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Guidance The idea of taking command of the day occurs before I actually tackle taming it. Today we look at a skilled strategist who takes charge that way, and we look at someone who nips opposition in the bud by befriending it diplomatically. These are power struggles of ‘me against the environment where it impinges upon me.’ A powerful man and a powerful woman also impinge upon one another’s styles and give one another new ideas. Have a breakthrough and be back in the saddle again.

 (Today, we are being deep. Skimming this one may not work.)



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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!




Strength – Page of Pentacles – Chariot



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I Can Handle the Situation (Page of Pentacles + Chariot)


The idea of taking command of the day occurs before I actually tackle taming it.


Getting the idea we can handle our situations, and actually handling them, recurs.


Am looking to transform my identity by taking full responsibility for myself and my circumstances.


I think I am going to have to show them who’s boss again, and I can do it.


I am looking at this car telling myself I can handle it.


A voice in my head tells me I can handle the situation.


She knows she can fix this; it’s her new level of accomplishment.


I think she can take care of it; she is back in the saddle again.


She is correcting me now; she has made a breakthrough.


Her skill is handling an expose so that his image is restored.


The whole project is his, but she handles the declared opposition.


She is the person who is master of the verbal putdown.


She gets the idea into her head that she can do it, and transforms herself into a self-confident overcomer.


Watch him take the wheel and suddenly turn the problem around.


My choosing to be the type of person that finesses this creates a whole new chapter.


Watching his style of taking command and her style of disarming opposition, I see what type of person to be.




Her Influence Upon Him (Strength + Page of Pentacles)


She influences him to opt for enlightenment.


A determination to recover: This woman does that to him.


She makes him not even think about it as he decides to say the word.


Her effect on him is to fire up his ambition.


She won’t let him go back to being his driven self.


She makes a nice person out of the boy, and he makes a new life.


He goes back there thinking he wants her to touch him that way again.




The Woman Who Can Handle That (Strength)


He says he thinks she is the woman who can handle that responsibility.


He decides to make a change and let a woman handle that problem.


He changes his mind and decides she can fix the situation diplomatically.


He knows the new woman has the influence to get this project on the road.


He is in charge of the project. He orders her to subdue the opposition.


He re-thinks doing the driving; she is able to.




She Shows Him How (Strength + Page of Pentacles)


She shows him how to finesse a situation like this; it’s a new concept for him.


He sees how she gets the opposition to cooperate with the program, and has a whole new strategy.


He changes his mind when she, the boss, puts him in charge.




He is Assertive with an Assertive Woman (Strength + Chariot)


Since that bossy broad, he is a changed man, he is the captain of his fate.


He sees how she could thwart his ambition again.


He knows she wants him to do things her way but he intends to change that.




Strong Woman, Strong Man (Strength + Chariot)


A strong woman like her would be looking for another masterful man.


He dreams of going back there: He chooses strong women.




About the Car (Chariot)


This is your reminder to fix the car.


He thought she would be doing it (she can) but he is the one who drove back.


Looking at that car and saying to yourself, ‘Yeah, I can handle it.’


He re-thinks doing the driving; she is able to.


He honks the horn when he sees something is going to get in his way.



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Strength – Page of Pentacles – Chariot









[In the middle is thinking about what we are in (Page of Pentacles). To our left is disarming the parts that are going to get in our way (Strength). To our right is taking command (Chariot). Above us is a change, a new phase (Judgment).]


Getting the idea we can handle our situations, and actually handling them, recurs. It’s not a once-for-all experience; we get away from the skill, and something happens to remind us. That something may very well be watching another person straighten things out the way we used to.


Today’s study is about people who are being assertive, their effect upon others. Sometimes we are inspired, sometimes informed, by their techniques; sometimes they thwart us because we are citizens of the situation they are handling. Notice the distinction here: It is not that one person is more assertive than another, but that one person is being that way right now. Because that’s the way it often is. Because we are not speaking of brash bullying; we are speaking of overcoming situations.


How we come to this study is through both Strength and Chariot appearing on our panel today. Neither is a bully. Both are in command of their space. Strength is finessing opposition, making the lion that wants to attack her purr when she pets him and covering his mouth with her hands. Her technique includes ‘killing them with kindness.’ A strong spiritual person tends to do this operation instinctively. An potential attacker who deduces ‘my target can handle the clash’ desists. That is Strength’s style: aggressive, preemptive, befriending. Good salesmen excel at this, turning the customer’s objections to sales points.


Chariot is her male counterpart. Some of our sentences show different ways these two powerful people interact with one another. Chariot is a natural-born strategist who uses even the factors that are unfavorable to best advantage for his purpose. (Tacking against the wind, turning objections into sales points.) He is the decisive project manager who gets the job done with no fanfare. He learns what will motivate each character in his drama to perform his chosen result, and distributes the rewards. He learns what will discourage opposition, and distributes that. Charioteers were the special forces of olden days.


Page of Pentacles refers to a person, a person’s image or identity, the type he or she is or chooses to be. It refers to thinking and viewing and considering. Judgment is the new phase, the change, the revived or recovered person.


Our story is about seeing oneself as someone who can handle a situation and is inspired to do so. And does so.








Strength Disarming potential opposition before it springs into action, disarming it by being someone it doesn’t want to engage, thwarts it early on. Some folks have a gift for this, and the rest of us acquire the skill to one extent or another. Strength’s spiritual standing instinctively discourages muggers. (See the white robe with the flowers, and her halo of the eternity sign?) Muggers don’t want to accost someone who is skilled at overcoming.
Page of Pentacles When we are young we are watching to see what kind of person to be to fit into other people’s established realities: who we are, and who we had best be, in relation to our environment. That is how we think of this fellow as The Apprentice. This is us taking a close look at a situation, sizing up the scene. Sometimes the mentality we had when we were starting out is a good study.
Chariot is about choosing, choice. Your strategy gets you where you are going. Without a strategy, you may not be going anywhere. Chariot has a project, a goal, and he focuses on encouraging what will get him there and discouraging what will prevent his progress. He hitches the sphinxes to the chariot in such a way they have to move him forward when their choices are: The one on the right to always go left, and the one on the left to always go right. He arranges them to counterbalance one another to go ahead.
Judgment There’s a new angel in town, and dead things are coming to life. Recovery, rejuvenation, revival, a new level or new chapter. A big revelation, a big announcement. To speak up, to say something. Sometimes, a big noise: Next to Chariot, honking the horn! To get things back to the way they were, to unbury and expose the past to light.











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  1. Mary

    11/07 Q. Tarot, how do you see my daughter? A. Chariot and Strength. This is true. These are probably her best qualities.

    • These are both about finessing a situation, overcoming through skill. I once wrote a lovely treatise about these two cards. Wish I still had it.

  2. jules

    Amazing really lately.
    For today “her influence on him” is true almost every single sentence.
    “I can handle the situation” Yes, rings so very true to my thoughts and feelings and what’s going on.
    AND – I’ve been thinking I’m about ready for that new car, and the payments.

    Also, didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday (Tues., the 24th) but that spread rang true. We had a lot of rain, I was looking to see whether my new roof would LEAK. How’s that for relevance!

    Thanks,it’s an interesting time!

    • The leak thing, I felt silly typing. Whew, thank you.
      Tracking you on three points is a ‘wow.’ Yes, vehicle has a double meaning, doesn’t it? Tarot is picking up how you are thinking as well as the facts.

      Her influence on him being such a good fit … nice.

      Makes me feel good to hear this.


  3. Me

    Someone is going to try something new…I life not yet tried.
    that is how I read it.

  4. Testing. A commenter on Facebook says she cannot post a comment.

    • HERE ARE TWO url’s that you might to visit. The first is detailed interviews of rapists and date-rapists in prison about how they choose victims (and what would discourage them). THE SECOND is a huge repository of old-fashioned information about how to make-do when you are out of of ingredients, AND A RECIPE FOR HOME MADE ICE CREAM WITH NO CHURN, THAT IS DONE IN A FEW HOURS IN THE FREEZER. Includes flavors and instructions about when to put nuts in, etc. THIS would be cheap (powdered milk, yeah) and would have no funny-stuff like the store bought ice cream does … nothing you can’t pronounce, you know?

      http://sorenthan.tumblr.com/post/26113337415/larrystylinsoneternal-opal-leaves-through Interviews of date-rapists, rapists in prison

      http://www.grandpappy.info/awrecip.htm settler recipes

  5. Candy

    Great words of wisdom to live by everyday.. Great spread Emily (:

    • This spread is great, I concur. Spreads have a life of their own. Reading the Learn Tarot by Observation first may be the best order in which to do the Tarot Verbatim blog if you are going to read all or most of it.

      When I put the four cards I draw down, I haven’t a clue what the end result message will be. It must unfold like a birth ….

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