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Guidance Today we examine the quiet private independent life of someone who manages to not be involved – to not be involved with people who complicate our lives, people who are trouble, including relatives. We even apply this to business: Don’t deal with the underlings who conflict with one another, deal with the proprietor whose word goes. Advice (from a man’s perspective) to avoid as intimate partners people who are surrounded by a crowd – avoid in the interests of your own peace and quiet.




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Without a question to focus the answer,  four cards can mean contradictory things,  especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards.  Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible,  especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads.  When a pronoun is in parentheses,  feel very free to substitute.  The question in a  ‘real’  individual reading supplies at least half the information!







Nine of Pentacles

Fool – Ten of Pentacles – Temperance



Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.




Tarot Readings:  Intimate Relationship without Family Complications (Temperance Fool Ten of Pentacles)


I don’t know the family of my intimate partner; I stay out of their business.


Being close friends with a woman who keeps to herself and isn’t interested in meeting your family.


Women who live alone don’t get you involved in the affairs of other people.


Nothing but trouble dealing with the folks closely, so kind of be standoffish with them.


Being intimate with a lady who ‘can live without you’ uncomplicates your life.


Intimate feelings when she is alone and free of the roommates.


She lives alone and is content alone, not having to deal with people, but they are together too.




Tarot Readings:  He Isn’t Interested in a Close Relationship with (Fool + Temperance)


Does not want to get involved with an organizational woman who’s got all that going for her.


She’s got all those people behind her; he doesn’t want a relationship with a crowd.


A relationship just isn’t one-on-one when a woman’s got family like she’s got.


Most people ‘don’t get it’ that you can be both intimate and private.


If she acts indifferent, there’s a relationship: He doesn’t want any ‘complications.’




Tarot Readings:  Business with Businesswoman (Temperance + Nine of Pentacles)


Successful team player, but you never see her at meetings.


Successful women don’t know one another closely.


Being a partner doesn’t matter, there are so many of them here.


Those other people are not your equal, they don’t occupy your niche.


An independent dealer is free of the politics at a company.


Yes, you are competent to deal with those dysfunctional people who don’t pay attention.


She is competent in her business life, doing well in the bad times, because she has no partners.


Ignore the conflicting employees and deal with the proprietor.


She stands apart from her dysfunctional associates, so just do the business deal one-one-one with her.


Deal with a free lance company, not with a large corporation.


She deals as one independent person who is in control, so the situation is not complicated.


She is alone at the Estate, running it as if she were still family with her partner.


If you are part of a Company, you are not the equal of a sole proprietor.


Withdraw from the crowded field, forget about those deals.




Tarot Readings:  People to Not Associate With (Ten of Pentacles + Temperance vs Fool)


These are the bad-guy people I have not associated with, and I am having nothing to do with. I have no relations with these people, don’t even communicate with them.


She was never close with her screwed-up family, and she isn’t close with anyone else – ‘color her’ a free spirit and a private person.


Be very independent in dealing with the relatives, as if you don’t really know them.


She lives over there by herself and has no part in the family quarrels.


People you don’t know or associate with interfere in your business.


She has no idea how low class they are, she minds her own business re communicating with them.


Is not with the folks at home – is with her at her place.


People around her are meddlesome and feud with one another; she is the one who is minding her own business.


No, she does not join Anybody’s cause. She isn’t getting involved in other people’s problems, is doing fine without them.


She has no trouble from other people, she does well for herself by herself and doesn’t know ya.


These people are closely related but it’s like she isn’t one of them.


Regarding my criminal neighbors, I mind my own business and there’s no contact at all.


Those relatives complicate your uncomplicated life, so ‘pass’ on conversing with them.




Tarot Readings:  Miscellaneous


Now that she has joined that group, I will start up a membership with them.


He is by her side but not actually present; she is alone in this time of trouble with all these scheming people of his.


They have no idea she has taken it upon herself to deal with the trouble they caused.


Ruled by her, it’s a dysfunctional household no one has anything to do with.


When you get in trouble for minding your own business, just don’t respond to that either.


She has the money and the power in the family and she doesn’t share it.



Now, Part Two,

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Nine of Pentacles

Fool – Ten of Pentacles – Temperance






This is an interesting one. We have the complicated dysfunctional family (or other group), Ten of Pentacles; we have the independent woman who is not getting involved with – Nine of Pentacles.


Then we have two cards that together also mean ‘not be involved,’ Fool and Temperance. Fool is free, free-spirited, even oblivious to circumstances. Temperance is the close relationship or partnership.


Clearly, the story is about not involving yourself in the affairs of people who will only complicate your life with theirs – with their screwed-up ways or their dysfunctional personalities – or whatever is the matter with them.






Fool Has nothing to do with, is a free spirit and does not share experience, disregards and acts as if (whatever) is oblivious because it doesn’t matter anyway. Fool practices mindlessness (not mindfulness). Fool’s orientation is ‘out there stuff.’ He or she is on autopilot, distracted from temporal reality by eternal verities or by a serious case of Youth. Often, the word Fool calls up is ‘just’ – as in ‘it’s just (whatever).’
Ten of Pentacles It’s those people. You know, them. This is as much about the people who cause the trouble as it is about the trouble they cause you. Dysfunctional. Relatives you did not choose. Poor gangs or rich politicians. Banksters or the neighbors who abuse their dogs. These are the people who obfuscate (polite term) customer service or torpedo a deal by disagreeing among themselves about the terms of it. Today we are all about the lengths others go to avoid associating or doing business with them.
Temperance This is getting along with, associating with, doing a deal with, having a relationship or partnership with, being close with another person. It is any type of communication, reciprocal (back and forth) discussions. Standing next to or partnering up with for life. The angel pours the water and wine back and forth to get a good mix.
Nine of Pentacles Don’t deal with or associate with just anyone; be the one they have to come to at your station. Be standalone and standoffish. Nine of Pentacles is about not coming to the door when you have no reason to. Nine of Pentacles is independent, has it made, doesn’t need (anyone). In the middle of the day, she is in her elaborate robe training her falcon.


















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  1. If anyone has a question to be answered in public here, with cards identified, type it in your comment box. Billijo is going to see whether cards can be pictured here. If not, we’ll do without, just describing them. Anyone can post a question – one per day answered.

    ALSO: After a year and a half of comments that say ‘This applies to me,’ we have established Tarot group readings are better than horoscopes, and are useful to people.

    PHASE TWO of the experiment is: Does Tarot tune in to regular visitors more than to first-timer visitors? I wonder about that. How to get first timers to comment? – we ask them.

    A BETTER WAY is for each of you to ask friends who have not visited regularly to go there for, say, a week, and report to you what they felt. Then you either call me or type in your results here.

    How about that?


  2. Cassandra

    I think today’s message applies to me as a result of having dealt with a person whose trouble continues to complicate my life. As a person who tries not to cause drama, being a part of it certainly is making me choose my associates more carefully. It is nice to see this message as a reminder to not be involved with ‘people who are trouble”. Finally feeling some peace in my life again today!

  3. Anna

    Well, this could be any day ’cause I try to do this regularly

  4. Candy

    Maybe I should listen and stay away…. love affairs are not in my best interest… Someone clearly was trying to send me the same message by vandalizing my vehicle… Im still upset about that… I wish everyone a good Friday… Thanks Emily (:

    • The old you put up with severe harassment. The new you canceled the order. So he beat up your vehicle. You won. Send him a ‘Thank you’ card with nothing written in it, blank. Send it with no name or return address: The damage was anonymous, so is the ‘Thank You.’

  5. Mary

    Oh Gosh. The past couple weeks hasn’t really applied to me because my situation changed rather strangely. Today’s message fits.

    “Nothing but trouble dealing with the folks closely, so kind of be standoffish with them.” is like being hit on the head with a hammer.

    My parents, for some reason, invited our most annoying relative to stay with us for vacation. This person was so annoying her own mother banned her from the upstairs of the house. My mom says she’s obnoxious and obsessive compulsive. My Dad is avoiding her by staying on the balcony. They’re arguing more because of the stress. My daughter cries and runs away when this person talks to her. She leaves at the end of the month.

    Sometimes I feel bad for her. But I remember, even as a kid, just wanting to get away from her. She’s not dangerous or mean, it’s her energy. She’s really greedy and pushy about meaningless things. It seems to throw people off and everyone acts weird. I’m gathering my internal resources and trying to stand up to it. Test of strength…

    • ‘Young soul,’ New Agers call it. Demonic, Christians call it. No one names, describes and confronts these weirdos with who they are. No one. Ever. Except me. They flee from me, because I react with amusement to their antics, and that makes them not important. Being important is why they annoy people. They probably enjoyed whippings as attention when they were first spawned. Why don’t you ask her if she enjoyed her parents’ punishments?
      Why don’t you amuse yourself with her? After all, if she never speaks to you again, that’s an accomplishment.

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