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Blog Our Daily Spread August 1, 2012 Wednesday© 6c HP 4p 3p

Guidance Life is about dealing with people if you are one. (You have to work up to getting yourself the life of a recluse or the life of spiritual skills if that is what you desire.) It is up to you to get the reward you want in dealing with the people around you; people do not necessarily live up to what you think they agreed to. So you have to know what they will do for what they want, and whether and how you fit into their scenario – or you will miss your payoff. Women often do not want to hear this and do not hear this; it is unfair. So?



Blog Our Daily Spread August 2, 2012 Thursday© KnW 10s 9c PW

Guidance What is our overall message at the Tarot Table here? – well, the sentiment that we are glad for our suffering of the past because we profited from it, we are a better person for having passed through the ordeal with flying colors. We don’t even want others to fail anymore, we are better than that now. Why? – because we are doing so well, we are so grateful for who we are and what we do have.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 3, 2012 Friday© 3p PC 5c Str

Guidance It’s hindsight that identifies most pivotal moments, most pivotal moves. Averting a loss that could happen is preferable to negotiating our way out of one that has happened – whether it’s a business or romantic relationship. Our story today isn’t about the foresight that would prevent, but about the hindsight view of handling consequences, handling loss, when we wish we had made a different turn back there. We are cutting our losses by dealing with an awkward situation.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 4, 2012 Saturday©

Guidance Don’t have much to say because the news is all good. Scene of domestic bliss. Two people who are grownups have a cozy home and some sweet-natured children. They are partners in this comfortable life, they get along, they communicate and reciprocate. It’s all about home life, and about home life being what most people dream of … and it makes for a boring reading.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 5, 2012 Sunday© 6p Mag AP 6c

Guidance We have achieved a win-win lifestyle today and are describing it. We are motivated to treat him fairly because he is treating us fairly. We are feeling warm and fuzzy about this, and are used to our cozy situation. Steady customers are like steady lovers: It’s a quiet and entrenched love fest.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 6, 2012 Monday© KS Jmt PW HM

Guidance When you realize ‘who you are’ and step into that image, people see you differently; you have a new authority to yourself. Men are especially conscious of their own and other men’s images as to manliness. (Manliness comes in degrees, womanliness is more one-size-fits-all.) Today is about that moment of change when a fellow steps into a new level of manly authority, and appreciates his own image as such. It is the dawning of a new age, a new self, to him.




Blog Our Daily Spread August 7, 2012 Tuesday© 5w QS Ch 2w

Guidance Today we talk about an old or older woman who is dead set on winning. She has the wherewithal to win this struggle – the energy, the money, the will-power or determination. We say, yes, she is going to win. Make way for the Lady.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 8, 2012 Wednesday© 2s 3w 9c Sun

Guidance We could get together for mutual benefit and great reward, whether in business or love, but one of us (or both) may not want to. Arbitrary preferences override our best interests at times. ‘Yeah, that’s the job I want and they will pay me a lot more, but ain’t nothin’ gonna get me to move to (wherever).’ That’s the territory our Tarot readings analyze today, in some variety.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 9, 2012 Thursday© 3p Jmt Jus 3c Guidance

Karma, which is part of justice, rewards people who honor their commitments one to another. People who can get together and share tend to prosper. They pool resources and effort into a mutual fund, and amicably share the benefits (or losses) of their joint endeavors. At some point, this enlightenment occurs to a human in such a way the human acts upon it and is enriched both socially and monetarily.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 10, 2012 Friday© Str Wor Jmt 5s

Guidance Like the clam making the pearl because of the irritation of the grain of sand in its mouth, we speak of having the skill – the spiritual skill – to overcome whatever and whoever interferes in our business. Once we develop the skill, we are superior individuals. The one who interfered has no such benefit of expansion or growth of consciousness. I am always saying we should thank our bullies for sacrificing themselves for our benefit.



Blog Our Daily Spread August 11, 2012 Saturday© Kn C 8w 5p AS

Guidance When we are down, lots of support from a helpful friend is our salvation – it makes all the difference between failure and success. Hitting bottom often precedes our personal victories, whether we have help or not. When we can be there for a friend who is headed for the pavement, we achieve the same victory our friend does. Desperation is often a shortcut to success. Today we talk about that kind of victory, that kind of achievement, that kind of winning, and we point out that it tends to happen fast.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 12, 2012 Sunday© 3w PP 3c 6s

Guidance Quite often, when your social life is going well, so is your financial life. When we know money is coming in, we tend to be more open to making friends and socializing with ones we already know. When we feel times are improving for us, we head out into new waters as we put old things behind us. We feel good too. Our message today is about such serendipitous times.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 13, 2012 Monday© KnP 3w HM 6s

Guidance You are getting out of past ideas that keep you where you would rather not be and getting into new ideas that send you where you do want to be. These new ideas are striking now, and you have the urge to ‘get on the bus, Gus.’ There’s the smell of new money in the air, new directions, of the kind of inspired thought that sticks in the brain and grows roots.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 14, 2012 Tuesday© Mag KP 7w Sun

Guidance We devote our energies today to a study of a certain type of man, the manipulative charmer who manages to have some kind of clout and influence over others. Some detail appears about people’s dealings with him, and his with them – his machinations.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 15, 2012 Wednesday© QW 3w Wor 2p

Guidance Capable people are less affected by the ups and downs of life, whether they are capable mainly in the ‘real physical mundane world’ or whether they are capable as spiritual adepts – because both of these approaches are wise, are wisdom.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 16, 2012 Thursday© Kn C 2p Mag 3w

Guidance A man who has the gift or talent of showing himself to be consistently friendly will get the money and get the girls too. We call it the magnetic personality for that reason. The girls, of course, get an outgoing fellow who is comfortable making the first move, taking initiative, being the warm fuzzy boyfriend … and who has a good job as well. This is the pluperfect win-win situation, isn’t it?


Blog Our Daily Spread August 17, 2012 Friday© 10w 10c Jmt Ems

Guidance At last the most beautiful romance culminates in a happy marriage, and family life (with all its politics) ensues. We don’t see it this way because we don’t experience it this way. When in the courtship, whether blissful or stormy, we have one mindset; and when we are a member of a family tribe we have married into, we have another. Worlds apart, quite often. Today, Tarot is impolitic enough to point this out.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 18, 2012 Saturday© 6s Hier 3w 8p

Guidance We feel our way through transitions. A generation shifts gradually from one style of living, one set of inborn beliefs, to another … just as an individual gradually changes his ways (‘cleans up his act’) or departs from established regimen. Tarot’s message parallels these transitions with a job change one. Our focus is particularly on the facade of morality and on the status quo: We are about changes for the better in both the individual and the group life.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 19, 2012 Sunday© 9p PC Lov QW

Guidance We don’t think of it as strategy, but – in the view of both the fellow and the gal – whether their love connection is considered in the light of her being single or her being marriage-bound determines what is up. If she is ready to hitch up, he is feeling very iffy and awkward. If she is independent, he wonders whether she should be his wife. ‘Twas ever thus, and will ever be thus.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 20, 2012 Monday© 9c Lov KW Tow

Guidance ‘You get your wish about the married man you love divorcing.’ That is the obvious message today. It’s all about marriage, love and splitting-up scenarios, although ‘partner’ can also be a business situation, and the splitting up can be just an explosive demonstration of temper.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 21, 2012 Tuesday© PP Tow 10p Dev

Guidance Take a long hard look at clashes, animosity and combativeness among and between your fellow humans … a long hard look as a bystander. Study malice and edginess, watch the fireworks of the politics of entitlement from a safe distance. Today we are all about being the observer, not the participant; we suggest you give nastiness among your fellow men a long hard study in order to remain a bystander in it.


 Blog Our Daily Spread August 22, 2012 Wednesday© 9p Sun 4p Dea

Guidance Don’t be held back, let loose with the part of your life that is just fine. Go forward with that and pull away from the stalled part. The individual cards today are about opposite conditions: having money and not having money, restraining oneself and being uninhibited. Their point is: The brakes are not on in all places, just in some place, so be well and go for it despite a sticking point. For sure there is a source of joy and there is sufficiency right around here somewhere.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 23, 2012 Thursday© 4w HP QW 10c

Guidance Here we are, living happily ever after in the real world. Domestic bliss is all we got here today. No drama. No saga. Two very sensible women live in harmony. We go into various living arrangements for the single and the married states that are copacetic. We speak of women who manage companies serendipitously as well. That’s about it.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 24, 2012 Friday© 3p PW 6c Fool

Guidance We have good relationship stories: love, friendship and business sagas. Good people get together in trust and good feeling. They have good conversation, are making good love, are having good friendships and doing good business. Yes, today is a blessed day.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 25, 2012 Saturday© KW WhF 9p 3c

Guidance Having money, enough of it, naturally creates opportunity forpeople around you. You fund their abilities and share the wealth. They meet people you know and find social and business opportunities. You own a business and they work there. But money can insulate you from social contact if you choose. There’s a whiff, in our spread, of an opportunist along these lines.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 26, 2012 Sunday© 3p Sun KnP AC

Guidance Agreements that we get out of or live up to in love and in business is today’s stories. Love relationships – fun ones, love at first sight, true love ones. Babies and children, even. The tough guy and his young son. “Never so much fun to be a guy as when both of you are totally in love.” Today we stay at the happy end of the waterfront.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 27, 2012 Monday© 8c AC PS 3w

Guidance “The nearer we get to our destination, the more we slip-slide away,” a song says. This is about that charmed payoff that happens despite the fear it inspires at the receiving end. This is the inner turmoil we go through when the smell of True Love is in the air. This is the apprehension we have about striking it rich. The delivery is made despite all, in today’s saga.


Blog Our Daily Spread August 29, 2012 Wednesday© 3s 9c HP 10w

Guidance What you really really want is worth waiting for, worth fighting for, worth putting up with whatever the difficulties are that go along with satisfaction of that desire. A quiet passive woman attracts cruelty seekers who are persistent. Spiritual expertise involves difficulty and conflict, even combat maybe. Divorcing one partner to get another costs grief, time, difficulty, money and heartache. Our message whispers that there’s a price for whatever it is we want. Backbreaking and heartbreaking is going on here, but our wish is granted … if we hang in there through the difficulties.



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  1. C.H.

    H.P. is a secretive woman. Quiet. Full of occult knowledge. Powerful in a low key way. Ace of Pentacles represents money, material world, success, the beginning of a lucrative venture/business. Perhaps a woman who makes her living as a tarot reader/fortune teller/astrologer – anything “esoteric”. I agree, she may have “hidden funds”. A secret or private bank account only SHE knows about. Wise about money matters. May intimidate men because she is so independent.

  2. Viktorea Martinez

    Emily, I had called earlier hoping to schedule a phone reading with you. Like yourself, I am an animal rescuer. Please let me know if your schedule is available and how to proceed. Thanks, Viktorea

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