when they are in the same groove just applied differently.

          Everybody: Best wishes.

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