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Guidance Our overall message describes the life of honest people who wish others well, people who are on their own vision of the Path, people who are devoted to loved ones and help fellow travelers on their way. We speak of physical and financial health too. We see spiritual and religious as compatible, and suggest that seeing the future accurately is accepting it.





Is this the first time you come here? Well … what to do:

*Go to Guidance (above ) which is a summary of the Messages. (Guidance is everyone’s favorite part.)

*Go to Group Analytical Tarot Cards Reading below.  One or more of those sentences has something to say to you.  Intuitively pick those out and decide whether to encourage or suppress them They are about you and the people around you.  They are about today and the days around it.  (It is a group message like a horoscope,  except Tarot isn’t based on someone else’s birth data,  so it can be specific,  accurate,  detailed and direct.  Our experiment here is  “How much more accurate is it?”)

Did you come here for your predictions? –  You are done now –  See you tomorrow.

Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!







Two of Wands

Ace of Cups – Hierophant – Page of Pentacles



Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.




Love and Devotion (Ace of Cups + Hermit)



Has unconditional love for and is devoted to a (young) man with ‘great prospects.’


Thinks for a long time about this celibate love.


He is so secure he can love you and watch out for you.


His love relationship is permanent and he is devoted unconditionally to it.


You know it’s permanent when true love is sincere.


You will be loved and cared for.


A devoted friend who forever loves you.


Person has this plan to be gentle, devoted and harmless.




Help with Financial Security (Hermit + Two of Wands)


Trusted friend is financially secure.


He is such an humble person he can go to people and help them with their financial security.


He is financially stable through being of service to others bringing information that benefits them.


The type of person who makes money by being of help in some quiet way.




Spiritual and Religious (Ace of Cups + Hermit)


Seeking God is thinking long-range.


Contemplating my long term best interest as being on both a religious and a spiritual path.


Going to think of and plan an easy and honest life path.


He is a solid citizen and a genuinely good person.


You will get it that the truth is, you are acceptable, you are okay.


I feel secure that I am doing no harm and am being of help.




Seek Good Health (Ace of Cups + Hermit)


Considering your health, you plan sobriety.


There will be a doctor who brings you good health. A physician will get you healthy.


Your long term security is to seek good healh, to seek not being harmed.


I am a healthy old man; I am set for life.


Know you can expect to be healthy when you are old.




Water, Hydration, Leak (Ace of Cups)


Look at and study precipitation forecasts.


You are going to find yourself looking for a leak.


You will be traveling to water.


Hydration will benefit you.




Seeing the Future (Page of Pentacles + Two of Wands)


It’s easy for you to see the future as it really is.


When you accurately know the future, you accept it.




Help for You (Hermit + Page of Pentacles)


Will be favorable to you and help you.


You will have cooperation and help.




Long Investigation (Hermit + Two of Wands)


A long patient investigation finds this person innocent.



Now, Part Two,

Do you want to know a little, or a lot, about how this Tarot Verbatim ™ thing works? If so,

*Go to Learn Tarot by Observing section below. This tells about the combined four pictures in the Daily Spread –  the pictures above here.  It explains how these four cards get together in your mind to make the message.

*Go to Learn Tarot by the Pictures.  It is what each of the four cards,  by itself,  has to say.  It shows you how that illustration makes that card’s meanings in this Spread.

You can put all this together and intuitively see yourself how Tarot Verbatim ™ works.

Say hello back!  Comment!  Remember to share your experience about our experiment here if you have words for it.  Read others’ comments.

Call 800 99 3 6 9 12 from Eastern 1 p. m. to Eastern 1 a. m. at least, every day. I analyze business situations and personal relationships accurately from both Tarot and practical perspectives.  (Testimonials are on the web site.  http://EmilysInsight.com.)






Two of Wands

Ace of Cups – Hierophant – Page of Pentacles





Hermit and Page of Pentacles both know, both are good people, both are looking. Hermit is wise (usually old) and is looking for people to bring help and light to, who need this; Page of Pentacles knows and sees, has a view, is about his image (self-conscious) and is usually young.


Ace of Cups and Hermit both are about God, religion, spirituality. Ace of Cups is God’s presence, holiness, being infused with God’s spirit; Hermit is on the Path, is devoted to service and celibacy as a monk, seeks the truth and brings the light (enlightenment).


Ace of Cups is health; Hermit is the healer. Both refer to help too: Ace of Cups means benefit.


The remaining card is Two of Wands which refers to security, the future, financial outlook, and the future: It puts verbs into future tense in Tarot Verbatim ™.


Our overall message describes the life of honest people who wish others well.





Ace of Cups is all good. All benefit, no harm. Good health mentally-physically-spiritually. Flows. Cooperates. Blessings. Channeling God’s spirit of God. It is one of the Christian cards put into the deck in Europe when witchcraft got you your head chopped off. The wafer, the dove, and the fountain from Ste. Teresa d’Avila’s famous Interior Castle, are all Roman Catholic badges of honor.
Hermit goes out of his way in the middle of the night to help people, is a holy monk bringing light, a healer, a devoted helpful friend. Definitely one of the Rider Waite cards that refers to The Path.
Page of Pentacles A well-intentioned, well-adjusted young man who seeks to please and fit into the beginning of his adult life. He is conscious of how others view him as he studies to form his own view of things on the brink of adulthood. He stands for thinking, knowing, feeling, and the pronoun ‘he.’ Hardly ever a female person.
Two of Wands The banker who owns the town (and the world) surveys his real estate kingdom with an eye to making even more profit from it. (Global plus banking: Is this a prescient card, or what?!) He is financially secure. He is about planning and financial planning. Two of Wands represents the future tense in Tarot Verbatim ™.








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  1. Me

    Some people always say the right thing but appear like a nice guy. But it is all such a lie. Could be the…. Page of Pentacles

    • That card reflects the ‘appear like a nice guy’ part. The ‘lie’ part has to be from another card.

      • Always remember you are half of what you see.

        You affect people’s behavior by how they perceive you, what you project. Kindergarten teachers are gifted with a ‘vibe’ that makes kids behave and listen. Some people can walk into a room and the social bullies, without a word, walk out. I have seen this happen.

        If you truly will not put up with something, it does not come for you. There are exceptions, but few enough that learning to emanate expectation of respect is a good idea and will pay off for us.

  2. Win

    Lovely pictures with a wonderful reading, hope I can keep the eyes open to be actively alive.

    • I imagine somewhere (in a dusty closet, in the beginning, for most of us) in our psyche is a steering wheel. If only we get our hands on it, we steer our events.

  3. Anna

    Yes, these are the right cards as the dude is back and this is how he is acting (concerned and helpful).

    • Group readings that track the day WORK and ARE accurate, at least for regular followers. THANK YOU for feedback.

      Am so curious about how well the information works for the casual visitor. See if you can get friends to test that out – not just Anna, all of you.

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