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Guidance It’s hindsight that identifies most pivotal moments, most pivotal moves. Averting a loss that could happen is preferable to negotiating our way out of one that has happened – whether it’s a business or romantic relationship. Our story today isn’t about the foresight that would prevent, but about the hindsight view of handling consequences, handling loss, when we wish we had made a different turn back there. We are cutting our losses by dealing with an awkward situation.



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Three of Pentacles – Page of Cups – Five of Cups




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Tarot Reading: Preventing Losses (Five of Cups + Strength)


Why am I feeling guilty about getting the upper hand in the situations I have to deal with?


Dealing quite well with fixing the questionable things from the past.


If everyone only did what they agreed to, we could prevent these tragedies.


We are cutting our losses by dealing with an awkward situation.





Tarot Readings: Sorry in Relationship (Three of Pentacles + Five of Cups)


Girl, why so sad when you got a fellow wrapped around your little finger?


If I say I’m sorry about the past in our relationship, will you beat me up?


Is he sorry? – she is making him do his part now.


Embarrassed to mourn the loss of the woman who did this to him in their relationship.


Doesn’t she know she will end up being depressed in a relationship she is that assertive in?


Why am I feeling so sad about a relationship I fixed already?


He wonders whether this is going to be one of those relationships where his being sorry gives her the upper hand.


Suspecting there’s a third party to her relationship with him, she is already handling her own grief.


Since when did I agree to let her beat me up ’cause I was sorry?

Tarot Readings: Handle it by the Parties Agreeing (Three of Pentacles + Strength)


She is here to get everyone together on making their profit, because the venture could fail.


Each party agrees to split the loss, which may fix things.


We put our heads together and still somehow failed to fix this.


How can she fail, when she gets the parties together on this?


I didn’t know we were all together on this, I thought we would lose because she would keep us down.


Why should we take the loss? – we are making the three of them settle up too.


Hindsight is: Yeah, we were pressured into agreeing to something very questionable.


It seemed like we were going to be sorry at the time, but now what we agreed upon gives us the upper hand.


We have so much to lose, we shall be assertive in the negotiations.




Tarot Readings: Sorry for Being Silly (Page of Cups + Five of Cups)


That’s a dumb idea y’all have and she’s gonna make you sorry.


It’s a dumb idea she is pressuring us into; we are going to regret this one.


You suppose it could be a mistake to let her push us around?


I am now sorry for being silly when the three of us were there and she put me down for it.


Why did we do that when we could have handled it so well?


She holds him to his agreement; his foolishness costs him dearly.


I can’t lose to these clowns.




Tarot Readings: Business “Now What Do we Do?” (Three of Pentacles + Page of Cups)


Maybe I shouldn’t have let her take charge of the meeting.


Is she the one who pushed for this loser of a settlement?


If the contract is enforced, it will be to our detriment.


It seems to be an enforceable contract that we lost out on.


How are the folks in Loss Prevention going to handle this?


Don’t let yourself be stupid in dealing with these folks, you have a lot to lose.




Tarot Readings: Miscellaneous


Why weren’t you there with your influence when they met about the loss?


A strange feeling I will be sorry if I prevent them from meeting.


She is stronger and more powerful than all of those clowns put together, unfortunately for them.


Questioning this person’s past, you find a court case in which he/she is under supervision.




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Three of Pentacles – Page of Cups – Five of Cups





Five of Cups is regret, mourning, sorry, a loss, haunted by loss, tragedy, depression. A party pooper card. Page of Cups is something stupid, asking a question or questionable (whatever), being embarrassed or feeling awkward. These go together. We have all been there.


Strength is fixing it, preventing harm, nipping whatever is going to get in the way in the bud, disarming the opposition diplomatically and deftly with moral force. It’s also a pushy or dominant female, a woman who handles or is in charge of something. She was here yesterday, too.


Three of Pentacles shows that all of this applies to a meeting or relationship or business being done together.


Our overall message is averting a loss that could have happened or can happen through slipping up in dealing with others – in business or in any relationship. I can hear ‘Don’t let yourself do something stupid or you will be so sorry.’ I can also hear ‘What’s the best way we can cut our losses?’






Three of Pentacles is getting together and dealing with something or getting something accomplished, as well as agreeing on divvying up the risks and rewards. That’s contract negotiation (and ordering toast at Denny’s is contract negotiation, the U S Supreme Court says.) Our relationships are all negotiated, Three of Pentacles teaches us. Life is a meeting of the minds. (The rest is history.)
Page of Cups Page of Cups is something stupid, asking a question or questionable (whatever), being embarrassed or feeling awkward. ‘Duh,’ Page of Cups said – it’s the ‘duh’ gear in our minds. It’s the ‘Huh?’ of life. It’s also acting silly, cutting the fool, and not caring how you look. It’s when we don’t get it, or when we don’t care whether we did. 
Five of Cups is regret, mourning, sorry, a loss, haunted by loss, tragedy, depression. A party pooper card, the downside and the down time. Engrossed by the past and wishing things were not as they are. There’s a paralysis to the sadness of mourning deeply, and that is what Five of Cups is all about.
Strength is fixing it, preventing harm, nipping whatever is going to get in the way in the bud, disarming the opposition diplomatically and deftly with moral force. Social judo. It’s also a pushy or dominant female, a woman who handles or is in charge of something. Having the character to deal with whatever comes, preventing the harmful parts and looking good whilst pulling that off. That’s Strength.










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    This is a $20 book ‘Tarot for Manifestation’ that I think is interesting. If anyone buys it, let me know.

  2. jules

    Fits the most possible scenario in a relationship where there is no communication at present.

    Emily, feel like a question?
    “girl, why so sad when you have him wrapped around your little finger”
    Is that one for me?… maybe some work has already been done in this relationship.

    A little forgiveness goes a long way sometimes.

    • Star
      Five of Cups – Queen of Pentacles – Knight of Swords
      He is regretting what his past is with you. (Five of Cups)
      You mother him, you are supportive. (Queen of Pentacles)
      Knight of Swords A sudden heading in the opposite direction on his part. (Knight of Swords)
      Him being crazy about you, expressing his undying affection enthusiastically. (Star)
      He is sorry and is going to change into your loving adoring fellow because you are so patient with him and so supportive of him.
      Five of Swords
      Knight of Cups – Nine of Wand – Six of Pentacles
      Knight of Cups: Him as your adoring fellow.
      Nine of Wands: He is feeling defensive, apprehensive, accused, fearful (guilty).
      Six of Pentacles: Treating you the way you deserve; giving you the attention you deserve.
      Five of Swords Him, the dude with the chip on the shoulder, the smirk, the swagger (Cheney’s smirk).
      – says the same thing in a different perspective.
      The upshot is, he feels self-conscious about changing from his ‘don’t give a damn’ image to being the adoring swain, so he is holding off as long as he can.
      Best move when this is going on, in Emily’s opinion, is to tease him, show him what a fun life you are having, as if you don’t even notice his discomfort, don’t even know he is a ‘bad boy.’ That way, he feels he is just imagining what a big change it is to be seen holding your hand.

      • jules

        Wow Emily! Right on, and more than I thought you’d come up with.
        (don’t know why, I’ve been calling you for about 12 years).

        Thanks so much and talk to you soon.

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