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Guidance  The still small voice today must be attended to. There will be the instinct to go along with whatever happens; the instinctual red flag that says don’t will be weaker. The message is to hang back , to have second thoughts about being an agreeable softie. You will have a realization because you are paying attention that the environment has something moving in the grass. Stop and smell today.



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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!









Knight of Cups

Two of Pentacles – Hanged Man – Four of Cups



Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


FEELING IN YOUR BONES NOT TO (Hanged Man + Four of Cups)


Don’t volunteer on autopilot!


See it as silly and be no help.


Run on intuition; don’t go along with things.


Recurring feeling of deep (subconscious) rejection of the polite surface of things.


I smell what is going on and I am not going along with it.


I sense you are in a dither, and refuse to make a suggestion.


Don’t know what to do, so I politely decline.


One muse-inspired idea after another, so I am not open to suggestion.


Don’t offer to help when the attitude keeps changing like that.



Resisting the Romantic Attraction (Four of Cups + Knight of Cups)


He feels strongly you probably cannot resist his charm.


I’m getting those intense unwanted warm-fuzzy flashes again for a cute guy.


He sees it coming and holds out against being so damn nice.


Waves of intense feeling, and I hate being a softie like that.


Changes his mind and does not act affectionate after all.


He realizes that this is not going anywhere, even if he is on his good behavior.


Intensely want to accept the offer to go back but I won’t let myself.


Realizing what a sweet guy this is, that I may not be able to hold out.


Oh, he’s sooo cute, what’s the sense of resisting?


He thinks nothing about making one loving overture after another.



Torn Between Accepting and Blocking (Two of Pentacles, Four of Cups + Hanged Man)


He’s too nice; he doesn’t see the repeating pattern.


One vivid vision after another that is not acceptable to me.


Well, he isn’t really going to make the move, he is just going to get the idea to, and keep acting like he might.


Insight into my own antics that I just won’t let myself be nice and let it go at that.


I keep thinking negatively about letting myself be psychicly aware.


Toying with a psychic realization but not letting myself accept it.


I feel I may not be able to say ‘no’ to this kind of offer.


Senses the instability but won’t let (my)self accept the notion.


I am not going to let you get me to feeling that way.


One flash of awareness after another that he just won’t let himself be the nice guy.



Intuition Says No (Hanged Man + Four of Cups)


Sees it as silly and is no help.


Gee, somehow they are not accepting my brainwaves.


A friend isn’t cooperating, and you get the idea how jittery (he) is feeling about this.


This offer to help is a foolish thought.


Subconscious thought process is to hold out for a better offer.


Realizing a piece at a time that this person is no friend of yours.


At times, I notice how they are not polite, not friendly.



Now, Part Two,

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Knight of Cups 

Two of Pentacles – Hanged Man – Four of Cups







There are times when everything looks fine and a still small voice wise within me says ‘NO.’ Once that voice told me not to wear my favorite indestructible blouse I always wore to school. I ignored it. A nail I never noticed by the door as I went out tore its cap-sleeve off, which could not be sewed. That is what we are about in this spread, which was fun to do for a change.


Our spoiler card is Four of Cups, ‘to refuse.’ It is balanced by Two of Pentacles, ‘to go along with.’ In between is the psychic, intuitive, feeling-in-your-bones of Hanged Man.


Knight of Cups is being the nice guy and going along with it, too.






Two of Pentacles There’s the routine we juggle reflexively, that we go along with even the silly parts of because even an aggravating routine is to some degree comfortable. Here we see the juggler doing exactly that.
Hanged Man And we get flashes, don’t we? – intuitive feelings in our bones that inform us of the lay of the land we are stumbling over. Vivid visions that vanish as quickly as we grasp them. That eureka thing of psychic awareness is a suppressed aspect of consciousness in humans. Humans get that world-is-upside-down feeling when these flashes happen; and that is what our illustration shows.
Four of Cups A thousand times no. What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand; the ‘N’ or the ‘O’? I don’t want to know. ‘Because I said so.’ We see a person with arms and legs crossed, head averted away from what is offered.


Knight of Cups We like this fellow, what’s not to like? He makes the first move, he offers us something first, he is the friendly nice harmless guy who does us a favor. He is also us accepting what we are offered and feeling very mellow about it. His hand is extended to us with a drink in it.





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4 of Cups + Knight of Cups



aren’t polite/isn’t polite
not a good guy/man/person
refuses to be polite
does not want to show afxion
refuses to be/isn’t nice
cannot contact __
resist a cute guy, a sweet guy
not just the boyfriend
anything BUT a polite KW
to be on your side and not
no comfort from him


is no friend of (mine)
refuses to be friendly
not my friend
Let’s not be friends.
he isn’t  MY friend
‘no friend of yours’
can’t be __ friend
isn’t a friend
denies being a friend of
friend denies
not friendly
won’t be/isn’t friendly
he is not friendly
rebuff friendly overture
his advances are not welcome
doesn’t want a Bf


refuses to make a suggestion
not open to suggestions
refuse the suggestion
cannot suggest


does not act like he loves
not interested in him, he is ‘too nice’
Nice guys don’t turn (me) on
isn’t/  not the Bf
refuses to be the Bf
isn’t doing what a Bf
isn’t her Bf
he doesn’t so he isn’t her Bf
not accepted as the Bf
not to be the Bf
not want to be a Bf
not to be (her) lover
wont, even if he is on his good behavior
even if he asks nicely, he won’t be
doesn’t show up to be her Bf


don’t volunteer
not hospitable
won’t make the first move
could not show you his love
isn’t invited to
won’t be invited
refuses to invite
decline the invitation
does not want to come to her


wants you when you don’t want him
is at his most seductive where there is a refusal
-can’t be the good guy
he can be attentive as long as she needs to be convinced
will not be this good, polite, acceptable guy or Bf
won’t be nice to
won’t be polite/isn’t polite
refuses to be the nice guy
just won’t let himself be”
not a nice


won’t accept
cannot accept
does not accept:
the suggestion
of friendship
the offer
Bf/loving man cannot (accept)
decline the offer
politely decline
a polite refusal
the nice guy refuses to
refuse the offer
cnt accept the offer
holds out for a better offer
won’t do a favor for
not accepting
Bf does not accept
no offer is made


offer of help
Don’t offer to help.
refuse to (offer) help
don’t help
(is) no help
cannot help
refuses an offer to help
refuse help
does not offer to help
help can’t get through


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  1. Sue

    Just played the piano today. Working on changing how I hold tension in my body. Avoided the world. Maybe something else will happen today.

    • or maybe you will just play piano all day. That sounds relaxing … except for the bench. How come they don’t use ergonomic chairs?

      • Sue

        I use piano as a test. It’s like steno with audio feedback. Watch where I hold the tension when I push things to the edge of coordination. Try focusing on different things, holding different states. You would like playing, I think.

        • In civilization, people were always insisting I played the piano. I was interested, but music (and art)lessons never happened. That is what I really wanted to to, art.

          • Sue

            Wow! That’s a common theme among all my close friends. They all really wanted to do art. I never knew that about you. Paint and draw for yourself. I remember your poems. They were good.

  2. FCP

    In the middle of a loan refi but something feels “off”. I’m going to sit on this for a couple of days before I sign anything.

    • People take lawyers to real estate closings, and (back then) paid them three to five hundred dollars. One lawyer asked another how you learn how to do them, that he could pick up some extra money like this. “Oh, just let them sign everything, it doesn’t matter,” said the fellow who did a lot of them and was therefore an expert at it.

      Good luck. Twicky, twicky stuff.

  3. jules

    “realizing a piece at a time that this person is no friend of yours” is on target.
    No angst about this…just realizing it.

  4. Lori

    This spread applies to my current job situation, I think. It is a perfectly nice and respectable job but there are some wholly unethical things going on that I really cannot condone or be a part of. They are offering me a raise just to “go along and not make waves”, but the voice inside me is saying “if you don’t speak up now, in this situation, who will. You will become just another cog in the machine.

    • Commerce IS fraud. I had a discussion with a scholarly judge about this some years ago. The legal precept that a written contract vitiates (makes irrelevant) the verbal agreements it grew out of is one example. “If you said you wanted to buy my dictating machine, and we agreed on a price, and I gave you the machine with its headset and foot pedal instead of with its microphone, I would have defrauded you, and you would have no claim.” I also pointed out that new car dealerships’ sales contracts displayed a clause that there is no WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, which is the way salvage is sold … as is. He could not believe this. I told him to go to the dealerships, ask them for a copy of their contract (and watch them freak out).

      So, yeah, follow your gut in the particular situation. But don’t look for honest commerce, that’s even more rare than an honest fellow-man.

  5. Candy

    Too perfect! Hits home with my current situation. I had a feeling about new guy but now this just confirms it. His loss….. next please;D

    • Today’s reading seems so ‘live.’ If you apply it that way, that is where it fits you. Let’s see what others say.

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